Vapor4Life Offers Smoking Alternative To Mark Great American Smokeout 2011: Trade in Tobacco Cigarettes For E-Cigarette

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

November 17, 2011, marks the 36th Anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Vapor4Life, a Northbrook, IL-based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, offers a wide variety of products to provide smokers with smoke-free alternatives. On November 17th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Vapor4Life will be extending the hours of its Smokeless Lounge to allow smokers to come by their offices and trade in their pack of cigarettes for an e-cigarette. Vapor4Life is located at 4100 Commercial Avenue in Northbrook, IL.

The Vapor4Life e-cigarette is a battery-powered product that delivers a taste and sensation similar to smoking. Using flavored nicotine liquid, these e-cigs are thought to be cleaner and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Above all, they provide an oral sensation similar to smoking. You can even use these e-cigarettes in many places where smoking is banned based on its vaporizing process.

During the Great American Smokeout, step into Vapor4Life?s Smokeless Lounge and chat with the Vapor4Life Team about all the starter-kit options available and how to customize each kit according to the personal level of smoking. There is an e-cig for every budget, and the Vapor4Life Team is available to help customers with all their e-cigarette needs.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life and their products, please visit

About Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is a leading electronic cigarette company based in Northbrook, IL that develops and distributes e-cigarettes and accessories as a smoking alternative. The company was founded in April 2009 and is still family-owned and operated. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking; they simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid, which may be flavored and may contain nicotine. This is not a smoking cessation device.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life,

please contact Falk Associates at (847) 675-2580.


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Vapor4Life E-Cigarette Cartomizers: Mouthwatering Flavor Meets Cutting Edge Technology

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 3, 2010 has singlehandedly taken the e-cigarette experience to a luscious new level with their exponentially expanding prefilled cartomizer selection. Boasting more than one hundred distinct and delicious flavor options, Vapor4Life shames the competition?but isn?t content with that. In addition to cartomizers tailored to every consumer?s tastes, the company has unveiled two new unique lines of flavored electronic cigarette cartomizers.

The company has worked face to face with manufacturers to demand high quality, high performance liquids (Nobacco Juice), available in both prefilled cartomizers and refill bottles.

Some of these flavorful choices emulate tobacco, like those flavors inspired by popular cigarette brands, and rich, complex options like French Pipe and Cuban Cigar. Vapor4Life fans aren?t limited to these traditional options, however.


E-cigarette Company Vapor4Life Updates Outstanding Customer Service Policy

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 25, 2010

E-cigarette developer and distributor of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories Vapor4Life has refined their customer service policy. This update is available in full at the company?s website, Vapor4Life has gathered incredible momentum in the electronic cigarette industry through exclusive V4L product development and unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. Vapor4Life?s success can also be attributed to the company’s unwavering motivation to improve the V4L experience. The most recent manifestation of their tireless drive to exceed expectations comes in the form of a new, clearly stated customer service policy.

The V4L Smilin? Warranty has become a signature example of the exceptional value Vapor4Life offers its e-cigarette customers. Consumers shopping at have already been surprised and gratified by V4L?s devotion to making their customers smile with no-hassle exchanges and replacements of e-cigarette hardware and other accessories.

Vapor4Life customer Ryanna S., of Hamilton, Ontario, shares her experience with V4L?s famous customer service:

?I had an issue with a V4L Vapor King electronic cigarette battery that was over-warranty, and I was hoping there was an easy way to fix it myself. Didn?t have much luck, but in the process of trying to figure it out, Steve [Vapor4Life President and CEO] offered to send me a brand new battery. It really made my day! They weren?t obligated in any way to do that; it was an old battery. I wasn?t complaining or asking for anything. It just goes to show that Steve cares about his customers and goes the extra mile to make things right?even when doing so isn?t his responsibility.?

The newly revised V4L customer service policy, soon to be available at, will continue this tradition of treating consumers as valued members of the Vapor4Life family.

