Magnalight by Larson Electronics Adds Camouflage HID Golight to Line of Remote Control Spotlights

Kemp, TX (PRWEB) November 02, 2011

The GL-3085H-M magnetically mounted remote controlled HID Golight Stryker from Magnalight produces 3,000 lumens and a 5000 foot+ long beam of intense light from a single 35 watt HID bulb. A weatherproof wireless remote control with 100 feet of range and a spotlight movement of 360 degrees of rotation, and 170 degrees of tilt, provides full remote control functionality and makes this unit ideal for applications where operators need the ability to operate a spotlight while away from the central unit. These camouflage Golights have weatherproof and UV resistant housings constructed of impact resistant materials and a thick glass lens to provide rugged durability that can withstand abusive outdoor environments.

Magnalight has equipped these Golights with a 200lbs grip magnetic base and a 16 foot, 16 AWG zip cord terminated with a cigarette plug to create an extremely versatile spotlight that can be mounted almost anywhere and will stay in place even under aggressive driving conditions. Magnalight has also added an available optional GLS-LRED red lens that allows the user to convert the output of this spotlight to a powerful red light beam and use this remote controlled spotlight for hunting applications. This red lens is constructed of Mylar and is easily applied over the existing lens via an adhesive backing without tools or damage to the original Golight lens. The optional red lens makes this an ideal spotlight solution for hog hunters, nuisance predator control, and nighttime tracking activities where hunters wish to avoid spooking potential game animals. These units operate on 12 volts DC and pull a small 3 amps, providing efficient operation as well as high power.

?We have produced a special version of the popular Golight remote control spotlight that features a camouflage pattern,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?This camouflage spotlight gives predator hunters 360 degrees of rotation and 140 degrees of tilt in a compact, portable magnetic mount form factor that can be positioned with a wireless remote up to 100 feet away. Available with an optional red lens, this wireless spotlight is ideal for hogs, coyotes and other predator hunting applications.?

Larson Electronics? Magnalight stocks an extensive inventory of Golights, HID spotlights, remote control spotlights, and LED spotlights and continually improves and adds to its selection with the latest and best in lighting technology. The full line of Larson Electronics? spotlights can be seen by visiting Magnalight can meet special order lighting requirements and can be contacted by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


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Larson Electronics Magnalight Announces New Handheld LED Military Light with Magnetic Base

Kemp, TX (Vocus) April 15, 2010

Larson Electronics? announced the addition of an LED version of their popular HML-5M military spotlight commonly found in the Escalation of Force Kit. The HML-5M-LED40 handheld LED spotlight with magnetic base has an integrated 40 watt LED PAR46 lamp produces 3600 lumens, which exceeds the 3200 lumens of output delivered by 35 watt High Intensity Discharge (HID) light. Drawing less than 2 amps on 24 volts and only 3.3 amps on 12 volts, this multi-voltage light is rated for 50,000 hours, or nearly 5.5 years.

The PAR46 LED?s solid state, waterproof design, means that this LED spotlight can be used in any environment. The HML-5M-LED40 military spotlight continues to offer a heavy gauge steel handle, easy beam positioning and a 100 pound grip magnetic base. A variety of detachable straight and coil cords are available with connectors ranging from cigarette plugs to battery clamps or even NATO plugs. The HML-5M series of military spotlights are used by gunners on convoy vehicles to grab a subject?s attention.

?The single greatest benefit of this LED spotlight for military purposes is that it will not fail during a fire fight,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?With 4 independent 10 Watt LED packages and a uniquely designed circuit board, the soldier is guaranteed light during the first 50,000 hours of operation. Even if one LED package fails due to damage or defect, the other three will continue to operate. Moreover, drawing only 1.6 amps, this high powered LED spotlight is ideal for the amp starved MRAPs, MATVs and HUMVEEs in the military fleet. The HML-5M-LED40 is vibration proof, IP67 waterproof and lightweight. We have developed and moved a lot LED products for fixed mount vehicle applications, including the popular LED10W-6R and the LEDLB-24VIR infrared LED emitters. The HML-5M-LED40 LED spotlight incorporates all that experience and knowledge.?

