Electronic Cigarettes Get A Makeover From Vapor4Life.com: Consumers Express Themselves With Custom Color Coordination

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) March 22, 2010

Shoppers eyeing e-cigarettes are presented with a rainbow of color options at http://www.Vapor4Life.com. The company has continually upgraded its e-cigarette color selection, exceeding consumer expectations and outperforming competitors. Once again, it’s adding to the fashionable line. Already offered in a variety of vivid colors, the Original V4L Vapor King e-cigarette is now available in several more, only from Vapor4Life.

In addition to new colors, http://www.Vapor4Life.com has also broadened its selection of LEDs. The V4L Vapor King electronic cigarette?s LED, which serves as an indication of the battery?s activation during use, previously came in blue or green. Those options have tripled, with certain colors of batteries being available with pink, red, orange, or yellow LEDs.

The first generic e-cigarettes on the market imitated the appearance of traditional cigarettes, with white batteries and red LEDs. It quickly became clear that those who wanted a smoking alternative would also be interested in an alternative look. Even so, most e-cigarette companies offer little more than a black or silver option. Not so at Vapor4Life.

With its brand-new color choices, the Vapor4Life Original Vapor King electronic cigarette is now available in more colors than any other e-cigarette model. There are twelve beautiful e-cigarette battery colors available at http://www.Vapor4Life.com, including red, pink, rich purple, gold, gun metal, emerald green, light green, metallic blue, platinum, chrome, and the more traditional white and black.

V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarettes not only come in more colors than any other e-cigarette–Vapor4Life customers can choose between single or multi-logo batteries. Single logo batteries display the signature V4L trademark with subtlety and class. And the multi-logo Original Vapor King is tailor made for those with a taste for high-fashion extravagance. The distinctive V4L logo is repeated on the battery in a pattern evocative of couture culture. This runway-ready V4L Vapor King will stay at the forefront of fashion, with an update to the popular design planned for later this year.

Vapor4Life also offers coordinating V4L exclusive standard and Premium cartomizers, e-cigarette carrying cases and charging cases to accessorize the rainbow of color options. Electronic cigarettes are not just an alternative to smoking now; they?re also more fashion friendly. Vapor4Life has firmly established itself at the top of the e-cigarette industry in terms of technology and customer service.

E-cigarette users with fashion sense know there?s only one destination that can satisfy their craving for color: http://www.Vapor4Life.com. Sales and customer feedback alike support the V4L strategy of appealing to the aesthetic sensibilities of the consumer. Devoted Vapor4Life customer-for-life Mary Kay loves coordinating her e-cigarette battery hues and colorful cartomizers to match her moods and ensembles. ?It makes me smile,? she says, doing just that. Comments like this one keep Vapor4Life on track; the company?s professed goal is to keep fans smilin? with premium products and the V4L Smilin? Warranty.

There’s much more to come, as V4L’s styles and options are updated on a regular basis. The company offers more color options than any other e-cigarette company, more flavor options, and more exclusive V4L technology than any single competitor. Vapor4Life takes customer demand seriously, and continually upgrades the V4L inventory to offer consumers the very best. Their customer service commitment has been proven again and again, as every V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette purchased at http://www.Vapor4Life.com is backed up by the company?s sterling Smilin? Warranty. It?s the most comprehensive warranty offered by an electronic cigarette company, and Vapor4Life is dedicated to making it hassle-free.

Vapor4Life, LLC is a Northbrook, IL based distributor of personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. To see the entire Vapor4Life line, and purchase their exclusive Original Vapor King e-cigarette, visit http://www.vapor4life.com.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

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10 Million Cigarette Butts Prevented from Touching the Ground in Spokane County, Washington, Thanks to Smart Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) May 25, 2010

With more than 5,000 new customers in less than a year, Spokane based Smart Smoke is making a positive local impact on the environment with its tobacco alternative products, single-handedly preventing more than 10 million cigarettes from being smoked in Spokane County, Washington, alone.

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While research is conclusive regarding cigarette smoking’s negative health effects on human health, additional studies show the damaging impact on the environment as cigarette butts are the most common piece of litter in the world.

Cigarette butts account for roughly 1.7 billion pounds of the non-biodegradable trash worldwide. Made with a plastic material, cigarette butts take up to 25 years to degrade while leaching chemicals into soil and groundwater.