?We?ve experienced exponential growth in the past year,? Vapor4Life CEO Steve Milin explains, ?and formalizing our customer service policy is a way to continue offering our V4L family a great e-cigarette shopping experience. We take our position at the head of the electronic cigarette industry very seriously, and that means taking our customers? satisfaction seriously. Every single purchase from, large or small, is an opportunity to uphold V4L?s outstanding reputation. This new policy will help our customers get the excellent service they deserve quickly and efficiently. This is just one more example of us raising the bar even higher.?

Terri H., a Vapor4Life enthusiast from Mineral, Virginia agrees. ?It?s so rare in this day and age to see a business that goes above and beyond. It?s actually a pleasure to contact Vapor4Life customer service. How many companies can you say that about? I mentioned a hardware problem in the comments of one of my orders, asking what steps to take, and when I received that order they?d already included the replacement! Talk about hassle-free! I already loved the company because of the V4L Vapor King e-cigarette and the e-cigarette cartomizer choices, but it?s the service that makes me a customer for life.?

It?s truly impressive that Vapor4Life has remained committed to this level of customer care as V4L grows. While some companies fall prey to using growth as an excuse for lackluster or impersonal service, Milin doesn?t believe in excuses.

?It doesn?t matter how big or successful a company is, the customer comes first,? he says. ?They?re family to me, and my goal is to put smiles on their faces. When they come to, they?re getting the best e-cigarette products available and the best customer service in the industry.?

The newly streamlined V4L warranty covers the company?s exclusive electronic cigarette hardware and accessories and gives customers a variety of convenient avenues for equipment exchanges and replacements.

Vapor4Life, LLC is a Northbrook, IL based distributor of personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. To see the entire Vapor4Life line, and purchase their exclusive V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette, visit Vapor4Life stands behind its products with exceptional customer service and the best warranty in the industry.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.


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E-cigarette Company Vapor4Life Offers Customers Largest E-Liquid Flavor Selection in the World

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 29, 2010

Vapor4Life, home of the famous V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette model and the accompanying V4L e-cigarette cartomizer line, has expanded its already extensive selection of proprietary V4L Nobacco Juice refill e-liquid and prefilled cartomizers yet again!

Swift on the heels of its last addition?adding two new lines of V4L Original Vapor King ? electronic cigarette cartomizers, and a number of new flavor options?the company announces 50 new V4L Premium Nobacco Juice and Premium VG Nobacco Juice products available at

V4L Nobacco Juice e-cigarette liquid, famed for its flavor intensity, has played a significant role the phenomenal success of The company has always offered V4L Nobacco juice in a range of nicotine strengths (including a zero nicotine option) in both prefilled e-cigarette cartomizers and refill bottles for use with the V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette model.

The V4L flavor philosophy has positioned the electronic cigarette developer and distributor as a trendsetter in the quickly evolving e-cigarette industry, a position maintained with apparent ease through frequent and stunning product line improvements and expansions like this one.

?Flavor is a key factor in guaranteeing that our customers enjoy the V4L Original Vapor King ?,? Vapor4Life President and CEO Steve Milin states. ?It?s important to potential customers, who are excited to try the e-cigarette alternative for the first time and need to know there is a robust flavor option out there perfect for each and every one of them. And it?s just as important to keep pleasing the loyal V4L fans, by offering them every improvement we can, and by responding to customer feedback.?

It?s a sound philosophy, and Vapor4Life?s track record proves the e-cigarette company?s drive to fulfill this delicious mission.

?It seems like every time I go to the website there are new flavors!? exclaims Timothy L., a long-time V4L customer. ?I chose because I wanted to find an e-cigarette and a flavor right for me, and I was impressed with what they had back then. I figured they?d slow down, but they keep improving current Nobacco Juice flavors and adding new ones. The Premium Nobacco Juice is just amazing. It?s the perfect e-liquid for my V4L Vapor King ??

Timothy?s enthusiasm is shared by many customers, and the flavor selection is attracting new customers at a mind-blowing rate.

?Oh, but it?s not just the number of e-cigarette liquid flavors they offer,? Vapor4Life fan Katie G. of Colorado explains. ?It?s that the flavors themselves are fantastic. You can?t get true, intense e-liquid flavors like these from anywhere else. Nobacco Juice e-liquid is all I buy!?

