SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Offers Flat 10% off on All Kits

New Delhi, India (PRWEB) January 11, 2012

SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette has been doing well in the niche and already has an impressive loyal consumer base. The brand has however attempted to touch newer heights now; and in a bid to do so, it has been coming up with very attractive offers for its users like Free Shipping for all Orders above Rs 1000.

The newest attempt by SMOKEFREE to boost its sales and loyal fan base is the introduction of a store-wide discount of 10% for all its customers, whether first-timers or regular ones. The offer can be availed on all orders which include a kit purchase of any kind from the manufacturer. This means that even if one buys a single SMOKEFREE kit and orders cartridges or refills through the same order, the discount can be availed on the entire purchase made.

To redeem the discount is easy too! The SMOKEFREE E Cigarette website checkout process has facebook share discount code to avail discounts. Once connected to Facebook, This code automatically gets generated and pasted in the order window while placing the order and 10% of the bill amount would be deducted from the payment amount automatically.

“The news of the offer has consumers across the e smoking niche enthralled, This cheap e cigarette has won the hearts of millions in India.” Revealed Abhinav Girdhar Chief Business Officer.

” E-smokers are particularly enthusiastic about this offer since SMOKEFREE’s pricing is already very nominal. To get an additional discount of 10% on that is indeed price-wise.” He added.

Interestingly, many SMOKEFREE buyers attributed their decision to make SMOKEFREE Cigarette purchases owing to the combination of quality services and good discounts offered by the manufacturer. This is in conformity to the findings of a recent study conducted on consumer trends which reveals that consumers don’t just looking at the pricing, but tend to compare a holistic picture while taking decisions related to making purchase.’

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Vapor4Life Offers Smoking Alternative To Mark Great American Smokeout 2011: Trade in Tobacco Cigarettes For E-Cigarette

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

November 17, 2011, marks the 36th Anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Vapor4Life, a Northbrook, IL-based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, offers a wide variety of products to provide smokers with smoke-free alternatives. On November 17th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Vapor4Life will be extending the hours of its Smokeless Lounge to allow smokers to come by their offices and trade in their pack of cigarettes for an e-cigarette. Vapor4Life is located at 4100 Commercial Avenue in Northbrook, IL.

The Vapor4Life e-cigarette is a battery-powered product that delivers a taste and sensation similar to smoking. Using flavored nicotine liquid, these e-cigs are thought to be cleaner and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Above all, they provide an oral sensation similar to smoking. You can even use these e-cigarettes in many places where smoking is banned based on its vaporizing process.

During the Great American Smokeout, step into Vapor4Life?s Smokeless Lounge and chat with the Vapor4Life Team about all the starter-kit options available and how to customize each kit according to the personal level of smoking. There is an e-cig for every budget, and the Vapor4Life Team is available to help customers with all their e-cigarette needs.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life and their products, please visit

About Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is a leading electronic cigarette company based in Northbrook, IL that develops and distributes e-cigarettes and accessories as a smoking alternative. The company was founded in April 2009 and is still family-owned and operated. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking; they simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid, which may be flavored and may contain nicotine. This is not a smoking cessation device.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life,

please contact Falk Associates at (847) 675-2580.


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New V4L Smokeless Lounge Offers Innovative, Indoor “Smoking” Experience- Without the Smoke Relaxed, Casual Atmosphere with Expert Staff to Satisfy Cravings and Curiosity

Northbrook, Illinois (PRWEB) October 21, 2011

Leading electronic cigarette manufacturer V4L announces the November 1st grand opening of its V4L Smokeless Lounge, Chicagoland?s first dedicated ?vaping? facility for e-cigarette users. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that burn and release smoke, e-cigarettes use a battery-operated device to heat a flavored liquid solution that may contain nicotine and creates a mostly water-based vapor users inhale to simulate the sensation of smoking.