One in eight trees cut down in the world is due to tobacco growing or curing. It is estimated that 600 million trees are destroyed each year for this purpose. In addition, cigarettes are a leading cause of house fires in the U.S., causing one in every four fire related deaths.

“Since our e-cig products contain no tobacco, there is no burning or combustion and therefore no harmful carbon dioxide is emitted and of course no first or second hand smoke,” said Smart Smoke president, Josh Jamerson. “By eliminating tobacco, there is no farming or harvesting of land, no deforestation, and no pesticides. That’s significant because growing tobacco requires the use of more pesticides per acre than any other crop grown.”

Smart Smoke e-cigs simulate the sensation of smoking without exposing the user to harmful cancer causing agents and other dangerous chemicals normally associated with traditional tobacco products.

The realistic simulated smoke, which is actually a vapor mist, harmlessly evaporates in the surrounding air within a few seconds when exhaled.

About Smart Smoke:

Smart Smoke is a Spokane, Washington, based company specializing in tobacco alternative products. Smart Smoke’s lifetime warranty and industry leading product selection make it a leader in electronic cigarettes and accessories. With over 100,000 products in stock, free shipping and highly trained customer support, Smart Smoke is a leader in the electronic cigarette industry.

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Introducing the ProVape-1 from ProVape

Monroe, Washington (PRWEB) August 18, 2010

ProVape, an innovative leader in personal vaporizer and e-cigarette technology (http://www.ProVape.com), today announced the introduction of the ProVape-1. The ProVape-1 changes the expectation of what an e-cigarette can be, delivering a satisfying dose of nicotine with a sensation that rivals that of a cigarette, but without all the hazardous compounds.

E-Cigarettes are a growing trend with smokers looking for ways to decrease the cost, health risks and stigmas associated with the habit. An e-cigarette works by vaporizing liquid nicotine, often in the form of flavored droplets, producing an inhale that is similar to a cigarette while allowing the user to exhale a puff of water vapor.

Pen-style e-cigarettes are currently the most popular type of e-cigarettes because they look like a traditional cigarette, but offer smokers the opportunity to smoke anywhere, without combustion, ash or second hand smoke. But pen-style e-cigarettes, which are primarily made in China have not delivered on the promise of an experience that approaches that of smoking, producing small amounts of vapor and endless problems with short battery life and unreliable electronics.

The most advanced e-cigarette ever introduced, the ProVape-1 is made in the United States and was created by experienced design engineers. The company, recognizing the shortfalls of pen-style e-cigarettes, set out to make a better product; one that delivers on everything a smoker is looking for from a tobacco cigarette.

The ProVape-1 features a 3.7-volt stainless steel housing (about the size of a lighter) and is manufactured in the United States using world-class components for maximum durability and non-stop reliability. The device runs on a rechargeable 14500 lithium-ion battery. The larger battery in the ProVape-1 allows for 8 to 10 hours of continuous usage and a more pronounced throat hit and vapor pull.

Along with the industry?s only lifetime warranty, the ProVape-1 also offers a variety of safety features that are unique to the industry, including a time-sensitive automatic shut off, thermal protection, safety monitoring and venting for better heat dissipation.

According to Patrick Cameron, Marketing Director, ?The ProVape-1 was built as a viable option for those who either can?t or don?t want to quit smoking. With standard electronic cigarettes, poor battery life, and a lack of anything approaching the sensation and effect of smoking a true cigarette were missing, so the ProVape-1 was created to fill that void. ?

With the price of cigarettes continuing to climb and the viability of options vanishing in a puff of smoke, the ProVape-1 is the first e-cigarette that can truly claim to provide what a smoker needs without the need to have a cigarette. You can purchase the ProVape-1 online at http://www.provape.com. Starter packs begin at around $ 100 and come with the device itself, an atomizer adapter and an instruction guide. They also offer kits that include everything you need to get started, including rechargeable batteries, a multifunction charger, multiple flavors of Pro Juice, ProVape?s proprietary nicotine droplets and a variety of cartomizers, atomizers and tips.

About ProVape

ProVape is based in Monroe, Washington and is comprised of a multidiscipline team of designers, engineers and product marketing professionals. Started in 2009, ProVape is looking to revolutionize the e-cigarette industry with the ProVape-1, the only device that has the capability of delivering what a smoker needs without lighting up.

Media Contact for ProVape

ProVape, Inc.

