Smokers Can Now Enjoy Everything They Love about Cigarettes, Without Everything They Hate.

Destin, Florida (PRWEB) January 20, 2012

Aside from no tar and no unpleasant smell, smokers can now enjoy the freedom of to smoke virtually anywhere with Starfire Cigs, an amazing premium electronic cigarette that mimics the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, but without the smell, tar, and ash.

Since they emit only harmless, odorless water vapor instead of smoke, smokers have virtually regained their freedom to smoke in bars, restaurants, cars, offices and much more.

Starfire Cigs uses a rechargeable, battery-operated atomizer to heat a flavored liquid. With each ?puff?, a pressure sensor triggers a microprocessor, turning on the atomizer and an LED that emits a stunning glow, turning the e-cig?s signature star-shaped tip blue. You exhale an environmentally friendly water vapor that evaporates in seconds.

The result: a smooth, full-bodied smoking experience without any tar, ashe or flame. And because the e-cig is smoke-free there is no unpleasant odor and no second hand smoke to contend with.

Because each flavor cartridge is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, consumers can also save as much as 80% off the cost of traditional cigarettes. This could save consumers as much as thousands of dollars a year.

?I?m proud to be associated with a product that will unquestionably save consumers a lot of money, and most importantly I truly feel it will be a smarter alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Further, we go through the extra expense and care to make our cartridge flavors here in the United States in an FDA registered facility. This is a stark difference from other cartridge flavors that are made in China from propylene glycol, a chemical commonly found in anti-freeze.? says Stephan Karian, president and founder of

Consumers get a complete starter kit with their order, which includes a state-of- the-art LCD display battery charger case that looks like a pack of cigarettes, 2 rechargable batteries, and a wall and USB port charger. Cartridges come in 5 satisfying flavors (premium tobacco, menthol, French vanilla, cherry blast, gourmet coffee). While Starfire Cigs is not a smoking cessation device, the product is available in 3 nicotine levels – strong, medium and zero.

?With as much as an 80% savings off the huge cost of traditional cigarettes, a free shipping option, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a one year warranty, we?re making it very easy for smokers to expereince real freedom and real flavor with Starfire Cigs,? says Stephan.

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