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Miami, FL (PRWEB) January 17, 2012

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Magnalight by Larson Electronics Adds Camouflage HID Golight to Line of Remote Control Spotlights

Kemp, TX (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

The GL-3085H-M magnetically mounted remote controlled HID Golight Stryker from Magnalight produces 3,000 lumens and a 5000 foot+ long beam of intense light from a single 35 watt HID bulb. A weatherproof wireless remote control with 100 feet of range and a spotlight movement of 360 degrees of rotation, and 170 degrees of tilt, provides full remote control functionality and makes this unit ideal for applications where operators need the ability to operate a spotlight while away from the central unit. These camouflage Golights have weatherproof and UV resistant housings constructed of impact resistant materials and a thick glass lens to provide rugged durability that can withstand abusive outdoor environments.

Magnalight has equipped these Golights with a 200lbs grip magnetic base and a 16 foot, 16 AWG zip cord terminated with a cigarette plug to create an extremely versatile spotlight that can be mounted almost anywhere and will stay in place even under aggressive driving conditions. Magnalight has also added an available optional GLS-LRED red lens that allows the user to convert the output of this spotlight to a powerful red light beam and use this remote controlled spotlight for hunting applications. This red lens is constructed of Mylar and is easily applied over the existing lens via an adhesive backing without tools or damage to the original Golight lens. The optional red lens makes this an ideal spotlight solution for hog hunters, nuisance predator control, and nighttime tracking activities where hunters wish to avoid spooking potential game animals. These units operate on 12 volts DC and pull a small 3 amps, providing efficient operation as well as high power.

?We have produced a special version of the popular Golight remote control spotlight that features a camouflage pattern,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?This camouflage spotlight gives predator hunters 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt in a compact, portable magnetic mount form factor that can be positioned with a wireless remote up to 100 feet away. Available with an optional red lens, this wireless spotlight is ideal for hogs, coyotes and other predator hunting applications.?

Larson Electronics? Magnalight stocks an extensive inventory of Golights, HID spotlights, remote control spotlights, and LED spotlights and continually improves and adds to its selection with the latest and best in lighting technology. The full line of Larson Electronics? spotlights can be seen by visiting Magnalight can meet special order lighting requirements and can be contacted by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


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Free Web Service Offers Instant Electronic Cigarette Discounts On Premium Line Of Totally Wicked E Liquid Products

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010

Totally Wicked Coupon is pleased to announce the launch of their free web service, Totally Wicked Coupon, providing consumers with convenient instant discounts on premium quality electronic cigarette models, USA and UK manufactured liquid nicotine fluids and E Liquid from top industry supplier Totally Wicked eLiquid.

“Switching to electronic cigarettes has saved me literally thousands of dollars ever since I discovered them about 2 years ago. I know many are suffering financially in this economic climate, especially smokers. I decided to launch to help smokers everywhere benefit from even further savings on the exact products that stopped my decade-long tobacco habit saving me a great deal of money in the process.” says James Oliver, founder of Totally Wicked Coupon.

The current state of the economy combined with soaring prices for tobacco cigarettes has led many smokers to explore cigarette alternatives. Many are discovering that electronic cigarettes in conjunction with nicotine liquid (also known as e liquid) can dramatically decrease their smoking costs, often by 70%, while enjoying a completely satisfying yet much cheaper cigarette alternative.

Now with the launch of website Totally Wicked Coupon, smokers can further those savings with a convenient and permanent discount on the very best electronic cigarette models and e liquids on the market.

With the increasing awareness in North America of electronic smoking as an effective and cost-savings cigarette alternative, many suppliers have recently entered the market. Unfortunately many of these companies are offering low quality imitation and counterfeit electronic cigarette models, as well as unregulated imported e liquids. While appearing cheaper to the consumer, these electronic cigarettes and nicotine fluids are made to poor quality standards, can malfunction, stop working quickly and deliver poor performance and quality concerns. Totally Wicked Products, available at a permanent discount of at least 7.5% through, provide trusted quality and affordability.

“We have one main goal, which is to provide our customers with products that deliver. We believe that we consistently achieve this with not only our nicotine fluids but also our full range of Electronic Cigarettes and their accompanying accessories.” Said Jason Cropper, CEO of Pillbox38 Ltd. and Totally Wicked eLiquid.

Totally Wicked is a trusted leader in the industry, with USA based operations in Florida. The high quality of authentic, trusted and market-proven e smoking models sold by Totally Wicked such as the 510 Titan E-NI and the new Totally Wicked Tornado E-NI are among the most reliable, high performing and quality electronic cigarettes (or Electronic Nicotine Inhalators) to be found anywhere. Additionally Totally Wicked’s newly available Patriot Range of E Liquids are completely manufactured in the United States using certified USP nicotine (identical to that found in approved NRT products like stop smoking gum and patches) and USA sourced quality flavorings.

Totally Wicked Coupon offers a chance to get the best possible prices on these market leading e smoking products instantly.

To find out more about Totally Wicked Coupon you may visit the website at


James Oliver

Totally Wicked Coupon

Phone: 407-956-4379

Email: info(at)totallywickedcoupon(dot)com

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Vapor4Life Expands Its eCigarette Line with the Diamond Series and Stealth Series Batteries

(Vocus/PRWEB) January 19, 2011

Vapor4life (V4L) announced the expansion of its ecigarette product line to include 2 new series: the Diamond Series eCigarette batteries and the Stealth Series. The new Diamond Series offers customers a longer cut-off, an improved chipset, and an easy draw. The rave reviews after seeing Katherine Heigl on the Letterman Show, prompted V4L customers to flood the call center at Vapor4Life with inquiries of when they would expand into the jeweled tip bedazzled eCig scene. The Diamond Series has 6 new diamond faceted crystal-tipped LED light options and will offer 7 body color options.

?Our internal product development team felt it was time to expand our product line, based on the call volume we received following several celebrity sightings with such crystal tipped eCigarettes,? stated Mark Dohse, VP of Web Marketing. ?It was a natural extension to our KR-808D-1 Family, and will work with all of our existing cartomizers.”

The other line being announced is the Stealth series offered currently in a camouflage design. This eCigarette, is cloaked in green and black military drab color set, with no LED tip, for those customers who wish to be a bit more inconspicuous while vaping in pubic. ?We believe this new Stealth line will allow our customers to choose their own level of personal privacy needed to vape without all the head turns associated with the traditional glowing tip of the eCigarette,? explained Dohse.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.


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Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 14, 2011

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