Located at 4100 Commercial Ave., Northbrook, IL, the V4L Smokeless Lounge will offer patrons a welcoming, ?vaping? environment as well as V4L?s first brick-and-mortar retail store carrying the company?s complete e-cigarette product line. Dedicated and experienced staff will assist interested patrons with product information, vaping instructions and samples of any e-cigarette product in a customer-friendly atmosphere. The V4L Smokeless Lounge is open to the public for ages 18 or older, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

?We listened to the feedback of our online customers and implemented many of their suggestions, which led to the V4L Smokeless Lounge concept,? said Steve Milin, CEO and founder of V4L. ?We realized this was the perfect opportunity to provide them with the physical retail location they requested and personalized interaction with our knowledgeable staff. We want to make sure they get the right products by creating a different experience far different than the mall-kiosk setting.?

Tastefully designed for both luxury and relaxation, the V4L Smokeless Lounge is comfortably furnished with black leather seating and equipped with a large, flat-screen television. Retail customers are afforded the unique opportunity to try any product from a variety of battery options to an array of flavored cartomizers and customizable accessories before they buy to ensure their preferred product choice and ultimate satisfaction.

Crafted to resemble the traditional tobacco variety, e-cigarettes are composed of a rechargeable battery source, and an atomizer coil in a refillable liquid cartridge. When air is drawn into the e-cigarette, the liquid is vaporized and the user blows out what looks like smoke, but is actually vapor. The liquids come in a variety of flavors from tobacco and menthol to chocolate and fruit. To satisfy consumer preferences, they also may contain nicotine at varying strength levels or none at all. In addition, e-cigarettes offer appealing and intriguing customized selections, with options for every budget. They are available in a myriad of colors and sizes with tips that can light up in a choice of colors as well.

?Launching the V4L Smokeless Lounge is the newest way we?re lifting the cloud of mystery around e-cigarettes,? said Milin. ?We?re thrilled to offer a place like no other where customers can come in and relax, interact with us and each other, and just enjoy vaping. If you?re new to vaping or just plain curious, come see us. We know it, we do it and we?re happy to share it.?

About V4L

Launched in April 2009, V4L is a family-owned and operated business based in Northbrook, Illinois, that develops and distributes high-quality electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and accessories worldwide for personal use. E-cigarettes are a battery-operated alternative to tobacco smoking, are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, can be used where smoking is banned and produce no offensive smoke. Simulating the smoking sensation, e-cigarettes use a vaporized liquid that may be flavoured and may contain nicotine. For more information, visit:

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Free Web Service Offers Instant Electronic Cigarette Discounts On Premium Line Of Totally Wicked E Liquid Products

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010

Totally Wicked Coupon is pleased to announce the launch of their free web service, Totally Wicked Coupon, providing consumers with convenient instant discounts on premium quality electronic cigarette models, USA and UK manufactured liquid nicotine fluids and E Liquid from top industry supplier Totally Wicked eLiquid.

“Switching to electronic cigarettes has saved me literally thousands of dollars ever since I discovered them about 2 years ago. I know many are suffering financially in this economic climate, especially smokers. I decided to launch to help smokers everywhere benefit from even further savings on the exact products that stopped my decade-long tobacco habit saving me a great deal of money in the process.” says James Oliver, founder of Totally Wicked Coupon.

The current state of the economy combined with soaring prices for tobacco cigarettes has led many smokers to explore cigarette alternatives. Many are discovering that electronic cigarettes in conjunction with nicotine liquid (also known as e liquid) can dramatically decrease their smoking costs, often by 70%, while enjoying a completely satisfying yet much cheaper cigarette alternative.

Now with the launch of website Totally Wicked Coupon, smokers can further those savings with a convenient and permanent discount on the very best electronic cigarette models and e liquids on the market.

With the increasing awareness in North America of electronic smoking as an effective and cost-savings cigarette alternative, many suppliers have recently entered the market. Unfortunately many of these companies are offering low quality imitation and counterfeit electronic cigarette models, as well as unregulated imported e liquids. While appearing cheaper to the consumer, these electronic cigarettes and nicotine fluids are made to poor quality standards, can malfunction, stop working quickly and deliver poor performance and quality concerns. Totally Wicked Products, available at a permanent discount of at least 7.5% through, provide trusted quality and affordability.