And it is this, combined with the sheer number of flavors available at, which makes the V4L Nobacco Juice line the best electronic cigarette e-liquid selection in the world.

Vapor4Life pioneered custom flavor options early with V4L Nobacco Juice, demanding rigorous quality control and taste-testing cooperation from source factories. This revolutionary dedication to quality and consistency led to the V4L Nobacco Juice e-cigarette liquid line becoming a 100% exclusive Vapor4Life offering. The newly unveiled V4L Premium and Premium VG Nobacco Juice offerings, designed to enhance the e-cigarette user?s enjoyment of the V4L Vapor King cartomizer line, take this dedication to a whole new level.

?I?m wild about V4L Premium Watermelon,? writes W. R. of Wisconsin. ?I had no idea that e-liquid could deliver this kind of juicy, fresh taste. I keep thinking ?This is as good as it gets,? but V4L just keeps getting better and better! Vapor4Life is the reason I love using my e-cigarette.?

Milin assures V4Lers that Vapor4Life won?t be slowing down. ?We?ve set a pace that no other e-cigarette company can match, and we?re not going to let up. Why? Because this kind of focus, this kind of commitment, is what customers deserve. And that is what the V4L family is all about.?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, and the home of the V4L Original Vapor King ? model e-cigarette. Explore Vapor4Life?s unbeatable selection of V4L Nobacco Juice e-liquid, including the newly added Premium and Premium VG Nobacco Juice refill liquids and prefilled cartomizers at

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

# # #

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E-cigarette Company Vapor4Life Redefines E-cigarette Retail with On-site Product Development and Quality Control

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 31, 2010

Vapor4Life has been reaping the benefits of taking a hands-on approach to product development, manufacture, and quality control by sending their own V4L e-cigarette experts to supervise production overseas. Vapor4Life is a fast-growing electronic cigarette company well known for their revolutionary approaches to the e-cigarette phenomenon. The signature products available only at, like the V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette and V4L Premium Cartomizers, have earned the respect of their market.

Standing behind the quality and consistency of the V4L exclusive electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories available at has been an integral part of the company?s philosophy from day one. The V4L Smilin? Warranty is the best in the electronic cigarette industry. The V4L sense of responsibility paired with the desire to exceed e-cigarette users? expectations has evolved into a focus on exclusive Vapor4Life product development. And what better way to participate in the process than to work shoulder to shoulder with engineers and manufacturers?

It may come as a surprise to consumers that Vapor4Life stands alone in doing so. Most American e-cigarette retailers are re-branding generic stock from China; they request a brand name or logo be added to the product, then resell as a distinct device or accessory. But Vapor4Life isn?t content with surface-only changes?the products available at are V4L designed.

?It?s not about marketing with us,? states V4L President and CEO Steve Milin. ?It?s about making real changes that benefit the consumer in a real way. And Vapor4Life has found the best way to do that is to have liaisons working with engineers and manufacturers. It?s working, too. The V4L Original Vapor King ? electronic cigarette is absolutely the best e-cigarette device on the market. Our V4L Premium Nobacco Juice and V4L Premium electronic cigarette cartomizers blow the other guys away. If I?m going to stand behind a product, it?s got to be the best. It?s worth it for me to send people overseas and make sure the factory is delivering what we ask for?and why being involved in product development is even more important. I care about my customers, and I want anyone who does their e-cigarette shopping at to have an experience that leaves them smilin?.”

Vapor4Life?s factory representatives are involved in every step of development and manufacture. Collecting customer feedback data and working with engineers on-site is one method Vapor4Life uses to continue refining the already popular V4L Original Vapor King ? electronic cigarette model. It was this research that led to the recent unveiling of the V4L Premium cartomizer line, a marked improvement over the preceding e-cigarette cartridge technology. And the custom V4L Premium Nobacco Juice and Premium VG Nobacco Juice e-cigarette refill liquids available only at are the best in the world. So far, Vapor4Life has been hitting home runs?good for the company, and even better for the consumer.

