Smokers are turning to E-Lites technology as No Smoking Day dawns

(PRWeb UK) March 8, 2011, the UK-based maker of the most sophisticated electronic cigarettes on the market, says that rather than going without, smokers can enjoy an alternative option, known as ?vaping? or ?E-Liting?, which is healthier than conventional cigarettes, more convenient, cheaper to buy and unrestricted in public places.

The company?s innovative products, based on extensive research and development, produce a neutral vapour, which eliminates the nasty cigarette smell that so many find unpleasant.

The benefits of these premium electronic cigarette kits are winning increasing numbers of fans, according to E-Lites co-founder Adrian Everett. ?The advantages of E-Lites are too great for a lot of smokers to ignore and we?re experiencing unprecedented levels of demand,? he said. ?No Smoking Day is a very good opportunity to try out the best available alternatives to conventional smoking, so we?re urging smokers to put E-Lites to the test.?

Celebrities certainly haven?t been slow to take up the ?vaping? trend. Among the stars spotted with electronic cigarettes have been Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, Avril Lavigne and Leonardo DiCaprio.

E-Lites contain a pure liquid form of nicotine that, when someone inhales from the device, is drawn into an atomising chamber, heated and turned into a vapour. This delivers a measured amount of nicotine to smoothly and pleasantly satisfy the user. Although they are used very much like a cigarette, E-Lites contain no tobacco, tar, carcinogens or harmful chemicals.

The device comprises a replaceable cartridge, which delivers the nicotine equivalent of up to 15 cigarettes, an atomiser and a rechargeable battery, which lasts for the equivalent of 15 to 20 cigarettes before needing to be recharged.

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Notes to Editors

E-Lites was established in the UK in 2007 and is already a leader in its field, producing some of the most advanced electronic cigarettes on the market. The company is expanding nationally and internationally as demand grows for its innovative products.

These are the result of extensive UK research and development. The evolution of E-Lites has been supported by significant investment in design and testing to ensure its electronic smoking devices are made to the highest standards and deliver the most authentic and luxurious smoking sensation possible.

The company?s manufacturing facility uses the latest state of the art micro-electronic technology, ensuring E-Lites set the standard within the electronic smoking industry. E-Lites are globally patented, internationally trademarked, and are backed by an international parts replacement guarantee.

E-Lites have attracted the interest of numerous celebrities. Musicians and singers at the 2010 Royal Variety Performance were introduced to E-Lites, with members of N?Dubz, Take That, Jamie Cullum and Russell Watson among the stars fascinated by the product. E-Lites were also included in backstage goodie-bags at the Brit Awards 2011.

One of the directors of E-Lites, Michael Ryan is also chairman of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), a representative body which provides advice, guidelines and support to members, as well as working to ensure the correct regulatory framework is applied to such products.


E-Lites Aim to Rule the Waves with Pioneering Powerboat Venture

Southampton (PRWEB UK) 16 September 2011

The powerboat world welcomed an exciting new arrival this weekend when leading UK-based electronic cigarette brand E-Lites officially announced their ambitious partnership with championship-winning outfit BananaShark.

BananaShark?s spectacular new 37ft powerboat was unveiled for the first time at a launch party at Salcombe?s iconic Island Street Bar and Grill, but the celebrations did not last long, as the team embark on a busy programme of racing, exhibitions and even a world record attempt.

After featuring at the UIM Marathon Classic the Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race on 24-26 August, the boat also appeared at the Class 3B World Championships, held in Torquay on 1-4 September, as the official start and finish boat for the three races of the World Championship event.

The boat, with vivid red-and-white livery providing a flashback to the iconic cigarette brands that once adorned F1 cars, will now take pride of place at the flagship Southampton Boat Show, where it will be the feature boat for the final three days of the event, from 23-25 September.

After that, the team have set their sights on a new world record attempt on Lake Coniston in October, before preparations begin for their entry into the RB12 Round Britain campaign next year, which will test endurance levels to the maximum on a 1,700-mile tour of the country?s coastlines.

E-Lites, who also sponsor the World 3B Championships 2011, is determined to be a driving force in the sport, and could hardly have chosen a better partner than BananaShark, with six British championships under its belt as a constructor, a Formula One British Championship and a pair of speed records at the hands of lynchpin John Cooke.

Adrian Everett, one of the founding directors of E-Lites electronic cigarettes, will be at the heart of the action as a co-driver for the team. He said: ?We?re hugely passionate about the powerboat scene and delighted to be getting involved in a way that reflects the energy and enthusiasm we put into our market-leading products. That winning mentality should stand us in good stead for the many challenges we have set ourselves as a powerboat team.

?Perhaps best of all, we feel privileged to be joining up a historic circle by re-establishing that fantastic connection between cigarette branding and high-speed motorsport. We?re back in the race! However, things have moved on a great deal since the 60s and 70s heyday of those classic partnerships. This is 2011 and just as technology has powered the evolution of the vehicles that are racing, similar technical advances have taken smoking into a new age.

?With E-Lites, we have invested in pioneering technology to create the most credible alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Our mission has been to provide smokers with an enjoyable and authentic smoking experience ? but one that is significantly healthier, better value and unrestricted for use in almost all public places.?

John Cooke of BananaShark said: ?I?m extremely proud to be standing alongside E-Lites and launching such a fantastic powerboat after almost 18 months of development. Working with a number of technical partners including marine electronics company Raymarine and engine importer E P Barrus, we believe we?ve created a craft that will challenge the very best in terms of speed and reliability, which is the key to successful endurance racing. We have already planned a great deal of activity over the next year and there?s a lot more to come so watch this space!?

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