Electronic Cigarettes Prove to be a Great Conversation Starter

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 17, 2010

It?s the long dispelled myth that every teenager hears at least once; ?Smoking is cool?. While electronic cigarette brands would never claim to be ?cool? a recent test carried out by the independent electronic cigarette review website http://www.ElectronicCigaretteAdvisor.com has shown that ?smoking? an e-cigarette can make it easier to meet members of the opposite sex.

The research was carried out by Paul Alb, spokesperson for Electronic Cigarette Advisor, who says that although the tests were carried out ?purely for fun? and that ?the results really don?t carry any scientific merit at all? they certainly make for interesting reading.

Alb ran the experiment using five colleagues as guinea pigs, each was sent to sit in five different bars around New York, firstly without the electronic cigarette and secondly whilst ?smoking? an e cigarette.

The results were startling, without the electronic cigarette the five ?guinea pigs? only got approached once in their 25 scenarios. With the electronic cigarette in hand the same group, in the same scenarios were approached 15 times.

?I guess you could say that the electronic cigarette made it 1500% more likely to get chatting to people!? said Alb, he added that he was not surprised by the result as there?s a huge amount of curiosity surrounding the product, especially when ?smoked? in a bar. ?From personal experience I can tell you that people can?t believe their eyes when they see you ?smoking? an e cigarette in a bar, the interest and questions you get are incredible?.

Alb says the experiment was performed to increase awareness of a product that he believes could help millions of people quit traditional smoking. ?I?m a huge fan of electronic cigarettes? said Alb, ?from personal experience I know that they helped me quit smoking after 20 years ? believe me if they helped me they can help others too.?

Alb set up the website Electronic Cigarette Advisor as a resource for people interested in electronic cigarettes to find out the impartial information they need to know before selecting one of the reputable brands featured on the website. ?I wouldn?t want people taking up E Smoking having never smoked before,? says Alb, ?but if it helps people give up traditional smoking, I?ll be delighted?

Information about Electronic Cigarette Advisor

Electronic Cigarette Advisor ( http://www.electroniccigaretteadvisor.com/ ) was launched in 2009 as a guide to Electronic cigarettes, the site features news, information and product reviews of brands like blu and Elusion Electronic Cigarettes. For more information contact Paul Alb at: electroniccigaretteadvisor(at)gmail(dot)com

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Satisfying Smoke Is Slashing Prices on Their Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits for the Upcoming Labor Day Weekend

Piedmont, SC (Vocus) August 11, 2010

Satisfying Smoke has announced that the company will be reducing prices by as much as 25% on starter kits and accessories. New and existing customers can now enjoy all Satisfying Smoke kits and accessories at much lower prices.

The Satisfying Smoke duo battery starter kit includes two rechargeable batteries, one charge system, and five high-quality flavored cartridges.

The state of the economy is on the minds of everyone these days, including the staff and management at Satisfying Smoke. Because of the downturn in the economy, Satisfying Smoke is willing to do their part by lowering prices on kits and accessories starting on August 16th and continuing through Labor Day weekend. This will be a great opportunity for new customers to give this truly revolutionary product a try.

The Satisfying Smoke e cigarette is a two part design that looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette.

The Satisfying Smoke e-cigarette is a nicotine delivery device that delivers nicotine mixed with a variety of flavors (such as Tobacco, Menthol, Marlboro, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry). ?Our customers love this device. They tell us it tastes just like the real thing, with the exception of the Menthol flavor. Our Menthol smokers say this product tastes better than the traditional menthol tobacco cigarette because it has more mint flavor,? says Robert Cluxton, owner of Satisfying Smoke.

Satisfying Smoke has a variety of flavors packaged with nicotine levels of 16, 11, 8, 6, 4 and 0. Get more information and make a purchase by visiting their site at http://www.satisfyingsmoke.com.


“Write To Win” a Blu Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Contest

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) June 06, 2011

CigaretteReviews.org, in conjunction with Blu Cigs, the premier electronic cigarette company, is offering a rare opportunity. Smokers who already enjoy this e cig brand and those who have yet to switch from traditional cigarettes have the chance to win a Blu Cigs Starter Kit valued at $ 69.95. Participating is easy, and there are many ways to increase the chances of winning the contest.