Satisified V4L customer Sophie K. comments, ?It?s amazing to see a company really listening to customers and then taking some action. You don?t see that anywhere these days?but Vapor4Life really does improve their stuff with customers in mind! I can?t wait to see what they come up with next!?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based e-cigarette developer and retailer, and home of the exclusive V4L Original Vapor King ?. Visit to view the full line of V4L merchandise.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.


E-cigarette Cases & Accessories: Vapor4Life Presents the V4L Original Vapor King ? XL Carrying Case in Seven Gorgeous Colors for Spring

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) April 3, 2010

The e-cigarette industry is growing by leaps and bounds and Vapor4Life is, as always, a step ahead of the rest. Vapor4Life recognizes that high quality, well-designed electronic cigarette accessories are in demand; V4L shoppers asked for a case designed for the V4L Original Vapor King XL model e-cigarette and Vapor4Life has delivered.

Every product available at is designed with both form and function taken into careful consideration, and the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case is no exception. The case holds up to four V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries of any size, and up to eight V4L Original Vapor King cartomizers.

It?s an excellent addition to the V4L Original Vapor King line-up at, and one that has been eagerly awaited by V4L fans. The previous cases available did not accommodate the extra length of the V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette model, popular for its exceptionally long battery life. The e-cigarette batteries and electronic cigarette cartomizers are held snugly in the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case by precision-cut foam inserts.

The V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case isn?t just practical?it?s also stylish. Vapor4Life once again proves that is the fashionable e-cigarette enthusiasts? destination of choice. The new V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case line is designed to coordinate with the rainbow of color options presented by the V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette. The XL carrying case is available in seven high-impact colors, including white, black, red, blue, green, pink and platinum.

Hope H., of North Carolina, is a long-time customer of She loves the new cases, and gushes, ?It?s totally a must-have item. Especially if you love the V4L Original Vapor King XL e-cigarettes, like I do. I?ve been waiting for a case designed for them, and bought one the second they came out! It?s a great way to carry and show off your e-cigarette stuff! My only problem? I want one of every color!?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, Illinois based developer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. The V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette and V4L Original Vapor King XL electronic cigarette carrying case are available only at

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A flavored liquid which may or may not contain nicotine is heated to create a visible vapor; e-smoking simulates the act and sensation of smoking without relying upon combustion.

Electronic cigarette products are intended for adults only.


E-Cigarette Company Vapor4Life Offers a Variety of Flavorful New Sampler Packs of Prefilled E-cigarette Cartridges

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) April 5, 2010

Vapor4Life, well known for predicting e-cigarette customer and market demands with uncanny accuracy, has given the industry one more example of the company?s sharp insight into consumer psychology. The Vapor4Life online retail e-cigarette website,, recently added new, prefilled V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartomizers (e-cigarette cartridges with a built in atomizer) to their Premium line. The new additions also continue the company?s trend of unveiling prefilled e-cigarette cartridge sampler packs to complement Vapor4Life?s growing inventory of V4L exclusive nicotine liquid flavors.

When asked about this new line and the reasoning behind it, Vapor4Life President and CEO Steve Milin responds with a smile, ?The reasoning behind it? You mean, market research? We?re just plain in touch with our customers. We listen to them. People love having the ability to try out new e-cigarette liquid flavors with a sampler pack of prefilled Original Vapor King ? cartomizers.?

He explains that the Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartridge sampler packs have been popular since Vapor4Life first surprised their competition by introducing standard cartomizer samplers at

?It seems simple enough?people love the chance to try 5 new flavors of nicotine liquid, with all the ease of prefilled e-cigarette cartridges,? he says. ?But no one else was doing it! I was just honestly surprised we were the first. Now that we have over 100 varieties of V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartomizers at, it makes even more sense. If you don?t want to buy 5 whole packs of Original Vapor King ? cartridges, trying a lot of new flavors is still accessible.?

That, he says, is why the company recently presented e-cigarette consumers with the opportunity to try the brand-new line of prefilled Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette Premium cartomizers with several new sampler packs.