19030 Lenton Place SE., Suite 199

Monroe, WA 98272

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Electronic Cigarette Company’s Response to Warning Letter from FDA Involving Trademark Infringement

(PRWEB) September 10, 2010

On September 8, 2010 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent a warning letter to an entity named “Gamucci America” t/a Smokey Bayou Inc, a distributor of Electronic Cigarettes. Gamucci LTD of the United Kingdom is in no way affiliated with Gamucci America.

In its letter, the FDA cited Gamucci America with a number of violations including selling a misbranded adulterated product for making claims that Gamucci America’s products were “healthier” than regular cigarettes, and that they could be used as an aid to stop smoking regular cigarettes. Gamucci LTD of the UK, a respected manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, currently makes no claims of any kind that would reflect its products as “healthier” alternatives to regular cigarettes, nor has it made any claims its products may be used as “cessation aids” to help people stop smoking.

The FDA categorizes the claims made by Gamucci America as “structure function” claims, in other words the product offer some health “benefit” to the user. Gamucci LTD of the UK has never made any “structure function” claims regarding its products, and has gone to great lengths to ensure that its packaging and advertising make no health claims of any kind.

Furthermore, Gamucci LTD is analyzing all its options in this instance. Gamucci LTD has spent several years making “Gamucci” the premier brand of electronic cigarettes.

Gamucci LTD has notified the FDA of the confusion its warning letter has created, and asked the FDA to take steps to distinguish the two entities.

Finally, Gamucci LTD of the UK wants to be crystal clear it has no affiliation of any kind with “Gamucci America” t/a Smokey Bayou.

More information of Gamucci electronic cigarettes can be found by visting gamucci.com


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Electronic Cigarette Tornado Tank System – On Sale Now From Totally Wicked E-Liquid

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

Totally Wicked E-Liquid is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Tornado Tank System, designed to provide e smokers with a much improved, cleaner ?vaping? experience.

On sale from January 12th 2011 the product is described by the company as ?the second generation of the ever popular Tornado electronic cigarette?. Demand is expected to be very high as Totally Wicked customer services have already been inundated with interest and requests.

The Tornado Tank System(or Tornado T) cuts out much of the e-liquid dripping and frequent re-filling of cartridges that has been the bane of early e cigarette models.

Comprising a new T-atomizer and a Tank cartridge with a capacity of 1.2ml, the Tank system can be filled with a favourite e-liquid and vaped until empty. Early reviews of the product suggest that a couple of hours vaping time is not an unreasonable expectation for moderate vapers.

The great news for existing Tornado owners is that batteries, chargers and cases are all compatible and interchangeable with the new system making the transition to the new and improved model even smoother.

The Totally Wicked Tornado Tank System is available to order now from both UK and USA websites with prices of

Kate Middleton Offered E-Cigarette as Royal Wedding Gift from South Beach Smoke

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 28, 2011

Rumors spread last week that Kate Middleton, a former habitual smoker, had taken up smoking cigarettes to deal with stress from planning the Royal Wedding. According to the popular celebrity news site PopEater.com, Royal Family insiders reported that ?She has always enjoyed an occasional cigarette ? which suppresses her appetite?. (She) has tried to give up (smoking) several times as William hates it. However, as the wedding gets closer and closer she is smoking more and more?. Since these statements leaked to the press, it has been reprinted in newspapers and magazines around the world.

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, has offered Kate Middleton one of their Deluxe Starter Kit models, priced as low as $ 49.99 with a year supply of cartridges so she can avoid smoking on her wedding day. Here is a copy of the message sent,

?Greetings Catherine (Kate) Middleton,

First of all, we at South Beach Smoke would like to congratulate you on your engagement, upcoming wedding, and recent celebrity as the future Queen of England. We know you will do a great job fulfilling your duties as Queen and as an iconic figure of English heritage and philanthropy around the world.

We are aware that you have recently increased your frequency of smoking traditional cigarettes, as is common with smokers in stressful situations; and would like to offer you a better smoking alternative. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that flash vaporize liquid nicotine creating vapor as a replacement for smoke.

There are many advantages to using our Deluxe e-cigarette model instead of regular cigarettes on your wedding day. E-cigarettes from South Beach Smoke are odorless and leave no lingering smell or residue. They are great for use indoors as our electronic cigarettes are battery-powered (no lighter needed) and do not produce smoke. They also do not leave a bad taste in your mouth nor can they be smelled on your breath like traditional cigarettes.

