Powerbolt Disposable E-Cig Is Compact and Complete

Lexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette (?e-cigs?) news and review site, has determined that Firebrand’s new product, the Powerbolt, to be the first disposable electronic cigarette to offer a complete e-cig experience.

The Powerbolt is the first manually-controlled disposable electronic cigarette. This means that the user presses a button while drawing in the vapor. Other disposables have an automatic mechanism that turns on when the user draws on the electronic cigarette. Automatic mechanisms drain batteries faster and are less efficient with their e-liquid (the material vaporized in the e-cig).

The Powerbolt uses and extended disposable battery. The larger battery provides power through about two packs of cigarettes worth of ?vaping? (the term for e-cig use). Users do not have to change cartridges, refill e-liquid tanks, or recharge the battery. They simply move onto the next Powerbolt.

The e-liquid base in the Powerbolt is 80% vegetable glycerin which produces a smoother, more visible vapor as opposed to propylene glycol. Currently, Powerbolts are available in Classic Tobacco or Menthol Ice flavors.

Ecig Advanced explains in the piece that disposables have often been considered sub-par in terms of performance, but the Powerbolt lives up to the hype:

“Normally, we don?t get very excited about disposables. They?re a great way to try electronic cigarettes on the cheap but they often lack in vapor production and battery life. But by bringing together thick, viscous vapor, long battery life and long cartomizer life in a slim, light design, the Powerbolt is an impressive introduction to vaping.”

Ecig Advanced will be publishing a video review of Firebrand’s Powerbolt in the near future.

About ECig Advanced

E-Cig Advanced is an electronic cigarette (e-cig) news and review site dedicated to sharing knowledge on e-cigarettes and fostering a community of e-cig users. All aspects of the electronic cigarette industry are covered, with particular focus on the newest and most innovative products in the industry. E-Cig Advanced encourages a positive, helpful attitude for beginners and experts alike among its community members. As well, it uses its relationships with e-cig companies to offer free and discounted products to members and non-members alike. Visit http://www.ecigadvanced.com for more information.

If you would like a quick rundown of what electronic cigarettes are, how they work, what they do, and more, Ecig Advanced has a simple introduction to electronic cigarettes.

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Electra Zebra E-Cig Leads the Herd for No Smoking Day (14th March 2012)

(PRWEB UK) 9 March 2012


Electric Zebra electronic cigarette looks nothing like a cigarette ? so smokers can use it anywhere to help them cut down. Most e-cigs look exactly like a normal cigarette, so even though there is no risk to others from passive smoking, no tar, and none of the carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes, people get asked to take their e-cig outside of pubs, clubs and restaurants. With its distinctive black and white stripes and green LED light, there is no mistaking a Zebra ? so you can take it anywhere.

The Electric Zebra e-cigarette gives smokers the sensation of smoking, but it’s designed so it cannot be mistaken for a traditional cigarette. The unique look makes it easier for people to use the smoke-free electronic cigarette in public – without others believing they are smoking.

A recent survey by Electric Zebra found that smoking is one of our top five life regrets with 64% of the 2,000 people asked saying they wished they had never started. In light of the shocking report this week looking at our relationship with tobacco and smoking, coupled with the fact that over six million people have died as a result of smoking, tobacco still has a powerful hold over millions of lives and is a habit that many of us regret ever taking up.

E-cigarettes are proving very successful here for smokers wishing to try and break the tobacco habit and they have gained support from the Royal College of Physicians who state:

?As any smoker will attest, current available Nicotine replacement therapy products are no substitute for a cigarette, and if we are to make progress in encouraging smokers to use medical nicotine as a substitute and/or cessation aid, we need products that mimic much more closely the dose and rate of nicotine delivery that cigarettes achieve. None of the current NRT products come close to achieving this.?

?The major producers of the NRT currently available have failed to deliver this product development in the thirty years or so since NRT first came to market.?

Dr Sarah Brewer, who has extensive experience as a GP running Smoking Cessation clinics and is medical adviser to Electric Zebra, says:

?Obviously the best option, in an ideal world, is for smokers to quit. But we live in the real world where, unlike zebras, everything is not black and white. I believe that electronic cigarettes offer an acceptable shade of grey. There is no risk to others from passive smoking from electronic cigarettes, so electronic cigarettes offer a significant health advantage for both smokers and non-smokers alike.