The packs represent some of the best-selling and well-received Premium V4L Original Vapor King ? Nobacco Juice flavor varieties available at V4L Premium cartomizer Tobacco Shop samplers give Vapor4Life customers the chance to taste the company?s outstanding line of flavors inspired by traditional tobaccos. The V4L Premium Menthol Lover?s sampler highlight?s Vapor4Life?s range of menthol flavored nicotine liquids (also available without nicotine). And the Coffee Shop addition to the V4L Original Vapor King ? Premium cartomizer sampler pack line offers both the curious and the connoisseur the chance to experience Vapor4Life?s exclusive Coffee, Cappuccino, Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe, and Cinnamon Roll flavored e-cigarette liquids.

These new Premium cartomizer sampler packs join the eight popular standard Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartridge samplers at, and represent only the debut of the new line.

Pleased Vapor4Life fan Hayley A. says, ?When I was a new customer, I loved the samplers because they gave me a chance to figure out whichV4L flavors I liked best. But since Vapor4Life keeps adding and adding to the flavor menu, I?m still buying them! It?s so much fun to get 5 new flavors to try at once. I hope they eventually have every single one of their many flavors in samplers!?

Hayley?s hopes may be prophetic, because it seems this is exactly what Vapor4Life plans to do. The standard V4L Original Vapor King prefilled e-cigarette cartridge line of samplers offers packs of cartomizers grouped by theme, including a Soda Shop Sampler, a seasonal Holiday Sampler, and a Coffee Shop Sampler in addition to its own Tobacco Shop and Menthol Lovers? Sampler packs. Vapor4Life also offers a line of Original Vapor King ? VG e-cigarette cartridges which utilize a vegetable glycerin based e-cigarette liquid in lieu of the standard propylene glycol formula, and the company has already released sampler packs of these cartomizers as well. All Vapor4Life Original Vapor King ? products, including sampler packs, are available only at

It?s obvious that fans love the samplers, and it?s just as obvious that Vapor4Life plans to continue adding to their prefilled cartomizer line, introducing new exclusive V4L e-cigarette liquid prefilled cartomizers and e-cigarette cartridge refill Nobacco Juice. With this in mind, it?s likely that the company will continue to offer new sampler packs of V4L Original Vapor King ? Premium cartomizers. What?s less obvious is why other e-cigarette sellers aren?t following the Vapor4Life lead. As it stands, is the only e-cigarette online retailer offering an extensive selection of sampler packs, just one of the many qualities that contribute to this company?s standalone reputation.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, Illinois based developer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. The V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette and V4L Original Vapor King XL electronic cigarette carrying case are available only at

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A flavored liquid which may or may not contain nicotine is heated to create a visible vapor; e-smoking simulates the act and sensation of smoking without relying upon combustion.

Electronic cigarette products are intended for adults only.


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Vapor4Life Introduces WOWvapor, a New Level of satisfaction in e-cigarettes

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) June 2, 2010

Vapor4Life, the fastest growing electronic cigarette company in the US, announces the premiere of WOWvapor, a line of e-cig cartomizers and e-liquids specially formulated to provide more vapor, stronger and more realistic flavors, and the greatest throat hit of any e-cigarette on the market.

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, is a battery operated portable vaporizer. It vaporizes a flavored nicotine solution, mimicking the act of smoking a cigarette for smokers who want an alternative to burning tobacco cigarettes. Unlike most brands, Vapor4Life’s Vapor King consists of only two pieces, a battery and a cartomizer, replacing the difficult and messy atomizer and separate cartomizer of other models.

Key to the user’s success in switching to e-smoking from tobacco cigarette smoking is the pleasure the user experiences; the variety of delicious flavors, inhaling and exhaling clouds of vapor, and feeling a smoking-like sensation in the throat called “throat hit.”

Vapor4life has long been a leader and innovator in the e-cig market, first with the introduction of their Vapor King 2-piece model, then with the enhanced performance of their Premium Cartomizers, which many others have since copied.

Now, they debut WOWvapor, the exceptional performance of their Premium cartomizers, but filled with e-liquid that will make you say WOW! More vapor, bursting flavors, and intense throat hit! Guaranteed to be the best e-liquid anywhere!

