SMOKEFREE Announces Super Sale on Its Deluxe Kit

Delhi/NCR (PRWEB) April 06, 2012

SMOKEFREE, a top online retailer of the electronic cigarette, is running a one day sale of its best-selling kit at unheard of prices in the retail market. They will be hosting a one day sales event with the sale price announced on their blog.

Recently SMOKEFREE ran a 3 day sale that was very successful because of the low sale price of their Deluxe kit. The company ran a buy one, get the second for half price on this particular kit, and sales skyrocketed over 300% for that 3 day event.

The company has an outstanding 99.98% customer satisfaction rate due to their extreme customer service center that eliminates any potential problems ASAP instead of 24 to 72 hours after the initial contact like most other e cigarette companies do.

“When you contact our company for support or a simple question, you can rest assured that it will never take more than 12 hours to resolve your problem in 99% of support cases,” states Shilpa Arora of SMOKEFREE. “This with our low prices is why we are breaking sales records each and every time we make an offer. It is already well known that we stand behind our customers and products.”

About SMOKEFREE, India?s #1 Electronic Cigarette Company

SMOKEFREE is a Registered Trademark of AS SMOKEFREE Electric Cigarette Pvt. Ltd. with Registered Office in New Delhi. SMOKEFREE are the pioneers of innovative electronic smoking products that are more commonly known as Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cigarettes. The Company was established in 2011 and has invested heavily in R&D in order to bring to the market the most innovative range of electronic smoking (electronic cigarettes) products. SMOKEFREE products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of SMOKEFREE have a vision of offering smokers a real life usable alternative to traditional cigarettes and help them quit Smoking Eventually.

For any further details visit

Illinois State Ban on the Sale Of Electronic Cigarettes

Irvine, Calif. (PRWEB) March 30, 2010

Proposed Illinois Senate Bill 3174 will ban the sale or distribution of “E Cigarettes” in Illinois. State Senator Mattie Hunter, Vice-Chairwoman of the Senate Public Health Committee (D-Chicago) is sponsoring the legislation and states that: “Electronic cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA and we don?t know what is in them or if they are safe. Until these types of products are deemed certified or legal to sell by the FDA, they should be banned throughout Illinois.” In regard to Senate Bill 3174 there is tremendous dis-information that has been cast upon the e-cig and industry. A majority of this has originated from Pfizer and ASH U.S. (

To learn about the bill and what actions to take, please refer to th Illinois Action Page at,, that provides the names of Illinois State Senators and requests that e-cig users and the vaping community politely contact senators to make them aware that this fabulous new technology is now providing to hundreds of thousands of Americans a more logical option to the smoking of tobacco-the one product we know kills over 400,000 Americans annually.

State Senator Mattie Hunter states, “Electronic cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA and we don?t know what is in them or if they are safe,” and also states, “Until these types of products are deemed certified or legal to sell by the FDA, they should be banned throughout Illinois.”

Both of these statements are untrue. Indeed, the FDA has already tested e-cigs ( and could at any time have banned the sale nationally. As the Truth Site is full disclosure, the FDA did put out a 7/22/09 press release that stated that e-cigs contained “toxins and carcinogens”, but did not state levels of such and as science dictates, the dose makes the toxin. That press release was resoundingly criticized by scientists and tobacco harm reduction researchers, as there has never been any toxin or carcinogen found in e-cigs at any level harmful to humans. There are only 13 ingredients in the e-cig and all have been in the U.S. food supply for generations and are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Senator Hunter’s other statement that “we don’t know what is in them” also is false, as along with the FDA’s test and a test by the National Cancer Institute,14 other independent laboratories have tested the e-cig ( and no “mystery” chemical or toxin that is harmful to humans has ever been found.

A ban of the e-cig would be extremely detrimental to the health of all Illinois e-cig users who, if a ban was enacted, would have to go back to the smoking of tobacco. We are in favor of banning the sale of e-cigs to minors and would like to reference Utah’s bill HB 88 ( TruthAboutEcigs was also instrumental in providing just the science to California Governor Schwarzenegger, which subsequently led to the veto of a bill to ban the sale of e-cigs in California ( has been created and managed to provide to governmental entities a resource for un-biased science and facts about the electronic cigarette and industry. Please refer Illinois State Senators to the ( so she and other legislators may have access to the science and facts about the electronic cigarette and to enable this now national debate to be based on science and the current experiences of hundreds of thousands of e-cig users and not based on political ideology or financial gain.

