Launches Innokin LEA E-Cigarette in Leather Carry Case

(PRWEB) May 20, 2012 launches Innokin lea e cigarette in leather carry case. The Innokin lea is a new design released in May 2011. Extensive R&D has made this a superior unit to it’s predecessors. It is very easy to fill & leak-proof (something earlier tank (cartridge) based e-cigs have not been able to claim.). Its vapor production is good, producing a satisfyingly significant improvement in ‘throat-hit’ over cigarette sized e-cigarettes. Battery life is also good, one LEA battery lasts 5 months before needing replacement. This makes a favorable impact on ‘running-costs’, as all e cigs require periodic replacement of atomizers & batteries.

Battery indicators mean users are far less likely to unexpectedly end up with a dead battery.

Main Features of Innokin LEA:

1. Clear tank that is leak-resistant: clearly see the capacity/contents of the cartridge. Problems with traditional cartridges have been eliminated.

2. The most technologically advanced ON/OFF safety system: Accidental power-on issue removed with the introduction of a multi-tap switch system.

3. Advanced battery voltage display. Users can see battery status via color change sequence built into the power button.

4. Pass Through function (Voltage controlled). Users can vape and charge the LEA at the same time. You can use/charge the LEA anywhere a USB port (or charger) is available.

5. Cartridge sanitary shell design. LEA uses a sanitary shell with added compartment keeping the cartridge and atomizer clean and protecting the atomizer.

All units are the latest version #2 or better. This is an improved & more robust design, made as a direct result of feed-back on the first release.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Estimate:

As consumable items it is wise to carry spares to avoid disruption of use. In the same way as a conventional cigarette lighter can fail, batteries & atomizers have limited lifespan.

LEA Usage Tips

Note: – The Innokin LEA is a tank system e cigarette. It has a type 510 thread which means any 510 atomizer/cartomizer may connect to its’ 650mah battery.

Photographs shown of the LEA are the manufacturer?s images of the ‘version 1’ LEA. Current stock is ‘version 2’ or better. ‘Metalwork’ on the units is now in either gold or silver colored finishes.

Interior of case has a black velvet lining, not the light grey option shown in one of the sample pictures.

It should be noted that colors may appear slightly different in different lighting conditions to the photographic representations here displayed; particularly as each computer monitors’ display will be set according to user preferences. Launches Innokin LEOPro E-Cigarette for UK Vapers

(PRWEB) April 23, 2012 newly launches Innokin LEOPro e cigarette. Vapers living in UK can enjoy free delivery and guarantee if they buy Innokin Leopro from is a supplier of quality electronic cigarette uk and e-liquid and provides fast free UK delivery on everything.

Guarantee of

The home and car charger are covered by a 12 month guarantee. The components I.E batteries, atomizers and cartridges are consumable items. recommends holding spares of batteries, atomizers, cartridges, and of course E-Liquid so users don’t interrupt the use of their Electronic Cigarette.

Free UK Delivery

For those who live in the UK (mainland), delivery will cost nothing. If customers order before 4pm (UK Time) the order will be despatched the same day. If customers live within the UK, it should arrive the very next day. Deliveries to non UK destinations will typically take 3 to 10 days

Details about Innokin LEOPro:

The Innokin LEOPro is the latest version of the LEO/LEA family e-cigarette, with several new useful features added. The LEOPro is powered by a built-in 1000 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery to meet the everyday demands of even heavy vapers.

In appearance the LEOPro is slightly thicker than the LEA 400 and LEA 800 (approx 2mm wider, 2mm longer) and the unit has a very solid feel to it. It sports a new larger style manual switch which is very comfortable to operate. The switch still utilizes the green, yellow and red LED indicators which give instant feedback about the remaining battery power. Three clicks turn the battery ON or off, which is a very useful safety feature. Charging is as simple as screwing off the USB cover on the base of the battery to reveal the mini USB socket and plugging it into a USB power source (computer, games console, USB wall charger, or even car with the adapter we provide). The LEAPro can also be used during charging, in case users just can’t wait any longer!

The protective lid incorporates an easy to operate but secure screw fitting and once removed reveals a slightly larger atomiser and mouthpiece than the LEA 400/800. The ample 1.2ml tank has a more fluted, pipe like mouthpiece which feels very natural in the mouth. The battery utilizes the familiar 510 thread and will accept users? favorite cartomizers if they fancy a change from the tank system (oh, and the cap still fits on perfectly regardless!). stocks the LEOPro in three fantastic colours-Wine Red, Steel, and Matte Black.

