Smokeless Cigarettes Can Beat The Smoking Gene That Forces Some People To Smoke More Than Others

(PRWEB) May 23, 2012

As reported by WebMD, ?A smoking gene may play a role in how many cigarettes certain smokers puff each day.?

Researchers from 50 medical institutions across the country analyzed genetic material of more than 32,000 African-American smokers and non-smokers to see if certain genes predicted when they began smoking, how many cigarettes they smoked, and how easily they were able to quit.

According to the new study, a variant in a nicotine receptor gene predicts about one extra cigarette smoked per day. This same general location has been implicated in smoking behavior among white Europeans. Among African-Americans, the new genetic marker appears on a different spot on the same gene.

While people can?t change their genetics, they can still smoke safer.

Smokeless cigarettes also know as electronic cigarettes have recently gained lots of popularity.

E cigarette is a battery run device that gives a smoker inhaled doses of tobacco flavored nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution to the lungs. Once the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a harmless water vapor that appears as smoke. This allows using ?smokeless cigarettes? almost anywhere without creating harmful secondhand smoke.

Many long time smokers have used this device to quit smoking almost overnight.

A veteran smoker and e cigarette user Jenny Jenkins from Houston says: ?I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years but after my electronic cigarette kit arrived, I found myself down to half a pack on my first day. I just took out my e cig whenever I felt an urge to smoke and draw a few puffs. I had no more cravings for the regular tobacco cigarette. I now have more energy and less fatigue at the end of the day.?

Jenkins continues: ?On my third day I was down to three cigarettes a day and after two weeks I smoked my last cigarette. I simply didn?t need nor want them anymore.?

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Piedmont, SC (Vocus/PRWEB) January 04, 2011

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