For more information, please contact Thomas R. Kiklas, Director of Media inLife llc. 949-250-9600 x108 and please review:


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Electronic Cigarette Sale Exceeds All Expectations As Demand Causes Website to Crash

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) December 7, 2010

Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are proving hugely popular this Christmas as the Totally Wicked E-Liquid Yo-Yo Promo is proving. Launched on November 30th, the company is reporting that the first 5 days have already seen more than 6000 orders. Demand for e cigarette bargains has been so high, that the servers for the website have had to have bandwidth and capacity increased to cope with the volume of traffic.

There is a minimum discount of 18% locked into place for the duration of the promotion, which continues until December 20th 2010. However, the festive twist is fluctuation! That?s right, although customers are guaranteed all of their onsite shopping will be reduced by at least 18% from RRP, the discounts can rise above and fall back to that level, so potentially savings could be much, much bigger.

Several Totally Wicked customers have already walked away with electronic cigarette goods discounted by an incredible 80%! The discount is constantly rising and falling, so only the quickest off the mark will achieve the most impressive savings.

A further twist sees followers of Mr Wicked?s (who is promising a 90% discount window at some point) twitter account receiving, via tweets, exclusive early tips when the discounts are set to rise to their highest levels.

The Totally Wicked forum has been swamped with delighted customers sharing their amazing stories of massive bargains and the number following @mr_wicked on Twitter has swelled significantly in just a few days.


Electronic Cigarette Tornado Tank System – On Sale Now From Totally Wicked E-Liquid

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

Totally Wicked E-Liquid is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Tornado Tank System, designed to provide e smokers with a much improved, cleaner ?vaping? experience.

On sale from January 12th 2011 the product is described by the company as ?the second generation of the ever popular Tornado electronic cigarette?. Demand is expected to be very high as Totally Wicked customer services have already been inundated with interest and requests.

The Tornado Tank System(or Tornado T) cuts out much of the e-liquid dripping and frequent re-filling of cartridges that has been the bane of early e cigarette models.

Comprising a new T-atomizer and a Tank cartridge with a capacity of 1.2ml, the Tank system can be filled with a favourite e-liquid and vaped until empty. Early reviews of the product suggest that a couple of hours vaping time is not an unreasonable expectation for moderate vapers.

The great news for existing Tornado owners is that batteries, chargers and cases are all compatible and interchangeable with the new system making the transition to the new and improved model even smoother.

The Totally Wicked Tornado Tank System is available to order now from both UK and USA websites with prices of

Smart Smoke Succeeds in Their Resolution to Ban Sale of E-Cigs to Minors

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) February 9, 2011

Smart Smoke Inc., attended the February 7, 2011, Spokane City Counsel Meeting in support of making the sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors a Civil Infraction. Smart Smoke has been leading the way to making certain E-Cigarettes do not find their way into the possession of Minors.

Spokane County Regional Health District conducted an undercover operation, in which it was brought to light that not all electronic Cigarette companies were following Smart Smoke Inc?s lead with regard to carding purchasers, ensuring they are not selling to minors. Smart Smoke has spent several thousand dollars to acquire software and implement training for their staff to ensure sales to minors does not occur.

?We implore all electronic cigarette companies to card their purchasers and make certain no sales to minors occur.? comments Joshua Jamerson, President and CEO of Smart Smoke Inc. ?Smart Smoke does not sell to minors or non-smokers. We offer a smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes to current smokers.? states Ronell Routon, Director of Sales and Marketing. ?Likewise,? Routon commented, ?we do not carry flavors that would cater to children, we do not advertise to children nor do we want a child to start smoking in any form, whether it is electronic or regular tobacco.?

Effective March 31, 2011, it will now be a $ 250 civil infraction to sell E-Cigarettes to minors. Likewise, it is a $ 50 fine for minors caught purchasing E-Cigarettes. Smart Smoke Inc feels Spokane County will follow suit tonight and Spokane Valley will also follow suit this month.

?We feel this is a step in the right direction,? states Jamerson, ?Regulation of the Electronic Cigarette industry as a whole is necessary and we at Smart Smoke have been self regulation to do what is right for over 2 years. We have quality control processes in place to ensure the products we supply to our customers is top of the line.?