LEOPro Kit Comes With:

1 x INNOKIN LEA 1000mAh battery

5 x LEOPro Refillable Tank Cartridges

1 x LEOPro Tank Atomizer

1 x LEOPro Pen Clip Cap

1 x LEO USB Retractable Cable

1 x USB A/C Power charger Adaptor Euro

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x LEOPro gift package box

Vapour Room also includes:

1 x UK Adaptor

1 x 12v Car Charger

1 x 10ml e-liquid

Fast, Free UK First Class Recorded Delivery

Innokin Releases 4 AIO PCC E Cigarette Packs

(PRWEB) March 29, 2012

Innokin releases 4 AIO PCC e cigarette packs successively: AIO 510 E Cigarette with cartomizer, AIO Noble E Cigarette, AIO 510 E Cigarette with tank atomizer and AIO 808D E Cigarette. There are 3 colors available for each pack: white, red and black. Many vapers fall in love with Innokin AIO at the first sight for its beautiful appearance, but the real thing of AIO e cigarette is the its unique function and the convenience it brings to vapers.

Innokin AIO is equipped with the longest lasting lithium-polymer batteries, with a built-in atomizer and cartridge to produce maximum vapor and a LED power capacity indicator to tell the battery capacity left. Innokin AIO can also be a mobile power supply as immediate use for phone, MP3,etc. Furthermore, Innokin AIO PCC is compatible to 95% regular ecig batteries on the market.

Innokin mainly sells AIO PCC electronic cigarettes, not the PCC. Below is the detail of the 4 AIO PCC E Cigarette Packs by Innokin.

AIO Pack (IK-1200) 510 E Cigarette with LR 510 cartomizer

1x AIO Pack

1x 510?s Rechargeable battery

3 x LR 510?s Cartomizers

2x AIO USB Connection Cable


1x AIO Universal Adaptor

1x AIO Carrying bag

1x AIO Gift box

AIO Pack (IK-1200) Noble E Cigarette

1x AIO Pack

1x Noble?s Rechargeable battery

3 x LR Noble?s Cartomizers

2x AIO USB Connection Cable


1x AIO Universal Adaptor

1x AIO Carrying bag

1x AIO Gift box

AIO Pack (IK-1201) 510 E Cigarette with tank atomizer

1x AIO Pack

1x 510?s Rechargeable battery

1x 510?s tank atomizer

2x 510?s Tank cartridges

2x AIO USB Connection Cable


1x AIO Universal Adaptor

1x AIO Carrying bag

1x AIO Gift box

AIO 808D E Cigarette Starter Kit (Gift box) Details:

1X AIO (1020 mAh Polymer Li-ion rechargeable)

1x 808D black polymer li-ion rechargeable battery

3x 808D low resistance cartomizers

1 x USB DC input retractable cable

1x Mini USB output retractable cable

1x Universal adaptor wheel

1x AIO Carrying bag

1x Instruction manual

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Innokin launches Super Slim Pen Style E Cigarette

(PRWEB) March 22, 2012

With so many electronic cigarettes streaming into the market, vapers begin to seek for varied electronic cigarettes with different designs and functions. More and more vapers expect new personal vaporizer that is easier to use and more convenient to carry, which means that electronic vaporizer cigarette are tending to be minimized. In order to meet the new demands of different vapers, Innokin launches super slim pen style electronic cigarette Innokin Pen Tank. Innokin Pen Tank comes with 4 colors: Matte black, Glossy black, Barbera red and white.

The Innokin PEN Tank is a classic pen style electronic cigarette with elegant shape and super slim size, full of fashion and nobility, representing the new fashion in electronic cigarette market. Innokin Pen Tank cartridges will hold 1.1ml of e juice and are easy to fill directly from e liquid bottle. Its Silicone cap is easily removed and goes back on flawlessly preventing any leaking.

This pen style electronic cigarette is an ideal e smoking device for a long travel. Innokin Pen Tank is a fantastic e smoking tool that allows users to eliminate boredom and drowsiness along the way. Its cover keeps it clean and sealed, preventing leaking and soiling.

The super slim e cigarette Innokin Pen Tank is a perfect starter set for those who prefer the pen style over the mini. It comes with everything necessary including a free pack of cartridges to get started right away. As with all electronic cigarettes, this mini style e cig is free of harmful tar, carbon monoxide and cancer causing substances.