The HML-5M-LED40 LED spotlight is available in 40 watts with visible lighting. Infrared, red, blue, green and amber LED configurations are available in 12 watts. A complete range of Larson Electronics? Magnalight line of LED lighting is available at Direct telephone inquiries to 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international).


Magnalight by Larson Electronics Announces Addition of Trailer Hitch Mounted HID Light Tower for Work Area Illumination

Kemp, Texas (PRWEB) April 28, 2011

The HIDTH-66X2-70W HID light tower with trailer hitch mount from Magnalight provides the high power of HID lighting in a compact package combined with an innovative trailer hitch mounting system. This dual HID lamp head light tower produces 12,600 lumens of light while drawing 140 watts at 8.4 amps from a 12 volt electrical system. This light tower incorporates Magnalight?s innovative trailer hitch mounting system that utilizes the stability of a parked vehicle or heavy equipment to provide solid placement of the HID light tower HID light tower in areas where heavy winds and rough working conditions would normally cause problems with the tower swaying or tipping over and damaging the unit. The tower assembly on this unit can be adjusted from 3 feet to 8 feet tall and connects to a standard trailer hitch receiver using the standard push bolt and slide pin to lock it into place. This mounting system also provides the ability to adjust the angle position of the entire light tower by loosening a thumb bolt located at the base of the trailer hitch mount, which enables the mount to swivel 180 degrees. The dual HID lamps are attached to the top of the tower via a trunnion and bracket mount and can also be adjusted, allowing the user to position the lights themselves while the tower is in the locked position. The HID light heads on these units are IP67 rated, weather and water proof and designed for good durability under all manner of operating conditions, offering operators the ability to effectively illuminate work areas regardless of how poor the working weather may be. The HIDTH-66X2-70W is 12/24VDC multi-voltage capable, allowing operators to utilize the 12 or 24 volt electrical systems most commonly used in vehicles and heavy equipment. Magnalight has further added to this tower?s mobility and portability by offering several power cord options, including a battery clamp cord as well as a cigarette plug cord, allowing operators to make fast power connections with a minimum of effort.

?Generally speaking operators in the field have vehicles with trailer hitches available, Magnalight now offers a telescoping HID light tower that takes advantage of the trailer hitch and power supply available on most trucks,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?Our trailer hitch mount option is available for all of our HID and LED lighting products. We offer lighting solutions that work on 12/24 volts DC or 120V AC for utility vehicles equipped with inverters. The telescoping light towers collapse to a small, lightweight form factor for storage and portability, but once affixed to the trailer hitch, the vehicle makes an ideal weighted base for even very high wind scenarios.?

Larson Electronics? carries an extensive line of light towers, 1000 watt metal halide lights, high power LEDs, work area lights and HID work lights. You can view Larson Electronics? entire Magnalight inventory of high grade lighting equipment at Magnalight can be reached directly by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.

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Larson Electronics? Magnalight Announces Addition of Explosion Proof Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Kemp, TX (PRWEB) June 14, 2011

The explosion proof rechargeable LED flashlight has three settings and can be toggled between light levels using the multi-function on/off switch. Simply pressing the switch once activates the light in high mode to produce a powerful 130 lumen light beam and 4 hours of runtime. Holding the switch down activates the light in low mode and produces a smaller 50 lumen light beam that will last for up to 12 hours. Extreme runtime is produced by holding the switch down for ten seconds which activates the flashlight?s dim mode, producing a very mild 1.3 lumens of light that can provide a runtime of up to 480 hours.