“We have one main goal, which is to provide our customers with products that deliver. We believe that we consistently achieve this with not only our nicotine fluids but also our full range of Electronic Cigarettes and their accompanying accessories.” Said Jason Cropper, CEO of Pillbox38 Ltd. and Totally Wicked eLiquid.

Totally Wicked is a trusted leader in the industry, with USA based operations in Florida. The high quality of authentic, trusted and market-proven e smoking models sold by Totally Wicked such as the 510 Titan E-NI and the new Totally Wicked Tornado E-NI are among the most reliable, high performing and quality electronic cigarettes (or Electronic Nicotine Inhalators) to be found anywhere. Additionally Totally Wicked’s newly available Patriot Range of E Liquids are completely manufactured in the United States using certified USP nicotine (identical to that found in approved NRT products like stop smoking gum and patches) and USA sourced quality flavorings.

Totally Wicked Coupon offers a chance to get the best possible prices on these market leading e smoking products instantly.

To find out more about Totally Wicked Coupon you may visit the website at


James Oliver

Totally Wicked Coupon

Phone: 407-956-4379

Email: info(at)totallywickedcoupon(dot)com

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E-cigarette Company Vapor4Life Offers Customers Largest E-Liquid Flavor Selection in the World

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 29, 2010

Vapor4Life, home of the famous V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette model and the accompanying V4L e-cigarette cartomizer line, has expanded its already extensive selection of proprietary V4L Nobacco Juice refill e-liquid and prefilled cartomizers yet again!

Swift on the heels of its last addition?adding two new lines of V4L Original Vapor King ? electronic cigarette cartomizers, and a number of new flavor options?the company announces 50 new V4L Premium Nobacco Juice and Premium VG Nobacco Juice products available at

V4L Nobacco Juice e-cigarette liquid, famed for its flavor intensity, has played a significant role the phenomenal success of The company has always offered V4L Nobacco juice in a range of nicotine strengths (including a zero nicotine option) in both prefilled e-cigarette cartomizers and refill bottles for use with the V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette model.

The V4L flavor philosophy has positioned the electronic cigarette developer and distributor as a trendsetter in the quickly evolving e-cigarette industry, a position maintained with apparent ease through frequent and stunning product line improvements and expansions like this one.

?Flavor is a key factor in guaranteeing that our customers enjoy the V4L Original Vapor King ?,? Vapor4Life President and CEO Steve Milin states. ?It?s important to potential customers, who are excited to try the e-cigarette alternative for the first time and need to know there is a robust flavor option out there perfect for each and every one of them. And it?s just as important to keep pleasing the loyal V4L fans, by offering them every improvement we can, and by responding to customer feedback.?

It?s a sound philosophy, and Vapor4Life?s track record proves the e-cigarette company?s drive to fulfill this delicious mission.

?It seems like every time I go to the website there are new flavors!? exclaims Timothy L., a long-time V4L customer. ?I chose because I wanted to find an e-cigarette and a flavor right for me, and I was impressed with what they had back then. I figured they?d slow down, but they keep improving current Nobacco Juice flavors and adding new ones. The Premium Nobacco Juice is just amazing. It?s the perfect e-liquid for my V4L Vapor King ??

Timothy?s enthusiasm is shared by many customers, and the flavor selection is attracting new customers at a mind-blowing rate.

?Oh, but it?s not just the number of e-cigarette liquid flavors they offer,? Vapor4Life fan Katie G. of Colorado explains. ?It?s that the flavors themselves are fantastic. You can?t get true, intense e-liquid flavors like these from anywhere else. Nobacco Juice e-liquid is all I buy!?

And it is this, combined with the sheer number of flavors available at, which makes the V4L Nobacco Juice line the best electronic cigarette e-liquid selection in the world.

