Captain Phil Harris’ Son Josh of the Deadliest Catch, Joins inLife llc and is Embarking on his National Stop Smoking Campaign

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2010

Josh Harris wants to follow in his Father?s footsteps, but not when it comes to smoking. Sadly, Josh?s father, Captain Phil Harris, passed away from complications due to a stroke he suffered on January 29, 2010 while their fishing boat, The Cornelia Marie, was in port off-loading. He was 53. It is sad to know that it was Phil’s use of cigarettes that contributed 100% to his stroke according to the doctors at the hospital in Alaska that treated Phil and reported by his own family physician. Josh and Jake Harris have most recently been on Discovery Channels ?After The Catch? (Discovery Channels highest rated show with over 5.5 million viewers) to discuss their Dads life and untimely passing. Both Josh and Jake used their inLife Electronic Cigarette on-air, during the show.

Josh was introduced to the electronic cigarette in the fall of 2009 while on the Cornelia Marie. In an interview at inLife?s corporate headquarters in Irvine Ca., Josh stated ?My Father passed away directly from smoking 3 packs of cigarettes a day for 40 years. In that time he smoked over 900,000 cigarettes. I was looking for an alternative to the smoking of tobacco and was introduced to the inLife Electronic Cigarette. They have an electronic cigarette that is amazing in its design and performance as I looked at the entire e-cig market and saw a lot of inferior products?. Josh now wants to get the word about how smoking tobacco ended his Father?s life. Said Josh ?Our Dad?s death has really opened my brother?s and my eyes about wellness. I don’t want anybody to have to go through the terrible time our family just went through. It’s the most horrible thing ever.? Josh is now embarking on his national ? Stop Smoking Campaign?.

Josh Harris believes that the electronic cigarette is breakthrough technology that may help millions of Americans. Journalists that do have a sincere interest in learning how the e-cig is changing lives will find the discussion with Josh about his experiences very intriguing reading as there are many, many U.S. citizens involved and effected by smoking and now the electronic cigarette. To contact Josh Harris to schedule an interview, please call Thomas Kiklas at 949-648-2525.


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Breaking News: CIGIREX? Electronic Cigarette Breaks Ground On National Television

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 27, 2011

CIGIREX?, a world leader in the electronic cigarettes, has launched a series of campaigns on national cable and local broadcast television reaching over 100 million US households. This campaign establishes CIGIREX? as the first brand of it its kind to break ground in mainstream media. CIGIREX? is proud to support quality national television programs while communicating the value of the e-cigarette alternative that removes tar and carcinogens associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes.

CIGIREX? is proud to be the only brand of e-cigarette that uses an exclusive all-green vegetable-based glycerin to simulate cigarette smoke vs. other brands that are still using a substance, Propylene Glycol, an ingredient commonly found in anti-freeze. CIGIREX? is committed to offering a smoking alternative that responsibly addresses concerns that smokers have had for decades.

Electronic cigarettes contribute to a healthier environment for both smokers and non-smokers alike. There is no tar, no ash, or cigarette butts involved. For many years, non-smokers were at risk of second hand smoke and other related illnesses, which prompted the ban of smoking in public places. The electronic cigarette contains no tobacco or carcinogens, and it releases no foul odors. This ground breaking product and its enhanced technology makes it possible for smokers and jet-setters alike to smoke anywhere; including public locations such as bars, clubs and restaurants.

Unique in its objectives, to separate from substandard abuse in the e-cigarette industry, CIGIREX? states that it proudly stands alone by offering a guaranteed leak-proof and break-proof product.

CIGIREX? along with Together Cancer invites you to take the CIGIREX? challenge to live a tobacco and tar free life.

For more information about how to become a Retailer for CIGIREX? please contact:


Telephone: 877-548-1646 or visit Email: info(at)runawayproducts(dot)com

120 East 34th Street # 5F, New York, NY 10016


RH Labs To Launch National Radio Campaign in October 2011

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

RH Labs will launch a national radio campaign October 3, 2011. It will be their first terrestrial radio campaign to date.

Their thirty-second spot, titled ?Classy Gents RockHard,? promotes their male enhancement pill, RockHard Weekend. It paints the scene of an upscale bar where sophisticated young singles mingle and socialize after a long workweek.

The commercial is part of an ongoing initiative by the company to appeal to young adult males who don?t have performance issues, but may want to use natural supplements to enhance their sexual experience.

?We?ve always said that RockHard is more than a brand, it?s a lifestyle,? says President Joshua Maurice. ?Our customers are people who bring a lot of passion to everything they do, whether it?s work or play. They don?t settle for ?good enough?. They want the best, and that’s why they turn to our product.?

The commercial will air on two networks targeting the male 18-34 demographic. One is a sports network comprised of over 150 stations across the country. The other is a gaming network designed to reach video game enthusiasts. With the heaviest concentration of spots airing during the evening rush hour, the company hopes to reach young men on their way home from work when they?re thinking about how to maximize their leisure time.

About RH Labs

RH Laboratories manufactures RockHard Weekend, an all-natural male sexual performance enhancer, as well as Pandora, an all-natural sexual enhancer for women. RockHard Laboratories is constantly using innovative techniques to promote their products not only as supplements but also as a lifestyle. In addition to the products RockHard manufactures, they are the exclusive distributor of Forgiven, the world?s first alcohol metabolizer, and Nicstick, an electronic cigarette.


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John David Cameron, CEO of TheSafeCig Speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

John David Cameron, CEO of The Safe Cig-America?s First Electronic Cigarette, was invited to speak at the world famous National Press Club on Tuesday evening (September 20) in Washington DC, where such speakers as Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice and Rudy Giuliani have all previously taken the podium. Cameron was excited to accept the invitation and shed some light on the recent attention the product is getting in wake of The US Department of Transportation (DoT) submitting a proposal to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on aircrafts.

Cameron was a pack a day cigarette smoker for over ten years who managed to quit smoking due to the aid of electronic cigarettes. Since then Cameron has devoted all his time and resources into further understanding and researching electronic cigarettes which he believes has the potential to stamp out tobacco cigarettes.

?This year, we will loose almost 6 million people to tobacco related deaths, not to mention the devastating effects to our economy. More than $ 96 billion dollars is spent per year in treating tobacco-related illnesses, and an additional $ 97 billion in lost productivity owing to tobacco related issues. We have potentially found the first real alternative to tobacco consumption and are eager to share our research and resources with the DoT.”

Cameron feels so strongly about his mission that he left, working with his brother James Cameron, on film production to devote all his time to further research. To help The Safe Cig become a more widely accepted and sought after product, Cameron has already had top engineers create the next evolution of electronic cigarettes, which his company calls The Micro. The Micro is the smallest and slimmest electronic cigarette on the market, which makes it look and feel more like a tobacco cigarette to consumers. It is clear that in time the product will be indistinguishable from typical cigarettes.

Cameron goes on to say, ?We absolutely agree flights should be non smoking, but vaporizing is something completely different and should not be categorized in the same way?.

Cameron?s talk at The National Press Club was well attended and stands as a testament that Cameron has become the foremost expert in the field of electronic cigarettes.