Joining Vapor4Life’s existing line of over 100 flavors, WOWvapor is now available in Wowboy, Peppermint, Butterscotch, Caramel, Cinnamon Roll, Apple Cinnamon Cranberry, Cappuccino, Cola, and Vanilla, with dozens more flavors to come, and are priced as low as $ 1.89 per cartomizer (equivalent to approximately 1 pack of smoking)!

For a demonstration of WOWvapor performance, see Leaford’s WOWvapor demo video., filmed by Vapor4life’s VP of Product Development.

Whether you choose to use electronic cigarettes for enjoyment, for convenience, or to reduce your tobacco consumption, Vapor4Life’s Vapor King, e-cigarettes and WOWvapor cartomizers and e-liquid, will deliver the taste, vapor, and pleasure that will help you succeed!

E-cigarette users, expand your vaping horizons! To experience the unparalleled excellence and selection of Vapor4Life’s Original Vapor King, WOWvapor Cartomizers, Premium Cartomizers, and VG Cartomizers, visit

Vapor4Life, LLC is a Northbrook, IL based distributor of personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.


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Vapor4Life, Home of The Original Vapor King, Warns Consumers About Phony “free e-cig” Offers, and Deceptive Branding

(PRWEB) June 16, 2010

Electronic cigarettes are a hot new product, and like all new industries a number of scams and unscrupulous practices have arisen to take advantage of the growing interest in e-smoking among tobacco smokers. Among them are bogus subscription schemes and free e-cig offers, and deceptive branding. Vapor4Life, one of the most reputable and respected e-cigarette vendors in the US, has been dealing on a daily basis with customers who have been victimized by less honest competitors and imitators.

“Shoppers are hearing about the Vapor4Life Original Vapor King, but they see ‘Vapor King’ on some second rate product and think it’s the same thing. It isn’t. I can’t stress that enough. We get complaints daily–from customers who have bought these imitations–and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not the same equipment, not even close. You can only buy the V4L Original Vapor King at Vapor4Life” says Steve Milin, President of Vapor4Life.

Milin adds, “It’s incredibly frustrating. Our customers are loyal because we offer the best products, constant improvements, and an unbeatable warranty. I want each and every customer to be impressed when he or she tries a new V4L product?whether it?s their first order or their hundredth. But these copycats are causing real problems for customers, and damaging the Vapor King’s well-deserved excellent reputation.”

Vapor4Life?s Vapor King brand of e-cigs is among the most recognizable and respected in the industry. Unlike most of their competitors, who purchase stock e-cig models from their manufacturers and simply brand them with their logo, Vapor4Life has their Vapor King e-cigarettes and cartomizers manufactured to their specific requirements, oversee production through their employee in China, and have committed themselves to improving the Vapor King through ongoing research and development.

This attention to design and performance has earned Vapor4Life a high reputation and a widespread and enthusiastic following among e-cig users and aficionados for quality, flavor, and enjoyment. Which in turn has led to imitators using the Vapor King name. Consumers are misled into purchasing lower quality, less reliable electronic cigarettes, and without V4L?s quality e-liquids, or the support of V4L?s warranty, well known as the best in the business.

Less reputable competitors, however, have been capitalizing on V4L?s Original Vapor King?s high reputation, selling lower quality models of e-cigarette under the same name. Many consumers, who have heard the Vapor King name and reputation, are mislead into purchasing an inferior product for a higher price.

Vapor4Life?s Original Vapor King is made to strict manufacturing standards, with V4L?s VP of Product Development, Daniel Henschel, AKA Leaford, on site in China overseeing quality control. Many other retailers, however, are selling poor quality, generic e-cigs, made with no quality assurance, as their ?Vapor King.?

Instead of the simplicity and reliability of the Original Vapor King?s advanced e-cigarette design which only requires the user to attach a cartridge to the battery and which provides a packs worth of smoking per cartridge, consumers find themselves with a messy and unreliable e-cig consisting of three pieces that are difficult to maintain and which only provide a half pack or less worth of smoking per cartridge.