Vapor4Life pioneered custom flavor options early with V4L Nobacco Juice, demanding rigorous quality control and taste-testing cooperation from source factories. This revolutionary dedication to quality and consistency led to the V4L Nobacco Juice e-cigarette liquid line becoming a 100% exclusive Vapor4Life offering. The newly unveiled V4L Premium and Premium VG Nobacco Juice offerings, designed to enhance the e-cigarette user?s enjoyment of the V4L Vapor King cartomizer line, take this dedication to a whole new level.

?I?m wild about V4L Premium Watermelon,? writes W. R. of Wisconsin. ?I had no idea that e-liquid could deliver this kind of juicy, fresh taste. I keep thinking ?This is as good as it gets,? but V4L just keeps getting better and better! Vapor4Life is the reason I love using my e-cigarette.?

Milin assures V4Lers that Vapor4Life won?t be slowing down. ?We?ve set a pace that no other e-cigarette company can match, and we?re not going to let up. Why? Because this kind of focus, this kind of commitment, is what customers deserve. And that is what the V4L family is all about.?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, and the home of the V4L Original Vapor King ? model e-cigarette. Explore Vapor4Life?s unbeatable selection of V4L Nobacco Juice e-liquid, including the newly added Premium and Premium VG Nobacco Juice refill liquids and prefilled cartomizers at

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

# # #

More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases

E-Cigarette Company Vapor4Life Offers a Variety of Flavorful New Sampler Packs of Prefilled E-cigarette Cartridges

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) April 5, 2010

Vapor4Life, well known for predicting e-cigarette customer and market demands with uncanny accuracy, has given the industry one more example of the company?s sharp insight into consumer psychology. The Vapor4Life online retail e-cigarette website,, recently added new, prefilled V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartomizers (e-cigarette cartridges with a built in atomizer) to their Premium line. The new additions also continue the company?s trend of unveiling prefilled e-cigarette cartridge sampler packs to complement Vapor4Life?s growing inventory of V4L exclusive nicotine liquid flavors.

When asked about this new line and the reasoning behind it, Vapor4Life President and CEO Steve Milin responds with a smile, ?The reasoning behind it? You mean, market research? We?re just plain in touch with our customers. We listen to them. People love having the ability to try out new e-cigarette liquid flavors with a sampler pack of prefilled Original Vapor King ? cartomizers.?

He explains that the Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartridge sampler packs have been popular since Vapor4Life first surprised their competition by introducing standard cartomizer samplers at

?It seems simple enough?people love the chance to try 5 new flavors of nicotine liquid, with all the ease of prefilled e-cigarette cartridges,? he says. ?But no one else was doing it! I was just honestly surprised we were the first. Now that we have over 100 varieties of V4L Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartomizers at, it makes even more sense. If you don?t want to buy 5 whole packs of Original Vapor King ? cartridges, trying a lot of new flavors is still accessible.?

That, he says, is why the company recently presented e-cigarette consumers with the opportunity to try the brand-new line of prefilled Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette Premium cartomizers with several new sampler packs.

The packs represent some of the best-selling and well-received Premium V4L Original Vapor King ? Nobacco Juice flavor varieties available at V4L Premium cartomizer Tobacco Shop samplers give Vapor4Life customers the chance to taste the company?s outstanding line of flavors inspired by traditional tobaccos. The V4L Premium Menthol Lover?s sampler highlight?s Vapor4Life?s range of menthol flavored nicotine liquids (also available without nicotine). And the Coffee Shop addition to the V4L Original Vapor King ? Premium cartomizer sampler pack line offers both the curious and the connoisseur the chance to experience Vapor4Life?s exclusive Coffee, Cappuccino, Classic Caramel Mocha Frappe, and Cinnamon Roll flavored e-cigarette liquids.

These new Premium cartomizer sampler packs join the eight popular standard Original Vapor King ? e-cigarette cartridge samplers at, and represent only the debut of the new line.