The explosion proof LED flashlight comes with a mountable charging base that can be attached to walls or flat surfaces. This allows the user to mount the entire flashlight and charger as a unit in locations the user finds the most convenient. The charging unit acts as a holder and the user simply snaps the light in and out of its charging base as needed. This is highly convenient in areas where operators regularly enter and exit hazardous locations to check on operations or conditions and need a portable source of illumination. Simply mount the unit to a wall near the most visited area and operators can easily grab a ready to use charged source of explosion proof lighting when they enter the work space.

Also included with this flashlight are 2 charging stands and two cords. Attach one of the charging cords to the stand to gain power then snap the LED flashlight into the charging stand to begin charging the flashlight. A 120V wall plug cord (VAC) and 12V vehicle cigarette plug cords (VDC) are both included.

?The EXP-LED-51 is a lightweight, rechargeable explosion proof LED flashlight with a convenient snap-in wall mounted charging base,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?Operators looking for varying levels of light intensity, long battery run times and a lightweight, portable Class 1 rated flashlight will find the EXP-LED-51 a useful addition for inspection work and general safety work.?

Larson Electronics? carries an extensive line of explosion proof flashlights, hazardous location lights, intrinsically safe flashlights, portable explosion proof lights and intrinsically safe lights. You can view Larson Electronics? Magnalight line of hazardous location lighting at Magnalight can be reached directly by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


Larson Electronics Magnalight Announces Release of Military LED Spotlight Light with Magnetic Base

Kemp, TX (PRWEB) August 24, 2011

The Magnalight HML-5M-LED Handheld LED Spotlight offers operators in military, law enforcement and professional utility and emergency services a powerful and efficient alternative to traditional halogen and HID equipped spotlights. Equipped with Magnalight?s waterproof PAR46 solid state LED bulb, this LED spotlight light produces more light while consuming less power. This means longer run times when operated from vehicle and equipment electrical systems without draining batteries. The rugged weatherproof and UV resistant housing and LED lamp in this unit provides excellent durability and reliability while a 100 lbs grip magnetic base provides simple and secure mounting to metal surfaces. A polypropylene handle and heavy gauge steel handle bracket provides easy positioning of the light. This LED spotlight is also available in blue, green, amber and red colors as well as 850nm and 940 nm 12 watt infrared versions for use in covert operations in conjunction with night vision equipment. A variety of power connections are available including 16 and 25 foot straight cords with cigarette plug, 21 foot straight cord with battery clamps, 16 foot straight cord with battery ring terminals and 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug. With a housing made in the USA and an LED lamp that is Made in the USA compliant, the HML-5M-LED Handheld LED Spotlight produces more light of a higher quality than comparable halogen spotlights, while providing unmatched durability and efficiency.

“We have taken our classic Escalation of Force Kit gunner?s light with magnetic base and equipped it with a 40 watt LED light,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?The result is a highly durable, proven handheld magnetic light that can work on voltages ranging from 9VDC to 42VDC and does not require bulb replacement for at least 50,000 hours. With much lower amp draw, this light produces more range and coverage than our standard 24V 70 watt bulb or our 12V 100W bulb configuration.?

Magnalight by Larson Electronics carries a wide array of LED lights, infrared light bars, infrared and visible light LED spotlights and offers a comprehensive selection of the latest and best in industrial and commercial lighting technology. View Larson Electronics? full line of LEDs and infrared LED lights by visiting Contact Magnalight by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


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Larson Electronics? Magnalight Announces Release of Handheld LED Spotlight with Ergonomic Handle

Kemp, TX (PRWEB) September 13, 2011

The Magnalight HL-7LED-3C Handheld LED Control Light uses seven of the latest CREE EZBright

Magnalight by Larson Electronics Announces Addition of Pistol Grip Infrared LED Spotlight