Instead of Vapor4Life?s renowned line of over 100 Premium Nobacco Juice e-liquids, or the growing line of WOWvapor e-liquids, which are made especially for V4L to strict pharmaceutical purity and sanitation standards, and which are specially formulated for the most vapor and strongest flavors, unwary consumers are getting e-liquids of unknown quality, little vapor, and mediocre flavor.

Another danger facing unwary e-cigarette consumers are free e-cigarette and cartridge subscription plans. Many of these offers are traps, and consumers find themselves charged for the ?free? trial, and charged monthly after that for an unwanted ?subscription? for refill cartridges. Consumers find that the companies are difficult to contact, and uncooperative if they can be reached, and find themselves with large unwanted charges, as much as several hundred dollars, which they are unable to get refunded. And often, the ?free? e-cig, or the subscription of cartridges, never even arrives.

?We hear from our customers all the time who had heard of e-cigarettes from a free trial offer on the radio or in newspaper ads,? says Mark Dohse, Vapor4Life?s VP of Customer Relations. ?They lost a lot of money on bogus offers, and all they got were bad products, and found themselves locked into a subscription for overpriced cartridges. These companies are hard to contact, don?t honor their return or refund policies, and many customers never received their money back.?

?They?re always very happy to have found an honest company, with a product that really satisfies their e-smoking needs, and with unbeatable customer service? he adds.

Dohse recommends that customers do not participate in any free e-cig offers, or subscription plans, and that they check consumer feedback on e-cig forums like before purchasing any electronic cigarette.

?We have the most positive feedback from our customers of any e-cig company out there,? he says, ?We consider all our customers part of our V4L family, and their satisfaction is always our top priority.?

Besides the highest quality e-cigarettes and the best flavors on the market, Vapor4Life also offers legendary customer service, fast order processing and shipping, and an unsurpassed 45 day warranty policy, called the Smilin Warranty ?If you?re not Smilin, we?re not happy!? says Milin.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

# # #

10 Reasons to Switch to the Vapor4Life Electronic Cigarette Instead of Quitting

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) October 29, 2010

An e-cigarette is a battery operated vaporizer that when activated produces a visible vapor resembling cigarette smoke. The user, or e-smoker, inhales the vapor and receives a sensation similar to inhaling smoke, including getting the nicotine the smoker craves. But there is no tobacco, nothing is being burnt, and the vapor is composed of a handful of ingredients, instead of the thousands of chemicals, and over 40 known carcinogens, of regular tobacco smoke.

Recent studies have shown that over 80% of e-cig users either quit or greatly reduced their tobacco consumption, providing strong evidence that e-cigs have greater potential to reduce tobacco consumption than any NRT or prescription medicine on the market.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose the ultimate tobacco alternative, The Original Vapor King?

1. Unlike patches, pills, or lozenges, the Vapor4Life e-cigarette satisfies all the aspects of the smoking habit; not just the nicotine but the hand-to-mouth habit, the feel and taste of smoke, and of exhaling a satisfying cloud of smoke-like vapor.

2. The Original Vapor King? Electronic Cigarette produces a thick cloud of vapor, which feels similar to cigarette smoke both when inhaled and exhaled. But since there is no tobacco and nothing is being burnt, there is no risk from second-hand smoke, and they don’t fall under most indoor smoking bans.

3. Most users find that they can greatly reduce their tobacco consumption, or even switch entirely to e-cigs, often within days!

4. The Original Vapor King? e-cigarette comes in several nicotine strengths, clearly labeled, from extra-high to low, or even nicotine free, so you can choose the strength that suits you best.

5. The Original Vapor King? Electronic Cigarette comes in over 120 delicious flavors, from a wide selection of tobacco and menthol flavors, fruit flavors like blueberry and watermelon, to dessert flavors like White Chocolate Strawberry and Butterscotch.

6. The vapor from a The Original Vapor King? e-cigarette is thick enough to blow rings with, but does not linger in the air, and has only a light odor of whatever flavor it is, which does not linger and cannot be smelled even by persons standing very close to the e-smoker.

7. The Original Vapor King? e-cigarette will not stain your teeth or fingertips, or make your skin, hair, and clothing smell.