Pleased Vapor4Life fan Hayley A. says, ?When I was a new customer, I loved the samplers because they gave me a chance to figure out whichV4L flavors I liked best. But since Vapor4Life keeps adding and adding to the flavor menu, I?m still buying them! It?s so much fun to get 5 new flavors to try at once. I hope they eventually have every single one of their many flavors in samplers!?

Hayley?s hopes may be prophetic, because it seems this is exactly what Vapor4Life plans to do. The standard V4L Original Vapor King prefilled e-cigarette cartridge line of samplers offers packs of cartomizers grouped by theme, including a Soda Shop Sampler, a seasonal Holiday Sampler, and a Coffee Shop Sampler in addition to its own Tobacco Shop and Menthol Lovers? Sampler packs. Vapor4Life also offers a line of Original Vapor King ? VG e-cigarette cartridges which utilize a vegetable glycerin based e-cigarette liquid in lieu of the standard propylene glycol formula, and the company has already released sampler packs of these cartomizers as well. All Vapor4Life Original Vapor King ? products, including sampler packs, are available only at

It?s obvious that fans love the samplers, and it?s just as obvious that Vapor4Life plans to continue adding to their prefilled cartomizer line, introducing new exclusive V4L e-cigarette liquid prefilled cartomizers and e-cigarette cartridge refill Nobacco Juice. With this in mind, it?s likely that the company will continue to offer new sampler packs of V4L Original Vapor King ? Premium cartomizers. What?s less obvious is why other e-cigarette sellers aren?t following the Vapor4Life lead. As it stands, is the only e-cigarette online retailer offering an extensive selection of sampler packs, just one of the many qualities that contribute to this company?s standalone reputation.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, Illinois based developer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. The V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette and V4L Original Vapor King XL electronic cigarette carrying case are available only at

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A flavored liquid which may or may not contain nicotine is heated to create a visible vapor; e-smoking simulates the act and sensation of smoking without relying upon combustion.

Electronic cigarette products are intended for adults only.


More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases

Vapor4Life, Home of The Original Vapor King, Warns Consumers About Phony “free e-cig” Offers, and Deceptive Branding

(PRWEB) June 16, 2010

Electronic cigarettes are a hot new product, and like all new industries a number of scams and unscrupulous practices have arisen to take advantage of the growing interest in e-smoking among tobacco smokers. Among them are bogus subscription schemes and free e-cig offers, and deceptive branding. Vapor4Life, one of the most reputable and respected e-cigarette vendors in the US, has been dealing on a daily basis with customers who have been victimized by less honest competitors and imitators.

“Shoppers are hearing about the Vapor4Life Original Vapor King, but they see ‘Vapor King’ on some second rate product and think it’s the same thing. It isn’t. I can’t stress that enough. We get complaints daily–from customers who have bought these imitations–and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not the same equipment, not even close. You can only buy the V4L Original Vapor King at Vapor4Life” says Steve Milin, President of Vapor4Life.

Milin adds, “It’s incredibly frustrating. Our customers are loyal because we offer the best products, constant improvements, and an unbeatable warranty. I want each and every customer to be impressed when he or she tries a new V4L product?whether it?s their first order or their hundredth. But these copycats are causing real problems for customers, and damaging the Vapor King’s well-deserved excellent reputation.”

Vapor4Life?s Vapor King brand of e-cigs is among the most recognizable and respected in the industry. Unlike most of their competitors, who purchase stock e-cig models from their manufacturers and simply brand them with their logo, Vapor4Life has their Vapor King e-cigarettes and cartomizers manufactured to their specific requirements, oversee production through their employee in China, and have committed themselves to improving the Vapor King through ongoing research and development.

This attention to design and performance has earned Vapor4Life a high reputation and a widespread and enthusiastic following among e-cig users and aficionados for quality, flavor, and enjoyment. Which in turn has led to imitators using the Vapor King name. Consumers are misled into purchasing lower quality, less reliable electronic cigarettes, and without V4L?s quality e-liquids, or the support of V4L?s warranty, well known as the best in the business.

