Vapor4Life Offers Smoking Alternative To Mark Great American Smokeout 2011: Trade in Tobacco Cigarettes For E-Cigarette

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

November 17, 2011, marks the 36th Anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Vapor4Life, a Northbrook, IL-based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, offers a wide variety of products to provide smokers with smoke-free alternatives. On November 17th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Vapor4Life will be extending the hours of its Smokeless Lounge to allow smokers to come by their offices and trade in their pack of cigarettes for an e-cigarette. Vapor4Life is located at 4100 Commercial Avenue in Northbrook, IL.

The Vapor4Life e-cigarette is a battery-powered product that delivers a taste and sensation similar to smoking. Using flavored nicotine liquid, these e-cigs are thought to be cleaner and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Above all, they provide an oral sensation similar to smoking. You can even use these e-cigarettes in many places where smoking is banned based on its vaporizing process.

During the Great American Smokeout, step into Vapor4Life?s Smokeless Lounge and chat with the Vapor4Life Team about all the starter-kit options available and how to customize each kit according to the personal level of smoking. There is an e-cig for every budget, and the Vapor4Life Team is available to help customers with all their e-cigarette needs.

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About Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is a leading electronic cigarette company based in Northbrook, IL that develops and distributes e-cigarettes and accessories as a smoking alternative. The company was founded in April 2009 and is still family-owned and operated. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking; they simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid, which may be flavored and may contain nicotine. This is not a smoking cessation device.

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please contact Falk Associates at (847) 675-2580.


More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases Launches Revolutionary New Electronic Cigarette At Estepona Trade Fair

(PRWEB) December 11, 2010

Fourteen months of painstaking product development and market research were on display at the ?Over 50s Tradefair? in Estepona, Spain on November 27th as proudly launched the TC Flight II, a revolutionary new electronic cigarette. The newest addition to their growing product range set them apart from the 200 other exhibitor stands at this significant trade expo on the south coast of Spain.

One of the smallest electronic cigarettes on the market, the TC Flight II represents cutting edge design, and is easily confused with a traditional tobacco based product. The difference is, there is no tobacco, tar or carbon monoxide, no combustion and no second-hand smoke. It offers a ?nicotine hit? 10 times faster than a patch, and is capable of producing large vapour clouds, and can be used daily as a real alternative to cigarettes, and not simply a gadget.

Every detail from the matt white finish, to the eight great tasting brown golden tobacco 1.6% nicotine cartridges (equivalent to 80 cigarettes), will excite the thousands of existing customers at and a legion of new fans from Estepona. The TC Flight II set is simply the best, with all its parts performing together to create simple electronic cigarette perfection.

The small TC Flight II unit packs a punch for only

Square to Roll Out Four New Disposable Electronic Cigarettes at ASD Trade Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV (Vocus/PRWEB) July 22, 2011

Square, the manufacturer of long-lasting, high-quality disposable electronic cigarettes (or e-cig), will unveil four new varieties of disposable electronic cigarettes at ASD Las Vegas next week. The expo brings together the world?s widest variety of merchandise in one colossal consumer-goods trade show. Square will occupy booth V5564.

?We always have a great time at ASD with all of our distributors and retailers in one place,? said Mike Ahmad of PhD Marketing, representing Square. ?ASD is also the place for making contacts for new business.?

Square will unveil four new e-cigarettes in Las Vegas. The first three have lower nicotine delivery in each blast than the 18 mg delivered from the Square 82, their red e-cigs. The new Gold model delivers 12 mg nicotine blasts, the Silver delivers 8 mg of nicotine, and the White contains no nicotine. Square is also introducing their new Pink e-cig they think will be big with the ladies. It delivers 18 mg puffs of nicotine and tastes like strawberries.

Square?s disposable e-cigs? $ 6.99 price puts them in the reach of most consumers, and because they last approximately 500 puffs (equivalent to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes), they make better economic sense than rechargeable e-cigs. They are the number-one brand in the fast-growing electronic cigarette market.

ASD Las Vegas is the place where approximately 45,000 attendees, including buyers from over 88 countries and nearly every retail and distribution channel, get together to discover new suppliers, new product categories, and new ways to make money. Department, convenience, grocery and clothing store buyers scour the expo find unique merchandise that will set their businesses apart.

ASD is six trade shows combined into one, according to the organizers. Different sections of the venue host the different categories, which include: Gift and Home, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Health and Beauty, Toys and Novelties, and Value and Variety.

Square?s booth will be in the Value and Variety area, which includes: Closeouts / Liquidations, Off Price Apparel, General Merchandise, Licensed Products, Food / Convenience Store Items, Electronics, Automotive Accessories, Outdoor Recreation / Sporting Goods, Self Defense / Personal Security and Military / Tactical.

Square 82 e-cigarettes are becoming a popular smoking alternative because they feel a lot like inhaling cigarette smoke?yet only water vapor with little to no aroma is dispelled. The product does not produce dangerous secondhand smoke or stink up the room or clothes or breath. They can be used almost anywhere.

For more information about Square 82 e-cigs, please visit the company website at or call 1-888-900-6896.

About Square

Square?s electronic cigarettes offer smokers an inexpensive alternative to regular cigarettes or rechargeable e-cigs. The product?which lasts about the same as two packs of cigarettes, but is priced like a single pack?does not generate second hand smoke, tar, or yellow teeth. Square Smoke is now available at select bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, and even convenience stores such as Chevron Gas Stations.

WARNING: Square 82 electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Square 82 products are not a smoking cessation product, and have not been tested as such. The product and the statement made within have not been evaluated by the US FDA. Square products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition, disorder, disease, or physical or mental condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Square does not endorse the use of e-cigarettes or e-cigarette products by minors and pregnant or nursing women. Those with pre-existing health conditions should consult with their doctor prior to using any e-cigarette.

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