We hope you consider using the South Beach Smoke Deluxe e-cigarette model as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and are willing to provide you with a free sample as a wedding gift. We will also send a year supply of cartridges so you can continue using our product, which is a better way to smoke.?

The company included in its message private contact information for Kate Middleton?s use only. As of now there is no word on whether she has accepted the gift.


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E-Cigarette Free Trial Kits Available Now From Electronic Cigarette Hub

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

Electronic Cigarette Hub is pleased to announce the arrival of new risk free electronic cigarette trial kits. The aim of this promotion is to let customers try before they buy. All customers will be given 14 days to try out the new e-cigarette before they need to decide whether to keep it or not.

All electronic cigarette trial kits come with a lifetime warranty and include:

Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Stainless Steel Atomizer
10 Nicotine Cartridges
Wall Charger and a USB Charger
Collector’s Gift Box
Quick Start Manual

Electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that provides smokers inhaled doses of tobacco flavored nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution to the lungs. When the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a harmless water vapor that looks like smoke. This allows using ?smokeless cigarettes? almost anywhere without creating harmful second hand smoke.

Numerous studies have recently shown that an e-cigarette can also be a smoking cessation tool with a very good success rate.

A long time smoker and e-cig user Jenny Jenkins from Houston, TX says: ?I was usually smoking a pack a day but right after my e-cigarette free trial kit arrived, I was down to half a pack on my first day. I just took out my electronic cigarette whenever I felt an urge to smoke and took a few puffs. I had no more cravings for the real cigarette. I also noticed that I had more energy and less fatigue at the end of the day.?

She continues: ?On my third day I was down to five cigarettes a day and on my 15th day I smoked my last tobacco cigarette. I just didn?t need them anymore.?

Go to http://electroniccigarettehub.org for more information about the electronic cigarette free trial kit campaign. This special promotion is limited to only one trial kit per person and until supplies last.


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Jerry Ferrara (aka Turtle) from Entourage Making News with His E-Cigarettes from South Beach Smoke

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2011

Entourage Star Jerry Ferrara was spotted outside Urth Caff

The Latest Electronic Cigarette Development From VCig

(PRWEB UK) 19 October 2011

There are plenty of online electronic cigarette retailers, both in the UK and further afield, but none are quite as committed to customer care as VCig.co.uk. The team behind the newly-launched VCig site, which offers shoppers a sleek, easy-to-use interface and total transaction security, has spent years researching the concept of the e-cigarette and has scoured the globe to bring consumers the very best smokeless technology.

The VCig is a revolutionary concept that managing director Ben Austin is all too ready to rave about: “While many older e-cigs relied on a battery, vapouriser and cartridge, we?ve condensed two of these elements into a simple cartomizer, which is easier to replace and much simpler to use. We?ve worked hard to ensure that our electronic cigarette looks and feels as much like the real thing as possible, because we understand that smokers don?t want to experience disruption to their routine and their habit.”

In fact, all of the staff members behind the company recognise the trials and tribulations faced by smokers trying to kick the habit and are proud to offer a healthier, cheaper alternative to traditional tobacco products.

VCig understands that switching to electric cigarettes prompts a major lifestyle change for most people. For this reason, the site doesn?t just offer great value e-cigarette starter kits for those who are new to the electronic cigarette ? they are proud to provide e-cigarette users (or ?vapers?, as they?re more commonly known) with an extensive collection of refill packs and electronic cigarette accessories that e-cigarette users simply can?t live without. All products are readily available to customers, encouraging users to stick with the electronic cigarette and allowing them to order replacement components at the click of a button. Many vapers buy both tobacco and menthol flavoured cartomizers in bulk so as never to miss out on their fix.

To celebrate the launch of the much-anticipated VCig, the retailer is offering exclusive discounts to Facebook members who ?Like? their page. By doing so, users will also be eligible for their monthly competition, in which they could win an electronic cigarette beginner?s starter kit for themselves or for a friend! Bear in mind that consumers can also order the entire product range from the VCig UK Facebook page, but if they’d rather buy directly from the website, enter the code ?PRESS09? into the promotional code box on the checkout page to receive a whole 10% off their entire purchase. Perfect for organised individuals who are looking to get their Christmas shopping out of the way early and are stuck for gift ideas for the smokers they love!

Enjoy smoke-free clothes, stainless teeth and improved health and wellbeing, all courtesy of the VCig.


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