?As well as being safer for committed long-term smokers, electronic cigarettes are an ideal choice for those who want to cut down, as they mimic the hand gestures and rituals of smoking. And when withdrawal cravings kick in, you only need one or two puffs to obtain your nicotine replacement rather than smoking a whole cigarette.

?Unfortunately, many users find it difficult to use in public because many electronic cigarettes closely resemble traditional cigarettes,” adds Dr Brewer. “Even though they emit a harmless vapour, rather than smoke, people are often asked to move outside or put them out.?

As medical and political support for e-cigarettes grows, Dr Sarah Brewer says that electric cigarettes offer significant advantages to smokers and non-smokers alike.

A report published in early 2011 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, stated nearly one-third (31%) of those who tried e-cigarettes reported that they quit smoking cigarettes within six months of use. As a quitting mechanism, electronic cigarettes have fared better than other methods like nicotine gums and nicotine patches, which had a success rate below 20%. This evidence strongly suggests how effective electronic cigarettes can be in tobacco cigarette cessation.

The UK Government?s Behavioural Insight Team recently noted in their 2011 annual update: ?Products that deliver nicotine quickly, in a fine vapour instead of as harmful smoke, could prove an effective substitute for conventional smoking. If more alternative and safe nicotine products can be developed which are attractive enough to substitute people away from traditional cigarettes, they could have the potential to save tens of thousands of lives a year.?

Every year, more than 100,000 people in the UK die as a result of smoking?related illnesses. While many try to reduce their smoking with nicotine gums and patches, these do not solve the problem of what to do with your hands ? an essential part of the smoking experience. The Electric Zebra overcomes this problem. You can really take a Zebra almost anywhere.

Notes to Editors

Electronic cigarettes are completely legal in Europe. They do not burn tobacco, produce smoke nor do they put others at risk of passive smoking. It is estimated that over 1 million Americans have converted to e-cigarettes.

The Electric Zebra can be purchased at http://www.electriczebra.com

The Starter Pack contains two fully rechargeable batteries, a USB charger and five cartridges and is

The Electronic Cigarette Industry’s New Resource for Just the Science and Just the Facts on the E-Cig

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2010

inLife llc of Irvine Ca, today announced the launch of its new internet site, TruthAboutEcigs.com (http://www.truthaboutecigs.com). inLife is a national and now international distributor with its launch in the UK, of electronic cigarette (e-cig) technology. The e-cig is dynamically changing the way now over 800,000 Americans get their desired nicotine.

?Unfortunately there has been a tremendous disinformation campaign waged by governmental and private agencies tasked with overseeing the public?s health? says Thomas Kiklas, Director of Media for inLife. Kiklas goes on to say that ?inLife has been at the forefront of presenting to governmental and private agencies just the science that has been actually completed on this technology and we have taken our entire database of facts and reports and now made it available to the public. inLife strongly believes that the consumer has a right to an informed decision and discern for themselves if this technology is right for them based solely on the science and the experiences of currently 800,000 users?.

The TruthAboutEcigs.com contains all relevant completed scientific studies from various electronic cigarette distributors, break downs and factual rebuttals from experts that have commented for and against the electronic cigarette and various links and references to data on the e-cig.

To contact inLife for more information on the electronic cigarette and the TruthAboutEcigs.com, please contact Thomas Kiklas at 949-250-9600 x108.


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Vapor4Life, Home of The Original Vapor King, Warns Consumers About Phony “free e-cig” Offers, and Deceptive Branding

(PRWEB) June 16, 2010

Electronic cigarettes are a hot new product, and like all new industries a number of scams and unscrupulous practices have arisen to take advantage of the growing interest in e-smoking among tobacco smokers. Among them are bogus subscription schemes and free e-cig offers, and deceptive branding. Vapor4Life, one of the most reputable and respected e-cigarette vendors in the US, has been dealing on a daily basis with customers who have been victimized by less honest competitors and imitators.