Innokin Pen Tank E-Cigarette Starter Kit (Gift box) comes with the follows:

2x Pen tank battery (280 mAh Polymer Li-Ion Rechargeable)

1 x Pen tank atomizer with empty tank

1 x five-pack empty tank refillable cartridges

1x USB A/C Power charger adaptor

1 x USB charger

1x Instruction manual

Innokin Discloses New Scientific Research on Passive Smoking

(PRWEB) March 17, 2012

In order to help smokers get a clearer concept of passive smoking, electronic cigarette manufacturer Innokin spent much time finding related scientific research documents. According to the new study by Siegel and Cohn, there are more than 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, including over 40 known carcinogens.

With respect to smokers, there is substantial and compelling scientific research documenting that consuming the ingredients in e-cigarettes (nicotine, propylene glycol, water and flavors) is vastly safer than burning tobacco and inhaling 3000+ toxic by-products. Claiming that e-cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is about as credible as claiming that air travel is dangerous for people who never set foot in an airplane.

And here?s what Professor Carl Phillips had to say about the subject in his paper named Nicotine Content in Exhaled Electronic Cigarette Vapor: “Nicotine is thought to be no more dangerous than coffee. While nicotine is addictive, it?s not responsible for 99% of the harm of smoking.”

Scientists believe that nicotine carries around the same risk profile as a cup of coffee. But this does not really matter, because non-smokers absorb just as much nicotine from vegetables as they do from second-hand tobacco smoke:

Using limited data on nicotine content of foodstuffs (tea, tomato, potato, green pepper, and eggplant) and the 198991 Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSDII), the absorbed dose of nicotine is shown to be significant compared to present day environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) nicotine exposures.

Therefore, Innokin encourages all smokers to try e cigarette. For those smokers who haven?t tried ecig yet, there are inexpensive disposable e cigarette brands on the market. Innokin also prepares many new e cigarette brands for new e-smokers, including such popular brands as Innokin LEO Pro, Innokin LEA Kross, Innokin LEA 800 and Innokin 510 T , cartomizer 2 piece electronic cigarette brands such as Innokin Noble, 510 Classic ,808D, and variable voltage e cigarette Innokin Infinity.

Innokin Indicates That Safety Should Take Top Priority

(PRWEB) March 05, 2012

As electronic cigarettes are gaining more and more popularity, a lot of new e cigarette brands coming into market. Facing so many choices, it is important for e-smokers to verify the reputation of the brands before placing an order. E-cigarettes vary widely in quality, among which many are not safe. Innokin advises e-smokers to think twice before placing an order. ?Electronic cigarettes are created to help (e-smokers), not to destroy. Every electronic cigarette manufacturer should guarantee the safety and quality of products,” said James Lee, the general manager of Innokin technology.

Innokin has obtained safety certifications on all their products, such as TUV Rhineland LFGB, FCC, CE, RoHS, WEEE and SGS. According to James Lee, quality is life; Innokin places much emphasis on safety and quality. ?Innokin follows the highest quality control standards for all its products, from its first LEA, LEO e cigarette to the newest LEO Pro and Infinity variable voltage electronic cigarette; all have passed multiple safety certifications. Several safety features are built into their products to ensure the best electronic cigarette experience. For example, all batteries have an automatic shut-off mechanism to ensure the product will not overheat. In addition, all batteries re-test mAh to ensure consumer safety and performance,? said James Lee.

Recently, the web masters of Electronic Cigarettes & Health exposed the reality about electronic cigarettes, based on information taken directly from credible sources such as scientific journals and views from medical doctors, the FDA and leading university professors. The electronic cigarette reviews websites are also full of guidelines on some of the key factors that consumers should consider when choosing the best electronic cigarette to use. They point out that anyone seeking the best electric cigarette must be prepared to use best electronic cigarette that have been manufactured in the right way. The manufacturing company for instance must be trustworthy, have proper and very clear regulations, be transparent and extremely open about the specific ingredients used and, above all, the e-cig must be laboratory tested and the results revealed for every interested person to see.

Safety is again becoming the focus for e-smokers. It’s time for low quality ecig manufacturers to adjust their marketing strategies. Quality is the foremost, and price comes second, not the other way around.