Kemp, Texas (PRWEB) September 20, 2011

The HL-85-3W1-IR Infrared LED spotlight from Magnalight provides a powerful and effective infrared light source capable of illuminating objects up to 1,800 feet away. Available in 850nm and 940nm versions, this pistol grip LED spotlight is ideal for use with night vision equipment and produces enough IR illumination to discern details and identify persons at the far end of its range. Designed for durability and high output, the housing on this unit is constructed from impact resistant nylon with a light head formed from machined aluminum with an unbreakable Lexan lens to protect the LED and reflector assembly. The 3 watt infrared LED in this unit is rated for over 50,000 hours of operation and produces an IR light beam approximately 1,800 feet in length by 175 feet in width. This light can operate on any voltage from 9 to 32 VDC and includes a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug, allowing the unit to be connected to most 12 volt civilian and 24 volt military vehicle and equipment electrical systems. This infrared LED spotlight can be easily field serviced without tools and contains heavy 16 gauge internal wiring and heavy duty connectors which can be accessed through a simple snap on cover. The materials used in constructing this unit are UV, water, impact, and chemical resistant and the total power draw on a 12 volt electrical system is a mere .5 amps. The high power, light 10 ounce weight, and extreme durability of this unit make it a perfect choice for operators in military, law enforcement, and security operations who require an effective IR light source that can augment and improve their existing night visioning systems and equipment.

“The pistol grip style, low voltage handheld infrared light is available in 850nm or 940nm infrared,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “While traditionally we have targeted the military and hunting markets for our infrared products, we have learned that there are numerous infrared lighting applications for manufacturing, non-destructive testing and inspection. To meet these expanding markets we scaled down our larger infrared emitters, i.e. the LEDLB-80X2E-IR, into an easy to hold, easy to move, form factor that operators can bring to bear on large or small parts.”

Larson Electronics? has provided industry with powerful lighting solutions since 1967 and carries an extensive inventory of LED lights, LED light emitters, UV LEDs and LED spotlights. View the full line of Larson Electronics? lighting products by visiting, or contact them by calling 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries.


Larson Electronics? Magnalight Announces New Combination Mount LED Beacon

Kemp, Texas (PRWEB) October 11, 2011

The Magnalight 9200-LED-S-M suction/magnetic mount beacon is a compact and portable signal light that provides the ability to mount the unit on smooth surfaces such as glass, as well as metallic surfaces such as vehicle roofs and equipment railings. Incorporating two 50 lbs grip magnets beneath two high strength suction cups, this light can be affixed to any smooth surface as well as ferrous metallic surfaces.

Unlike other magnetic mount beacons that must have a ferrous metal to adhere to, this combination mount allows the user to also mount this unit on any smooth and flat surface including fiberglass, glass, and aluminum. The magnetic mounts on this unit are also protected by felt to prevent the possibility of damaging vehicle finishes. 32 one watt LEDs provide 32 watts of signal power, generating an intense 10 joules per flash signal that is visible for extended distances, even in poor visibility conditions. This is a Class 1 beacon, signifying the brightest signal possible.

An included 16 foot cord with inline switch and cigarette plug adapter allows the user to connect the unit to any equipment, vehicle, or boat equipped with a cigarette lighter socket and turn the unit on and off without unplugging. Because this unit uses LEDs, power draw is a low 2.7 amps on a 12 volt electrical system, allowing operators to run the unit for extended periods without the worry of rapidly draining batteries. This signal light with heavy duty construction, an amber protective lens, and water resistant housing makes this ideal for work or professional applications.

?This 9200-LED-S-M LED amber warning light combines low amp draw, 50,000 hour life hours and protected magnetic mount into an ideal alternative to standard strobes and rotating lights,? said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics? ?LED light bars have proven to be the right choice for high vibration use on work vehicles, and the 9200-LED-S-M incorporates the latest LED technology for maximum visibility.?

Magnalight by Larson Electronics manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of colored LED lights, LED strobe lights; portable LED lights, LED equipment lights, while continually expanding its extensive LED light inventory. Visit to view the entire line of Magnalight LED lights or call them at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-214-616-6180 for international inquiries to discuss purchasing and special ordering requirements.