Electronic Cigarette India Company, SMOKEFREE Introduces E Cigar

Delhi/NCR (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

Electronic Cigarette India Company, SMOKEFREE Introduces E Cigar. An E Cigar has the purpose of reducing the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during the combustion of a cigar. E Cigar also reduce the harshness of the smoke and keep tobacco flakes out of the smoker’s mouth.

Scientific and practical knowledge show that SMOKEFREE E Cigar works effectively. It is not a traditionally made cigar, rather they are electronic. This provides important psychological effect in order to build negative image of smoking consequences and to prevent further ruining of public health. Reduction of tar in cigar smoke has also certain “cosmetic” action. The E Cigar protects dental enamel from penetration of sticky tar, ceases formation of a dental strike and helps to keep the smile snow-white. The immediate results of using the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting “morning cough” – usually a consequence of smoking over 15 cigarettes per day or a few cigars. After 2 weeks of using this cigar the smokers get completely rid of the “morning cough”.

SMOKEFREE E Cigar effectively removes lung clogging tar from Cigar Smoke without changing the flavour of Cigar. One SMOKEFREE E Cigar can be used for up to 4-8 hours, depending on cigar consumption and smoking technique.

About SMOKEFREE, India?s #1 E Cigarette Company

SMOKEFREE is a Registered Trademark of AS SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt. Ltd. with Registered Office in New Delhi. SMOKEFREE are the pioneers of innovative electronic smoking products that are more commonly known as Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cigarettes. The Company was established in 2011 and has invested heavily in R&D in order to bring to the market the most innovative range of electronic smoking (electronic cigarettes) products. SMOKEFREE products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of SMOKEFREE have a vision of offering smokers a real life usable alternative to traditional cigarettes and help them quit Smoking Eventually.

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