Satisfying Smoke to Display Labor Day Weekend at Hillsville West Virginia – The Flea Market and Gun Show Event of the Year

Piedmont, SC (PRWEB) July 16, 2010

The event of the year is coming soon to Hillsville, West Virginia. During Labor Day weekend (September 3rd through 6th) people will come from all over the country to participate in this buyer/seller convention. The town of Hillsville will be one enormous flea market. There will be venders all along the street, in home owner’s yards, and anywhere else a tent and an 8 foot table will fit. Satisfying Smoke will be presenting the electronic cigarette at the VFW located at 1115 Flea Market, Row 19, Space 1071.

The revolutionary Satisfying Smoke electronic cigarette smoking device looks, feels and tastes like a real cigarette. Tobacco products contain more than 4000 chemicals and more than 43 of them are carcinogens (cancer causing)! The Satisfying Smoke smokeless cigarette is free of tar and free of carcinogens and free of the smelly smoke. It does, however, have the nicotine and flavoring of tobacco which makes it a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, this product can satisfy the tastes of many since it comes in six popular flavors. Because there are no harmful smoke emissions you can smoke anywhere.

For your safety and convenience, the Satisfying Smoke cartridge has a new built-in atomizer in every cartridge. Many of the competitor three-piece units have a reusable atomizer that becomes clogged by leaky cartridges and is extremely difficult to maintain. Additionally, the Satisfying Smoke battery is a unique updated design with small holes near the base of the threads for ventilation, thereby making it easier to pull and more closely imitates a real cigarette.

In addition to being better for your health and the maintenance-free design, another benefit of the Satisfying Smoke electronic cigarette smoking device is cost savings. Satisfying Smoke can save you up to 60% of the costs of your tobacco habit. Satisfying Smoke is a cheap cigarette replacement and there is a 30 day money back guarantee for those individuals that have not had the opportunity try Satisfying Smoke.

?This relationship with PR Web has a threefold meaning,? says owner (CEO) Robert Cluxton of Satisfying Smoke. ?It will generate sales needed to grow our business, allowing us to produce new and improved products and services to our customers. It will increase our visibility that we need to make those sales. And most importantly, the association will give us a connection with both our customers and our potential customers.?


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Satisfying Smoke Is Slashing Prices on Their Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits for the Upcoming Labor Day Weekend

Piedmont, SC (Vocus) August 11, 2010

Satisfying Smoke has announced that the company will be reducing prices by as much as 25% on starter kits and accessories. New and existing customers can now enjoy all Satisfying Smoke kits and accessories at much lower prices.

The Satisfying Smoke duo battery starter kit includes two rechargeable batteries, one charge system, and five high-quality flavored cartridges.

The state of the economy is on the minds of everyone these days, including the staff and management at Satisfying Smoke. Because of the downturn in the economy, Satisfying Smoke is willing to do their part by lowering prices on kits and accessories starting on August 16th and continuing through Labor Day weekend. This will be a great opportunity for new customers to give this truly revolutionary product a try.

The Satisfying Smoke e cigarette is a two part design that looks, feels, and tastes like a real cigarette.

The Satisfying Smoke e-cigarette is a nicotine delivery device that delivers nicotine mixed with a variety of flavors (such as Tobacco, Menthol, Marlboro, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry). ?Our customers love this device. They tell us it tastes just like the real thing, with the exception of the Menthol flavor. Our Menthol smokers say this product tastes better than the traditional menthol tobacco cigarette because it has more mint flavor,? says Robert Cluxton, owner of Satisfying Smoke.

Satisfying Smoke has a variety of flavors packaged with nicotine levels of 16, 11, 8, 6, 4 and 0. Get more information and make a purchase by visiting their site at


Satisfying Smoke Reveal’s a New Study on Electronic Cigarettes

Piedmont, SC (Vocus) September 14, 2010

According to Health Life a new South Africa study shows 45 percent of South African smokers who used electronic cigarettes were able to quit traditional tobacco smoking within two months.The e-cigarette is an electronic device that delivers nicotine through water vapor without the harmful tar, carcinogens, smoke, or odor found in traditional cigarettes.

In the first local medical study on the efficiency of electronic cigarettes to help smokers kick the habit, a team of doctors supplied 349 patients with electronic cigarettes over a period of eight weeks. All participating doctors agreed that e-cigarettes are a more significantly healthy alternative to conventional smoking.

The study?s outcome revealed that:

6% of smokers quit within two weeks increasing to 45% within eight weeks.
52% of all patients reported both increased levels of energy and visible improvement in their physical appearance.
When asked what factors about smoking tobacco cigarettes were the hardest to give up, 49% of patients said nicotine cravings and 24% reported the habit itself was the most difficult to break. Twenty-seven percent of all participating smokers said that a combination of all factors (the habit, nicotine, the taste and feeling of smoking) made it hard to quit.
When asked if an e-cigarette could act as an agent to overcome all the physical and psychological challenges to quit tobacco smoking, all doctors said ?Yes?.
Dr Clifford Hulley, one of the participating medical professionals in the survey, reported that “an e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking”.