Less reputable competitors, however, have been capitalizing on V4L?s Original Vapor King?s high reputation, selling lower quality models of e-cigarette under the same name. Many consumers, who have heard the Vapor King name and reputation, are mislead into purchasing an inferior product for a higher price.

Vapor4Life?s Original Vapor King is made to strict manufacturing standards, with V4L?s VP of Product Development, Daniel Henschel, AKA Leaford, on site in China overseeing quality control. Many other retailers, however, are selling poor quality, generic e-cigs, made with no quality assurance, as their ?Vapor King.?

Instead of the simplicity and reliability of the Original Vapor King?s advanced e-cigarette design which only requires the user to attach a cartridge to the battery and which provides a packs worth of smoking per cartridge, consumers find themselves with a messy and unreliable e-cig consisting of three pieces that are difficult to maintain and which only provide a half pack or less worth of smoking per cartridge.

Instead of Vapor4Life?s renowned line of over 100 Premium Nobacco Juice e-liquids, or the growing line of WOWvapor e-liquids, which are made especially for V4L to strict pharmaceutical purity and sanitation standards, and which are specially formulated for the most vapor and strongest flavors, unwary consumers are getting e-liquids of unknown quality, little vapor, and mediocre flavor.

Another danger facing unwary e-cigarette consumers are free e-cigarette and cartridge subscription plans. Many of these offers are traps, and consumers find themselves charged for the ?free? trial, and charged monthly after that for an unwanted ?subscription? for refill cartridges. Consumers find that the companies are difficult to contact, and uncooperative if they can be reached, and find themselves with large unwanted charges, as much as several hundred dollars, which they are unable to get refunded. And often, the ?free? e-cig, or the subscription of cartridges, never even arrives.

?We hear from our customers all the time who had heard of e-cigarettes from a free trial offer on the radio or in newspaper ads,? says Mark Dohse, Vapor4Life?s VP of Customer Relations. ?They lost a lot of money on bogus offers, and all they got were bad products, and found themselves locked into a subscription for overpriced cartridges. These companies are hard to contact, don?t honor their return or refund policies, and many customers never received their money back.?

?They?re always very happy to have found an honest company, with a product that really satisfies their e-smoking needs, and with unbeatable customer service? he adds.

Dohse recommends that customers do not participate in any free e-cig offers, or subscription plans, and that they check consumer feedback on e-cig forums like before purchasing any electronic cigarette.

?We have the most positive feedback from our customers of any e-cig company out there,? he says, ?We consider all our customers part of our V4L family, and their satisfaction is always our top priority.?

Besides the highest quality e-cigarettes and the best flavors on the market, Vapor4Life also offers legendary customer service, fast order processing and shipping, and an unsurpassed 45 day warranty policy, called the Smilin Warranty ?If you?re not Smilin, we?re not happy!? says Milin.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

# # # Offers High Quality US-Made Cartridges for Electronic Cigarettes

Simi Valley, CA (Vocus) July 3, 2010

As regulations prohibiting smoking in public venues and workplaces expand, smokers seeking alternatives to satisfy their cravings have turned to electronic cigarettes. The US manufacturer,, announces a new nicotine delivery cartridge for use with battery-operated smokeless cigarettes.

In a statement to the press, Kyle Winther, CEO of responds, ?We feel that the new USA made cartridges are going to change the industry. They are higher quality and simply last longer.?

Prior to the availability of an American made product, consumers were limited to cartridges of foreign manufacture from Asia and the Pacific Rim. With the growing demand for American-made products, online availability of high-quality US-made cartridge is a welcomed alternative. As the leading US manufacturer of alternative nicotine delivery systems, Smokeless Delite proffers complete electronic cigarettes starter kits, cartridges and accessories for American customers via the website.

The new American-made cartridges come in a variety of nicotine dosing levels ranging from high nicotine (16 mg) to no nicotine. Customers have the ability to order the level of nicotine necessary to help satisfy cravings. A foreign cartridge is typically equivalent to a little lesser than a standard single pack of tobacco cigarettes. The new premium American-made cartridges boast and equivalency closer to two packs of cigarettes. Menthol cigarette smokers will be pleased with the availability of mentholated cartridges. For those with palates that enjoy fruity sensations, the offerings include cartridges for electronic cigarettes with cherry, apple, strawberry and pineapple.

