New Study Shows Electronic Cigarettes May Help Unmotivated Smokers Cut Down or Quit, Says Square

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 08, 2011

Square has long believed that their disposable electronic cigarettes can?and do?help people cut down or even stop smoking cigarettes. That idea was recently supported in an Italian study posted on the BMC Public Health website, according to a new article by the American Counsel of Science and Health (ACSH).

The ACSH article states that electronic cigarettes stood up favorably in this first clinical trial. Results indicate that the electronic devices may not only be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) at helping people who want to quit smoking; e-cigarettes may also help cigarette smokers reduce their smoking?even those who express no interest in kicking the habit.

The small clinical trial was conducted on 40 healthy adults, who smoked regularly and had no expressed intention of quitting. Intervention was limited to providing each smoker in the study group electronic cigarettes and conducting a baseline assessment and four follow-up clinic visits. The smokers were simply told to use the e-cigarettes as they pleased?but were not instructed to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

Over the next six months, 22.5 percent of the participants reported that they had completely quit smoking. Another 32.5 percent reported that they had cut down their cigarette consumption by at least half. In sum, over half of the smokers were able to quit or significantly cut down their cigarette use. This outcome is especially impressive, according to the article, considering that the six-month quit rate for approved cessation aids is well below 20 percent?and those results are derived from smokers who want to quit and are followed closely in a clinical setting.

?This trial simulated a real-life experience, where no motivation or support was offered to subjects to quit smoking,? said ACSH advisor Dr. Mike Siegel, professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health. ?This could well be groundbreaking.? Siegel indicated that he is excited to see the results of more extensive clinical trials, particularly involving subjects who are motivated to quit, stating, ?I am confident that the success rate will be significantly higher.?

Moving from regular cigarettes to e-cigs can be a good health move. Jean-Fran

Vapor4Life?s Electronic Cigarette Design Offers Smokers? Option to Switch, Not Quit

(Vocus/PRWEB) January 08, 2011

The overindulgence of the holiday season often breeds the desire for a fresh start, and New Year?s resolutions to make lifestyle improvements and leave unhealthy habits behind offer a way to begin the year with a clean slate. Vapor4Life held its 3rd annual New Year?s resolutions promotion showing a 250% increase in participation. Of those who responded, 95% expressed interest in making the switch completely to the digital smoke arena.

For the more than 45 million in the U.S. who smoke, the decision to quit requires a degree of willpower not easily mustered, and usually becomes an unfulfilled annual ambition.

Millions of electronic cigarette consumers say they have found a way to replace the habit with a healthier, cleaner, yet equally satisfying alternative that has rendered the need to quit smoking unnecessary.

?It?s not at all uncommon for someone to immediately stop smoking traditional cigarettes the very same day they receive their electronic cigarette,? says Steve ?Smilin? Milin, President of Vapor4Life. ?These are people who have smoked for decades and they?ve tried the gum, they?ve tried the patch and they?ve tried the pills?, Says Smilin, referring to prescription medications with the potential for dangerous side effects, including the onset of mental health issues that have caused users to commit or attempt suicide. The FDA now requires such medications to carry a black box warning.

Electronic Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device but rather a way to continue to enjoy nicotine while eliminating the dangers associated with combustible cigarettes.

Those who have retired their cigarettes in favor of the battery operated version appear eager to share their experience with others, and success stories can be found in abundance on internet forums where the similarity in accounts of improved respiratory function and other, sometimes dramatic, health improvements make the role of the device appear to be much more than anecdotal evidence.

Although users of electronic cigarettes may appear to be smoking, rather than exhaling carcinogenic containing secondhand smoke, they expel a harmless, inoffensive water vapor that quickly dissipates. Any lingering scent is the result of food grade flavoring that is added to offer a range of appetizing options, many of which are likely to satisfy a sweet tooth but do not impart any of the unpleasant cigarette odors.

Vapor4Life work closely with product designers, have made Vapor4Life an industry leader by offering a customized design they?ve dubbed the Vapor King, and have offered promotional holiday giveaways for those who have resolved to eliminate the dangers of cigarettes.

Customers of Vapor4Life claim that the Vapor King, which sells at a price similar to one carton of cigarettes, offers an improved experience over stock models often found in mall kiosks, which can cost upwards of $ 150.00.

So, even if those resolutions to hit the gym more often or gain financial independence miss the mark, for many the Vapor King electronic cigarette has become the gold standard for those seeking a simplified way to breathe easier this year.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL-based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

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Evaluating Three Ways to Quit Smoking

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

This article will evaluate the 3 top ways to Overcome Cigarette Smoking Addiction i.e. Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum & SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarettes which have just been recently made available in India.