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Satisfying Smoke is on the Road again to the Beautiful Blue Grass State of Kentucky with their Smokeless Cigarette Products

Piedmont, SC (Vocus) October 12, 2010

Kentucky?s largest festival, Court Days, will be hosted this year in the town of Mt. Sterling. Approximately 2000 vendors will be at this one time a year event held on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th of October, 2010 with an expected attendance of over 200,000.

This quiet little Kentucky town has a population of 6,317 (according to the 2005 U.S. Census) that grows to an estimated 130,000 during October Court Days. The whole town is a giant flea market, with most of the downtown streets closed to traffic and instead, turned into miles of vendors. This is a sight to see for anyone who has not seen one of these types of flea market — everything from bedding sheets to the most unusual antiques.

Satisfying Smoke will be on Main St., throughout the event, located at Spot E-11, showcasing their smokeless cigarette. Unlike many three-part systems with atomizers that clog and cause trouble, Satisfying Smoke is a two-part system that has a new atomizer in every cartridge. This electronic cigarette looks, feels and tastes like the real thing.

There is a large selection of flavors such as Tobacco, Marlboro, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. The Satisfying Smoke cartridges come in nicotine levels of 16, 11, 8, 6, 4, and 0 mg.

All Satisfying Smoke kits and accessories can now be purchased at a 25% discount. This means the duo battery starter kit regular price of $ 119.00 has been reduced to $ 89.25. This kit includes two rechargeable batteries, a wall/USB combo charge system, and five cartridges of your choice.

For your convenience Satisfying Smoke has elegant leather bound, felt-lined metal carrying case for the e- cigarettes that will easily slip into your pocket or purse, making it readily available at anytime.

Always on the go? Also available is a car charger. Another option is a portable charger. Simply charge the portable charger with your wall charger or a computer USB port and this devise will, on average, charge the cigarette battery six to eight times. The portable charger comes in red or black and has the same size and looks of the carry case described above.

Satisfying Smoke also has alternative smoking kits for as little as $ 37.46. For all the various kits and accessories please visit


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Satisfying Smoke — The New Wave and Fad of the Future

Piedmont, SC (Vocus) November 9, 2010

The e-cigarette has been around for a few years. The first prototypes were a three-part design, consisting of a battery, atomizer and cartridge. The atomizer (heater) would clog thereby causing much frustration for the smoker. Satisfying Smoke is a new and improved two-part design that looks, feels, and taste just like a real cigarette. The white part of the Satisfying Smoke e-cigarette is a rechargeable battery. The part that looks like a filter is the nicotine flavor cartridge with a fresh atomizer inside the cartridge. The atomizer (heater) is a tiny stainless steel wire inside the cartridge that is entirely filled with the liquid nicotine solution. Each cartridge is sealed and there are no spills or leaks.

Satisfying Smoke–The Ideal Gift?the Gift of Life

(Vocus/PRWEB) December 08, 2010

About 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco smoke. Estimates predict that it will kill 6.5 million people in 2015 and 8.3 million in 2030, with biggest rise in low and middle ? income countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) a current or former smoker dies every 6.5 seconds. An estimated 1.3 billion people are smokers worldwide. Over 443,000 Americans (over 18 percent of deaths) die because of smoking each year. 50,000 of them are secondhand smokers. Between 33 and 50 percent of all smokers will die an average of 15 years sooner than nonsmokers. Do you really want to become one of these statistics? Or would you rather adapt to this satisfying alternative from Satisfying Smoke?

The Satisfying Smoke electronic cigarette has the nicotine and rich flavor of a cigarette, which makes it very satisfying. It has a vapor that produces the appearance of smoke making them seem like traditional cigarettes. A large selection of flavors, including tobacco, Marlboro, menthol, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are available in levels of nicotine ranging from 16-0 in all flavors. There have been some new products added to our website: Tobacco, Marlboro, and Menthol flavors are now available in 24 mgs.

Something that Satisfying Smoke electronic smokeless cigarettes do not have is the cancer-causing chemicals, tar and carcinogens found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. This also means that you will get no bad odors on your breath or on your clothes. Furthermore, because there is no burning of tobacco, there is no second hand smoke–which means you can smoke in no-smoking zones.

For all the reasons just recited in this article coupled with incredible holiday discounted prices makes the Satisfying Smoke starter kit the ideal holiday gift for you and your loved ones. Visit for more information and to place your order or call and ask about our multiple kit discounts.


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Satisfying Smoke has a New Look for 2011 and Some Huge Discounts to Christen the New Look

Piedmont, SC (Vocus/PRWEB) January 04, 2011

Satisfying Smoke, the smokeless cigarette that looks, feels, and taste like a real cigarette, is upgrading their website to a more user friendly site. At our customers request there is now an affiliate program. Anyone over the legal age can sign up and start making money from customers you send to the website. There is also a referral program–just put a link on your website, and then you get a commission on any customer that buys through that link on your website. The company is also taking on Distributors start your own business or add a product to the one you have.

The new look of this e-cig website is very refreshing but what?s more interesting is the savings. To launch this new site, prices on all smoking kits and accessories are being slashed by 25%. With kits as low as $ 37.46, this is a great time to visit this site for your smoking needs, honor your new year?s resolutions to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, sign up on the affiliate program sponsor some friends and make a few bucks for yourself.

For your Satisfying Smoke kits and accessories, go to