Interestingly, smokeless cigarettes have no perceptible odor for others to detect yet with taste pretty similar to standard tobacco smoking. Allowed in every public venue and compliant with smoking regulatory prohibitions, the electronic cigarettes containing the premium cartridges allow smokers to continue activities, such as dining, working and attending concerts or viewing films without having to step outside to curb a smoking craving. Without adding additional toxins to the air from second-hand smoke, using this nicotine delivery alternative is an environmentally friendly solution for those with a smoking addiction.

Unfortunately for consumers in other countries, only ships products within the United States. Fortunately for US customers, their long-lasting US manufactured cartridges for smokeless cigarettes are available at a reduced cost on a monthly auto-ship plan. The website does require that all users acknowledge they meet the age restrictions required by applicable law for review and purchase of all e-cigarettes products, including nicotine delivery cartridges.


A US manufacturer of smokeless cigarettes, this website proffers complete electronic cigarette kits and accessories for American consumers. For high quality US-made nicotine delivery cartridges in an assortment of flavors and dosing strengths, customers may order securely online or by telephoning toll free to (877)377-7028.

Contact Details:

Smokeless Delite, Inc.

Kyle Winther


3325 Cochran Street STE #108

Simi Valley, Ca 93065

Phone: 877-377-7028


Mail id: info(at)smokelessdelite(dot)com

# # # Offers Power Inverters, Battery Chargers, Jump Starters and Powerpacks for Portable Power

Camarillo, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2010 has launched a new line of portable power products including power inverters, vehicle battery chargers, vehicle jump starters and backup battery power units. The new portable power products are for people who enjoy camping, traveling and are always on the go. These portable power products allow consumers to have power readily available to charge and power laptops, cell phones, digital cameras, small TVs, lighting and emergency equipment.

Power inverters provide DC to AC power ranging from 100 watts to 1500 watts of power. The power inverters provide compact and reliable power to keep small mobile devices charged and large household AC powered items running. Travelers can now stay plugged in and get more work done on the road with these powerful power inverters. Small mobile power inverters ranging from 100 watts to 200 watts can be used to power laptops, netbooks, work lights, game consoles, cell phones and other small devices. Larger power inverters ranging from 300 watts to 3000 watts can power larger devices including TVs, blenders, blow dryers, handheld tools, small refrigerators, microwaves and coffee makers. The broad range of power inverters allows people to have the comfort of using household items while they are away from home. Power inverters can be used in any vehicle, boat or RV to provide DC to AC power directly from the vehicle battery or cigarette lighter outlet.

The new line of car battery chargers will maintain and charge a battery in large and small vehicles. The advantage of battery chargers and battery maintainers is that they will provide a strong charge to jump start dead vehicle batteries or maintain an infrequently used battery to keep it charged and ready for use. The rapid three-stage charging technology that is present in the 6, 12, and 25 amp battery chargers will recharge a dead battery quickly and will not overcharge the system. The 2 amp battery maintainer is ideal for maintaining and extending battery life for a stored vehicle, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle, or boat. Instant jump start systems and emergency car starters will jump start a vehicle?s dead battery with 400 cold-cranking amps. All battery chargers are convenient to carry, charge and store and come ready for use when a battery needs to be charged.

Car jump starters always come in handy when there is a dead battery in any vehicle. The instant jump start system comes with a set of jumper cables offering a powerful 400 amps of starting capacity, a flashlight and one DC 12-volt power outlet to charge small devices. A smaller emergency car starter with flashlight offers battery charging and jump starting through the DC 12-volt cigarette power outlet without needing to open the vehicle?s hood. Jump starters are great for long trips and outdoor activities and help guard against being stranded with a dead vehicle battery.

