Vitamin B Smokeless Cigarettes? Introduces a Life Changing Experience for Smokers

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes many different types of health issues but still this doesn’t seem to stop smokers from lighting up a tobacco cigarette each day. Cancer and C.O.P.D. are just a couple of the deadly effects of smoking but tobacco cigarettes also doesn’t help with the aging process as well.

Tobacco cigarette smokers now have an option to smoke in a better way without the use of tobacco but instead they can smoke electronically. This may sound impossible but has introduced their Solar Cigarette electronic cigarette that gives smokers a life changing experience when they smoke.

Instead of smoking tobacco, they will smoke a liquid nicotine cigarette that is powered by an electronic battery which powers a atomizer. When the smoker puffs on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine and turns it into water vapor which the smoker inhales.

The Solar Cigarette has also taken this smoking experience to a whole new level by releasing their Vitamin B cartridge pack. These vitamin packs not only help smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings but also gives them a small dose of vitamin B with every puff to help them lose weight.

“The ever so life changing Solar Cigarette vitamin B pack. It’s a one of it’s kind cartridge pack, which allows you to receive your daily vitamins and nicotine with every puff. While many people think that vitamins are similar in structure and perform a similar function, the truth is that each vitamin B-complex vitamin has a unique chemical structure and serves a unique function within the body.”

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A representative of states that smoking regular cigarettes is a thing of the past. Many of our customers who have smoked tobacco cigarettes for years are now benefiting from the Vitamin packs by having more energy and better self esteem. Most of our clients can’t even bare the smell of tobacco cigarettes anymore which is a statement all in itself.

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New V4L Smokeless Lounge Offers Innovative, Indoor “Smoking” Experience- Without the Smoke Relaxed, Casual Atmosphere with Expert Staff to Satisfy Cravings and Curiosity

Northbrook, Illinois (PRWEB) October 21, 2011

Leading electronic cigarette manufacturer V4L announces the November 1st grand opening of its V4L Smokeless Lounge, Chicagoland?s first dedicated ?vaping? facility for e-cigarette users. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that burn and release smoke, e-cigarettes use a battery-operated device to heat a flavored liquid solution that may contain nicotine and creates a mostly water-based vapor users inhale to simulate the sensation of smoking.

Located at 4100 Commercial Ave., Northbrook, IL, the V4L Smokeless Lounge will offer patrons a welcoming, ?vaping? environment as well as V4L?s first brick-and-mortar retail store carrying the company?s complete e-cigarette product line. Dedicated and experienced staff will assist interested patrons with product information, vaping instructions and samples of any e-cigarette product in a customer-friendly atmosphere. The V4L Smokeless Lounge is open to the public for ages 18 or older, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

?We listened to the feedback of our online customers and implemented many of their suggestions, which led to the V4L Smokeless Lounge concept,? said Steve Milin, CEO and founder of V4L. ?We realized this was the perfect opportunity to provide them with the physical retail location they requested and personalized interaction with our knowledgeable staff. We want to make sure they get the right products by creating a different experience far different than the mall-kiosk setting.?

Tastefully designed for both luxury and relaxation, the V4L Smokeless Lounge is comfortably furnished with black leather seating and equipped with a large, flat-screen television. Retail customers are afforded the unique opportunity to try any product from a variety of battery options to an array of flavored cartomizers and customizable accessories before they buy to ensure their preferred product choice and ultimate satisfaction.

Crafted to resemble the traditional tobacco variety, e-cigarettes are composed of a rechargeable battery source, and an atomizer coil in a refillable liquid cartridge. When air is drawn into the e-cigarette, the liquid is vaporized and the user blows out what looks like smoke, but is actually vapor. The liquids come in a variety of flavors from tobacco and menthol to chocolate and fruit. To satisfy consumer preferences, they also may contain nicotine at varying strength levels or none at all. In addition, e-cigarettes offer appealing and intriguing customized selections, with options for every budget. They are available in a myriad of colors and sizes with tips that can light up in a choice of colors as well.

?Launching the V4L Smokeless Lounge is the newest way we?re lifting the cloud of mystery around e-cigarettes,? said Milin. ?We?re thrilled to offer a place like no other where customers can come in and relax, interact with us and each other, and just enjoy vaping. If you?re new to vaping or just plain curious, come see us. We know it, we do it and we?re happy to share it.?

About V4L

Launched in April 2009, V4L is a family-owned and operated business based in Northbrook, Illinois, that develops and distributes high-quality electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and accessories worldwide for personal use. E-cigarettes are a battery-operated alternative to tobacco smoking, are less expensive than tobacco cigarettes, can be used where smoking is banned and produce no offensive smoke. Simulating the smoking sensation, e-cigarettes use a vaporized liquid that may be flavoured and may contain nicotine. For more information, visit:

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