“Shoppers are hearing about the Vapor4Life Original Vapor King, but they see ‘Vapor King’ on some second rate product and think it’s the same thing. It isn’t. I can’t stress that enough. We get complaints daily–from customers who have bought these imitations–and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s not the same equipment, not even close. You can only buy the V4L Original Vapor King at Vapor4Life” says Steve Milin, President of Vapor4Life.

Milin adds, “It’s incredibly frustrating. Our customers are loyal because we offer the best products, constant improvements, and an unbeatable warranty. I want each and every customer to be impressed when he or she tries a new V4L product?whether it?s their first order or their hundredth. But these copycats are causing real problems for customers, and damaging the Vapor King’s well-deserved excellent reputation.”

Vapor4Life?s Vapor King brand of e-cigs is among the most recognizable and respected in the industry. Unlike most of their competitors, who purchase stock e-cig models from their manufacturers and simply brand them with their logo, Vapor4Life has their Vapor King e-cigarettes and cartomizers manufactured to their specific requirements, oversee production through their employee in China, and have committed themselves to improving the Vapor King through ongoing research and development.

This attention to design and performance has earned Vapor4Life a high reputation and a widespread and enthusiastic following among e-cig users and aficionados for quality, flavor, and enjoyment. Which in turn has led to imitators using the Vapor King name. Consumers are misled into purchasing lower quality, less reliable electronic cigarettes, and without V4L?s quality e-liquids, or the support of V4L?s warranty, well known as the best in the business.

Less reputable competitors, however, have been capitalizing on V4L?s Original Vapor King?s high reputation, selling lower quality models of e-cigarette under the same name. Many consumers, who have heard the Vapor King name and reputation, are mislead into purchasing an inferior product for a higher price.

Vapor4Life?s Original Vapor King is made to strict manufacturing standards, with V4L?s VP of Product Development, Daniel Henschel, AKA Leaford, on site in China overseeing quality control. Many other retailers, however, are selling poor quality, generic e-cigs, made with no quality assurance, as their ?Vapor King.?

Instead of the simplicity and reliability of the Original Vapor King?s advanced e-cigarette design which only requires the user to attach a cartridge to the battery and which provides a packs worth of smoking per cartridge, consumers find themselves with a messy and unreliable e-cig consisting of three pieces that are difficult to maintain and which only provide a half pack or less worth of smoking per cartridge.

Instead of Vapor4Life?s renowned line of over 100 Premium Nobacco Juice e-liquids, or the growing line of WOWvapor e-liquids, which are made especially for V4L to strict pharmaceutical purity and sanitation standards, and which are specially formulated for the most vapor and strongest flavors, unwary consumers are getting e-liquids of unknown quality, little vapor, and mediocre flavor.

Another danger facing unwary e-cigarette consumers are free e-cigarette and cartridge subscription plans. Many of these offers are traps, and consumers find themselves charged for the ?free? trial, and charged monthly after that for an unwanted ?subscription? for refill cartridges. Consumers find that the companies are difficult to contact, and uncooperative if they can be reached, and find themselves with large unwanted charges, as much as several hundred dollars, which they are unable to get refunded. And often, the ?free? e-cig, or the subscription of cartridges, never even arrives.

?We hear from our customers all the time who had heard of e-cigarettes from a free trial offer on the radio or in newspaper ads,? says Mark Dohse, Vapor4Life?s VP of Customer Relations. ?They lost a lot of money on bogus offers, and all they got were bad products, and found themselves locked into a subscription for overpriced cartridges. These companies are hard to contact, don?t honor their return or refund policies, and many customers never received their money back.?

?They?re always very happy to have found an honest company, with a product that really satisfies their e-smoking needs, and with unbeatable customer service? he adds.

Dohse recommends that customers do not participate in any free e-cig offers, or subscription plans, and that they check consumer feedback on e-cig forums like http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com before purchasing any electronic cigarette.

?We have the most positive feedback from our customers of any e-cig company out there,? he says, ?We consider all our customers part of our V4L family, and their satisfaction is always our top priority.?