Cigarettes can have a powerful hold on smokers in India today. The reason is the high concentration of nicotine, which has been found to produce an addictive reaction in human beings. When smokers inhale tobacco smoke, the chemicals are absorbed in the bloodstream triggering a strong reaction. But, strictly speaking nicotine itself isn?t addictive. It?s the reaction of the pleasurable feeling of the dopamine-releasing neurons in the brain that causes an addiction.

When a cigarette is lit and inhaled, the tobacco and other ingredients such as carbon monoxide and over 4,000 chemicals including arsenic are inhaled which create health risks such as lung cancer, amongst thousands of Indians.

It?s for that reason alone that many people try to quit smoking. In India, 35,000 smokers try to quit each year, but less than five percent stop smoking for at least a year. And a large percentage that try to quit, try going ?cold turkey?. But with the powerful effects of nicotine addiction, it can be very hard to succeed.

There are three proven ways to overcome a smoking addiction:

Putting A Patch On A Nicotine Addiction

Majority of the Indians who quit smoking chose the nicotine patch alternative. The transdermal patch allows nicotine to enter the bloodstream through the skin. Patches provide a continuous nicotine release at a slower, less intense burst than smoking does.

As with other nicotine-replacement treatments, the nicotine patch allows smokers to get the feel-good chemical reaction without the harmful side effects of smoking. The patch is meant to be used as a temporary smoking cessation tool. Patches come in different strengths so that users can slowly decrease their exposure to nicotine until they can live comfortably without it. Some people who use the patch experience side effects including skin reactions at the patch site.

Using Nicotine Gum As A Substitute

Many people in India choose nicotine gum as a way to get the pleasure-inducing dopamine release that nicotine provides. Nicotine gum can work for some people who are addicted to nicotine, but who don?t necessarily love the act of smoking.

In the film Meet The Parents, Ben Stiller?s character tried to avoid smoking while staying with his prospective in-laws by chewing nicotine gum excessively. Eventually he gave up and reverted back to smoking, causing a fire and mayhem ensuing. Chewing gum doesn?t simulate the experience that many smokers become accustomed to and enjoy: Taking a long draw from a cigarette, inhaling, and exhaling. That feeling can create such relaxation to a long-time smoker, that the experience is almost as habit-forming as the nicotine itself.

Nicotine gum may not be appropriate in some settings. Many companies in India ask employees to refrain from chewing gum for the sake of keeping a professional environment. Trying to fit a short 10 or 15-minute session of chewing nicotine gum may not provide the dose of nicotine that provides the same effect as smoking one cigarette.

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarettes Provide a Realistic Option to Reduce Nicotine Addiction

It can be very difficult for smokers to quit smoking now, because nicotine isn?t the only hold that smoking has on them. That?s the benefit of using electronic cigarettes to decrease nicotine over time.

Electronic Cigarettes look, feel, and taste like traditional cigarettes while providing nicotine without the associated risks found with smoking. In contrast to the numerous dangers that smoking tobacco comes with, a SMOKEFREE E cigarettes contains only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, scent and flavor. It produces no ashes, no smell, and no cigarette breath.

Electronic Cigarettes have a simulated look of a traditional cigarette with a battery microprocessor that activates an atomized cartridge that injects tiny droplets of liquid into the flowing air that in turn produces mist that is inhaled by the user. The nicotine content found in one cartridge of e-cigs is lower than that found in their tobacco counterparts; however, the user dictates how much they want to consume by replacing the cartridges with lower or higher dose cartridges.

Whether choosing a nicotine patch, nicotine gum or e cigs to reduce nicotine addiction, the important thing is to quit smoking now, for your own health and the health of those around you who suffer the effects of passive smoking, as most Indians do.

?After evaluating the pros & cons of the 3 Ways to quit smoking-Nicotine Patches, Nicotine Gum and Smoke E-Cigs, I have to Declare SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette as the Winner.?

About the Author:

Jaya Rathi is a writer for the Quit Smoking India Movement and writes articles mostly on the ?Harmful effects of Smoking? and ?Ways to Overcome Cigarette Smoking Addiction.?

Readers are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other sources. Readers and consumers should review the information in this publication carefully with their professional health care provider. Reliance on any information provided by the author is solely at your own risk. The author does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, products, medication, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be presented in the publication. The author does not control information, advertisements, content, and articles provided by discussed third-party information suppliers. Further, the author does not warrant or guarantee that the information contained in written publications, from him or any source is accurate or error-free. The author accepts no responsibility for materials contained in the publication that you may find offensive. You are solely responsible for viewing and/or using the material contained in the authored publications in compliance with the laws of your country of residence, and your personal conscience. The author will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or other damages arising from the use of information contained in this or other publications.

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