Vapor4Life?s Electronic Cigarette Design Offers Smokers? Option to Switch, Not Quit

(Vocus/PRWEB) January 08, 2011

The overindulgence of the holiday season often breeds the desire for a fresh start, and New Year?s resolutions to make lifestyle improvements and leave unhealthy habits behind offer a way to begin the year with a clean slate. Vapor4Life held its 3rd annual New Year?s resolutions promotion showing a 250% increase in participation. Of those who responded, 95% expressed interest in making the switch completely to the digital smoke arena.

For the more than 45 million in the U.S. who smoke, the decision to quit requires a degree of willpower not easily mustered, and usually becomes an unfulfilled annual ambition.

Millions of electronic cigarette consumers say they have found a way to replace the habit with a healthier, cleaner, yet equally satisfying alternative that has rendered the need to quit smoking unnecessary.

?It?s not at all uncommon for someone to immediately stop smoking traditional cigarettes the very same day they receive their electronic cigarette,? says Steve ?Smilin? Milin, President of Vapor4Life. ?These are people who have smoked for decades and they?ve tried the gum, they?ve tried the patch and they?ve tried the pills?, Says Smilin, referring to prescription medications with the potential for dangerous side effects, including the onset of mental health issues that have caused users to commit or attempt suicide. The FDA now requires such medications to carry a black box warning.

Electronic Cigarettes are not a smoking cessation device but rather a way to continue to enjoy nicotine while eliminating the dangers associated with combustible cigarettes.

Those who have retired their cigarettes in favor of the battery operated version appear eager to share their experience with others, and success stories can be found in abundance on internet forums where the similarity in accounts of improved respiratory function and other, sometimes dramatic, health improvements make the role of the device appear to be much more than anecdotal evidence.

Although users of electronic cigarettes may appear to be smoking, rather than exhaling carcinogenic containing secondhand smoke, they expel a harmless, inoffensive water vapor that quickly dissipates. Any lingering scent is the result of food grade flavoring that is added to offer a range of appetizing options, many of which are likely to satisfy a sweet tooth but do not impart any of the unpleasant cigarette odors.

Vapor4Life work closely with product designers, have made Vapor4Life an industry leader by offering a customized design they?ve dubbed the Vapor King, and have offered promotional holiday giveaways for those who have resolved to eliminate the dangers of cigarettes.

Customers of Vapor4Life claim that the Vapor King, which sells at a price similar to one carton of cigarettes, offers an improved experience over stock models often found in mall kiosks, which can cost upwards of $ 150.00.

So, even if those resolutions to hit the gym more often or gain financial independence miss the mark, for many the Vapor King electronic cigarette has become the gold standard for those seeking a simplified way to breathe easier this year.

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, IL-based corporation, which develops and distributes personal vaporizer e-cigarettes and accessories. The V4L signature e-cigarette model, the Original Vapor King, can be found only at Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking. They simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid which may be flavored and/or contain nicotine.

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