Battery backup power units provide a stand-alone power source to be used during emergency power outages, camping, and in remote locations off the power grid. Backup battery power solutions are available in 300, 450 and 600 watt models. The portable Powerpacks include AC and DC power ports, flashlights and AM/FM radios. The Powerpack 300 and 450 have a built in air compressor to inflate flat tires and will jump start vehicles with a dead battery. The Powerpack 600 is the top selling model with a built in 600 watt inverter, three 120-volt AC outlets, one DC 12-volt cigarette outlet, and can jumpstart a vehicle?s dead battery. Mobile consumers will never get stuck without power again with a backup battery Powerpack.

Product support is available to all customers who have questions on portable battery power products. Customers in need of finding the right replacement laptop battery, digital camera battery, cell phone battery, camcorder battery or any other electronic device is also available. Technical and product support makes it easy for customers to get immediate answers to questions about product features, compatibility, shipping times, delivery methods and more for online orders. All questions can be answered by the highly trained technical support staff, available Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 4:30PM Pacific time.

About is the world?s leading online store providing replacement batteries, chargers and accessories for laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, power tools and UPS products. Founded in 1998, the company is privately owned and operated and has a management team with over 50 years of experience supporting high quality power products for the consumer electronics industry. headquarters are located in Camarillo, CA where they distribute Duracell

Vapor4Life?s Electronic Cigarette Design Offers Smokers? Option to Switch, Not Quit

(Vocus/PRWEB) January 08, 2011

The overindulgence of the holiday season often breeds the desire for a fresh start, and New Year?s resolutions to make lifestyle improvements and leave unhealthy habits behind offer a way to begin the year with a clean slate. Vapor4Life held its 3rd annual New Year?s resolutions promotion showing a 250% increase in participation. Of those who responded, 95% expressed interest in making the switch completely to the digital smoke arena.

For the more than 45 million in the U.S. who smoke, the decision to quit requires a degree of willpower not easily mustered, and usually becomes an unfulfilled annual ambition.

Millions of electronic cigarette consumers say they have found a way to replace the habit with a healthier, cleaner, yet equally satisfying alternative that has rendered the need to quit smoking unnecessary.

?It?s not at all uncommon for someone to immediately stop smoking traditional cigarettes the very same day they receive their electronic cigarette,? says Steve ?Smilin? Milin, President of Vapor4Life. ?These are people who have smoked for decades and they?ve tried the gum, they?ve tried the patch and they?ve tried the pills?, Says Smilin, referring to prescription medications with the potential for dangerous side effects, including the onset of mental health issues that have caused users to commit or attempt suicide. The FDA now requires such medications to carry a black box warning.

Electronic Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device but rather a way to continue to enjoy nicotine while eliminating the dangers associated with combustible cigarettes.

Those who have retired their cigarettes in favor of the battery operated version appear eager to share their experience with others, and success stories can be found in abundance on internet forums where the similarity in accounts of improved respiratory function and other, sometimes dramatic, health improvements make the role of the device appear to be much more than anecdotal evidence.

Although users of electronic cigarettes may appear to be smoking, rather than exhaling carcinogenic containing secondhand smoke, they expel a harmless, inoffensive water vapor that quickly dissipates. Any lingering scent is the result of food grade flavoring that is added to offer a range of appetizing options, many of which are likely to satisfy a sweet tooth but do not impart any of the unpleasant cigarette odors.

Vapor4Life work closely with product designers, have made Vapor4Life an industry leader by offering a customized design they?ve dubbed the Vapor King, and have offered promotional holiday giveaways for those who have resolved to eliminate the dangers of cigarettes.

Customers of Vapor4Life claim that the Vapor King, which sells at a price similar to one carton of cigarettes, offers an improved experience over stock models often found in mall kiosks, which can cost upwards of $ 150.00.

So, even if those resolutions to hit the gym more often or gain financial independence miss the mark, for many the Vapor King electronic cigarette has become the gold standard for those seeking a simplified way to breathe easier this year.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL-based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

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