Besides the highest quality e-cigarettes and the best flavors on the market, Vapor4Life also offers legendary customer service, fast order processing and shipping, and an unsurpassed 45 day warranty policy, called the Smilin Warranty ?If you?re not Smilin, we?re not happy!? says Milin.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at http://www.vapor4life.com.

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

# # #

Square 82 E-Cig Rises to #1 Spot as the Leading Disposable Electronic Cigarette in America

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) July 19, 2011

Square 82 E-Cig, manufacturer of long-lasting, high-quality disposable electronic cigarettes (or e-cig), has quickly secured its place as the number one disposable electronic cigarette in America, according to PhD Marketing.

PhD Marketing attributes Square 82?s market leadership to the product?s relative low cost, convenience, vapor potency and likeness to real cigarettes.

Square 82 disposable e-cigs? $ 6.99 price puts them in reach of most consumers, and because they last approximately 500 puffs (equivalent to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes), they make better economic sense than rechargeable e-cigs.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes also require a large upfront investment?from $ 70 to $ 200. They also require battery changes every few months and must be replaced over time; sooner if lost or broken. This makes them a costly investment and comes with a great deal of financial risk.

?Most people are reluctant to lay out hundreds of dollars just to try an electronic cigarette,? said Mike Ahmad of PhD Marketing. ?Square 82 electronic cigarettes are well within the price range of traditional cigarettes, and in most areas of the country, they are even cheaper.?

People also tend to stick with Square 82 over other e-cigarettes because Square?s products deliver a clean, robust vapor that feels more like a drag off a traditional cigarette than the vapors of other brands, according to PhD Marketing.

Inhaling from a Square 82 e-cigarette feels a lot like inhaling cigarette smoke, but all that is expelled is water vapor with little to no aroma, and none of the dangers of secondhand smoke. That means Square 82 e-cigs do not stink up the room or clothes or breath, and the convenience of being able to use them almost anywhere is appealing to people looking for a cigarette alternative.

?The vapor mist dissipates almost instantly but still gives the smoker the look and feel of smoking cigarettes,? said John Kamar of PhD Marketing.

A recent blog post about Square 82?s menthol product on http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com states: ?It has a really nice design, it lights up a nice green around the middle, button, and the end, and most importantly the flavor is still here without having to refill and get juice all over my hands. No recharging, no refilling, no mess. Best part, flavor is still the EXACT same as when I bought it, very vivid.?

For more information about Square 82 e-cigs, please visit the company website at squaresmoke.com or call 1-888-900-6896.

About Square Smoke

Square Smoke?s electronic cigarettes offer smokers an inexpensive alternative to regular cigarettes or rechargeable e-cigs. The product?which lasts about the same as two packs of cigarettes, but is priced like a single pack?does not generate second hand smoke, tar, or yellow teeth. Square Smoke is now available at select bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, and even convenience stores such as Chevron Gas Stations.

WARNING: Square 82 electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Square 82 products are not a smoking cessation product, and have not been tested as such. The product and the statement made within have not been evaluated by the US FDA. Square products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition, disorder, disease, or physical or mental condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Square Smoke does not endorse the use of e-cigarettes or e-cigarette products by minors and pregnant or nursing women. Those with pre-existing health conditions should consult with their doctor prior to using any e-cigarette.


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Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of electronic cigarettes

Leonardo DiCaprio takes up ecigs

If you think that other celebrities like Rush Limbaugh and Katherine Hiegl are the only one’s on the electronic cigarette wagon think again. Leonardo DiCaprio is also huge fan of ecigs which has has be helping people to quit smoking.

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What is the difference between puffing an ecig verses smoking a cigarette?

According to a number of studies, the average smoker will light their cigarette and take 15 puffs before returning to what they were doing. They took 15 puffs because they wanted to finish the whole cigarette. This process makes one a slave to the cigarette. According to our studies the smokers tested didn’t want to take 15 puffs, they just need to fulfill that desire to puff. With our e-cig a person will pull it out of their pocket, take a couple of puffs, and return to what they were doing. During those tests we found that the average smoker will take about 300 puffs per day of regular cigarettes, but while using our e-cig the they would only take about 200 or less puffs per day.