Eligible contestants must first leave a comment after reading either article entitled ?The Updated Blucigs Review 2011? found here http://cigarettereviews.org/electronic-cigarettes/blu-cigs-review-2011/

and ?Updated Blucigs Electronic Cigarette Review? found here http://cigarettereviews.org/electronic-cigarettes/updated-blu-cigs-electronic-cigarette-review/.

Contestants will receive one entry for posting their comment to each article. Each contestant can receive a total of two entries if they leave feedback on both articles. However, they will not receive entries for more than one comment on each post. Other opportunities are available for additional entries.

The Blucigs Starter Kit contains everything needed to enjoy vaping. Their new two piece design allows for more vapor, and a stronger flavor. The kit includes two batteries, a wall charger, a USB charger, and a 5 pack of flavor cartridges in the flavor and strength of choice. Flavors include Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, and Classic Tobacco. Blu?s flavors are exclusively made in the USA by Johnson Creek.

Interested contestants, after first entering by posting a comment after the articles mentioned above, may then increase their chances of winning. Those interested can earn additional entries by?

-Liking the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cigarette-Review/)

-Adding a comment on the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cigarette-Review/)

-Following CigaretteReviews on their Twitter account


The contest runs from 12 AM EST June 1, 2011 to 11:59:59 PM EST August 31, 2011.

Smokers or vapors interested in entering must be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States. They must also be at least 18 years of age. The winner of the starter kit will need to submit a W8 or W9 to verify their age. Void where prohibited by law.

About Cigarette Reviews

Cigarette Reviews provides thorough reviews of electronic cigarettes, general information about e cigarettes and industry news since 2009. They obtain products from each of the brand they review. They test the products for quality of design so their users are knowledgeable about the products before they purchase. CigaretteReviews.org serves as a resource to individuals and organizations that want to know more about electronic cigarettes. They strive to provide the most up to date industry news and reviews. The company was founded in 2009 and based in Tampa, Florida.

For more information, visit http://cigarettereviews.org

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Green Smoke

(PRWEB) July 22, 2011

Green Smoke

CigaretteReviews.org Giving Away a South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

Once again CigaretteReviews.org, the leading e cigarette reviews site, is offering customers another great chance to win a top of the line electronic cigarette starter kit. This time they will be giving away a South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit valued at $ 99.99. South Beach Smoke is one of the hottest e cig brands on the market. The two piece electronic cigarette starter kit is their most popular kit. While South Beach Smoke offers quality products at affordable prices, this is a great opportunity to save even more money. Vapors using other brands can enter to test out a different brand, and traditional cigarette smokers still undecided about making the switch can enter to try out an e cig at no cost to them.

The contest is easy to enter, and the prize includes everything needed for the winner to begin enjoying their vaping experience. Interested contestants must simply post a comment to one or both of the South Beach Smoke articles included in the contest found on the CigaretteReviews.org website. Once the articles ?South Beach Smoke Review? and ?South Beach Smoke Review 2011? have been read, interested candidates must simply comment on them for entries. Two entries will be given, but only one post per article will be allowed. Additional entry opportunities will be available once the comments have been posted. Readers are also encouraged to click the Google Plus 1 button in order to help spread the word to traditional cigarette smokers looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, but may not know where to begin.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit includes a top of the line Lithium Ion Battery as well as an extra capacity Lithium Ion Battery. The kit also includes a portable wall charger, 5 large cartridges/atomizers in the strength and choice of the winner?s preference. South Beach Smoke offers a variety of great flavors. As an added bonus the winner will also receive a $ 100 gas rebate certificate which South Beach Smoke customers receive when they purchase any starter kit.

Additional entries to win can be gained by:

-Liking the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page

-Adding a comment on the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cigarette-Review#!/pages/Cigarette-Review/102474083134780)

-Following CigaretteReviews on their Twitter account


-Join the CigaretteReviews.org Newsletter

The CigaretteReviews.org contest runs from 12 AM EST August 6, 2011 to 11:59:59 PM EST September 31, 2011. Smokers and vapors interested in trying their luck at this great opportunity must be legal residents of one of the 50 United States. They must also be at least 18 years of age. The winner of the starter kit will need to submit a W8 or W9 to verify their age. Void where prohibited by law.


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Green Smoke

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 09, 2011

Green Smoke

Green Smoke Marks Fire Prevention Month, Gives Percentage of Starter Kit Sales to Charity

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 08, 2011

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