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Innokin Technology Is Steadily Expanding the International Market

(PRWEB) December 20, 2011

The company increased efforts developing three new electronic cigarettes with Belgium, the Netherlands S.A .SEDAN N.V., PLUGNVAPE BV i.O., and Germany?s redKiwi company. Innokin Technology has introduced advanced e cigarettes, e-liquid , and e-liquid production equipment resulting in strongly enhanced e-cigarette manufacturing levels.

Innokin Technology has increased their international competitiveness via the procurement of high quality raw materials and the use of an advanced quality control system.

To further Innokin?s visibility in the international electronic cigarette market they participated in the Germany 2011 INTER-TABAC Tobacco Expo. In 2012 Innokin plans on participating in Poland, Russia and other major international tobacco exhibitions to actively promote and improve the ideal of electronic cigarettes to the global tobacco industry.

As a leading electronic cigarette manufacturer, Innokin? Technology was amongst the earliest companies to pioneer the tank e-cigarette design with ON/OFF battery switch and battery capacity display utilizing green, yellow and red LED displays, that have become the industry standard. The company continues to pride itself on consistently delivering the highest quality products and the most authentic e cigarette smoking experience.


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All New INNOKIN LEA Tank Electronic Cigarette is Coming

(PRWEB) May 20, 2011

INNOKIN?s LEA, the new generation of electronic cigarettes, remedies the many defects of older electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, the best smoking alternative to traditional cigarettes, have appeared in the U.S. market for a few years. However, some users do not think highly of their performance because of design flaws and lack of usability. The INNOKIN LEA has taken care of that.

Here?s how:

A. In the old style electronic cigarettes, there was no battery power display. The LEA displays the battery capacity via the LED button. By clicking the button the LEA displays a color coded LED showing power capacity. This can be checked at any time before going out and enjoy your LEA all day long.

B. Safety is a key factor with the LEA. The old electronic cigarettes button would often misfire if the unit was placed in a pocket or purse and the button was accidentally pressed. The LEA solved this by utilizing an ON/OFF feature with the activation button. Click the power button three times to turn the LEA on for use, another three clicks turns the LEA off for safe storage and carrying in your pocket, purse, or hand. So simple, so safe.

C. Battery charging utilizes a universal Mini USB port and cable, avoiding the hassle of screwing on and off the threaded style chargers like the older generation electronic cigarettes.

D. Meanwhile, the cartridge of the LEA is a revolutionary new TANK system. With the new LEA tank cartridges, there?s never any dry burning and overheating. The lack of cotton wadding inside the cartridge avoids any burnt taste from overuse of dry standard cartridges. The LEA offers the ability to see just how much liquid is in the tank cartridge, and refilling them is easy.

As if all the above advancements in design weren?t good enough, don?t forget another important feature, the battery. The LEA 650mAh battery is a hard working, long lasting rechargeable battery. The P/T (pass through) function allows you to smoke while it is charging, as long as there is a USB port available. By the way, the attractive appearance may also be a good reason why people choose LEA. Designed after an expensive ball point pen with the atomizer cap in place, the LEA is both stylish and just darn sexy.

INNOKIN?s LEA Electronic Cigarette, taking part in the electronic cigarette revolution.


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Innokin Lea? kross E-Cigarette, a Cross Tour Leads to all Cartomizers

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

The new LEA? kross includes all the advantages of the LEA? E-Cigarette; 650mAh rechargeable battery, on/off control power switch, pass through function and LED indicator for battery power.

Apart from the standard 510 E-Cig’s threads, the LEA? kross E-Cigarette kit includes three adapter rings by which to convert the 510 threads to almost all popular cartomizer threads on the market. These adapters are called X1, X2, X3. It doesn’t matter what cartomizers are as long as users have an LEA? kross E Cig.

The Innokin LEA? kross, one of the pioneers of the dual coil cartomizer Electronic Cigarette design, continues to lead the industry while providing maximum customer satisfaction and innovative products.

About Innokin? Technology

Innokin? Technology Co.Ltd. is based in ShenZhen, China, and was founded to provide smokers with exciting new alternative smoking products. Just inhale like a cigarette, and begin what some call ‘vaping’. ?It looks like smoke, but it’s water vapor,” said James Li.

As a leading electronic cigarette Manufacturer, Innokin? Technology was amongst the earliest companies to pioneer the Pen tank e-cigarette design that is the industry standard today. The company continues to pride itself on consistently delivering the highest quality products and the most authentic e-cigarette smoking experience.

Contact Information:

Mr James Li



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