Smart Smoke products are also available at five other convenient locations, Downtown Spokane, Northtown Mall, Spokane Valley Mall, Medical Lake and the Silver Lake Mall. You can also order product on their website,

For more information about Smart Smoke, please call Ronell Routon at 888-356-4654 or visit

### Announces 4th of July E Cigarette Sale

(PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Every year American’s enjoy taking a break from work to enjoy the 4th of July Holiday weekend and shop. Electronic cigarette review website, announces a special 4th of July E cigarette sale offering between 15 and 20% off of regular prices on electronic cigarette starter kits, cartomizers, cartridges, batteries, and refills. Top brands featuring discounts in the sale include South Beach Smoke, The Safe Cig, and Green Smoke.

South Beach Smoke is one of the fastest growing e cig brands featured on Electronic Cigarette Sale offering both a two and three-piece device for consumers to choose from. The company is now offering a 15% discount for the 4th of July good on both the South Beach Premium and Deluxe starter kits through the Holiday weekend. Military members can take advantage of this discount and the South Beach Smoke free electronic cigarette starter kit offer.

Green Smoke specializes in high quality, two-part e cigarettes that use disposable atomizers to ensure a strong, consistent draw with each new cartomizer. For the 4th of July sale only, Green Smoke is offering up to 20% off all merchandise to include a limited time offer of the Green Smoke Freedom Kit that includes the standard e cigarette starter kit material along with an additional package of cartomizers at a 20 % discount.

Mark Jones from Fort Walton Beach, Florida writes, ?I have spent more money on nicotine gum and mints that I care to mention to try and find something to take the place of smoking cigarettes. I took advantage of the low cost of the South Beach Smoke Premium Starter Kit a few months ago to try out vapor smoking, and haven’t put it down.?

The staff at are continually looking for new e cigarette deals to provide to site visitors to save money. At the same time, consumer feedback on all products covered on the web portal are evaluated and included in site material where applicable to ensure the most relevant information is published.

About: is a website devoted to publishing the latest e cigarette reviews and was established in 2009. The site is committed to ensuring the most recent deals, information, sales, and product reviews on established and emerging U.S. And other quality brands are published to ensure current smokers and e cig users can make the best decision possible when choosing a brand to start vapor smoking. Popular e cig brands featured on the site include South Beach Smoke, Green Smoke, The Safe Cig, and V2 Cigs.


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South Beach Smoke Celebrates Anniversary with Electronic Cigarette Sale

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 07, 2011

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, announced it is celebrating its anniversary during the month of July. They are offering a 10% discount on all of their products using a special coupon code ?YEAR? commemorating their anniversary. South Beach Smoke commented on this milestone by stating, ?We would like to thank our great customers and hard-working employees – without whom – we would not have achieved the level of notoriety and success in this burgeoning and exciting industry the past year?.

Along with announcing their anniversary and sale, South Beach Smoke declared some initiatives for the next year.

Powered by Facebook – Green Smoke

Miami,FL (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

We?ve entered the sizzling ?dog days? of summer, and Green Smoke

Green Smoke

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

Green Smoke

Electronic Cigarettes Company Announces a 48 Hour 48% Off Sale

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) September 14, 2011

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, has announced a 48-hour 48% Off sale that offers their Premium and Deluxe electronic cigarette starter kits for an amazing 48% Off for 48 hours. The contest is slated to begin Wednesday September 14th at 10 AM and is expires Friday September 16th at 10 AM. The company released a statement today explaining their reason for providing such a huge offer:

?This 48% Off deal is designed to simply get the word out about South Beach Smoke. There are a lot of electronic cigarette companies popping up here and there, but South Beach Smoke has been in the business for a lot longer than most and deserves huge industry attention. We also know that when customers experience our superior product and quality Customer Service, they will likely join our community of satisfied South Beach Smoke Members. To redeem the 48% off deal use coupon code SMOKE48 at checkout.?

According to South Beach Smoke, the sale is being offered for all electronic cigarette starter kits but can also be used on any and all products including their electronic cigarette starter kits, cartridges which come in multiple flavors (tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol and chocolate) and their accessories which include carrying case, wall charger, USB charger and more. As stated before, customers must use coupon code ?SMOKE48? at checkout to redeem their 48% off deal at South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke has been in the news lately for its BBB accreditation and multiple celebrity endorsements. Their electronic cigarette starter kits have been leading products in the electronic cigarette industry for over a year. Celebrity endorsements include Entourage?s Jerry Ferrarra (A.K.A. Turtle) who was quoted stating ?These things are going to save my life,? and Trace Cyrus (Miley Cyrus? brother) who openly endorsed the product to be more considerate to his now pregnant celebrity girlfriend Brenda Song.


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