Powerbolt Disposable E-Cig Is Compact and Complete

Lexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette (?e-cigs?) news and review site, has determined that Firebrand’s new product, the Powerbolt, to be the first disposable electronic cigarette to offer a complete e-cig experience.

The Powerbolt is the first manually-controlled disposable electronic cigarette. This means that the user presses a button while drawing in the vapor. Other disposables have an automatic mechanism that turns on when the user draws on the electronic cigarette. Automatic mechanisms drain batteries faster and are less efficient with their e-liquid (the material vaporized in the e-cig).

The Powerbolt uses and extended disposable battery. The larger battery provides power through about two packs of cigarettes worth of ?vaping? (the term for e-cig use). Users do not have to change cartridges, refill e-liquid tanks, or recharge the battery. They simply move onto the next Powerbolt.

The e-liquid base in the Powerbolt is 80% vegetable glycerin which produces a smoother, more visible vapor as opposed to propylene glycol. Currently, Powerbolts are available in Classic Tobacco or Menthol Ice flavors.

Ecig Advanced explains in the piece that disposables have often been considered sub-par in terms of performance, but the Powerbolt lives up to the hype:

“Normally, we don?t get very excited about disposables. They?re a great way to try electronic cigarettes on the cheap but they often lack in vapor production and battery life. But by bringing together thick, viscous vapor, long battery life and long cartomizer life in a slim, light design, the Powerbolt is an impressive introduction to vaping.”

Ecig Advanced will be publishing a video review of Firebrand’s Powerbolt in the near future.

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