Smokeless Cigarettes Can Beat The Smoking Gene That Forces Some People To Smoke More Than Others

(PRWEB) May 23, 2012

As reported by WebMD, ?A smoking gene may play a role in how many cigarettes certain smokers puff each day.?

Researchers from 50 medical institutions across the country analyzed genetic material of more than 32,000 African-American smokers and non-smokers to see if certain genes predicted when they began smoking, how many cigarettes they smoked, and how easily they were able to quit.

According to the new study, a variant in a nicotine receptor gene predicts about one extra cigarette smoked per day. This same general location has been implicated in smoking behavior among white Europeans. Among African-Americans, the new genetic marker appears on a different spot on the same gene.

While people can?t change their genetics, they can still smoke safer.

Smokeless cigarettes also know as electronic cigarettes have recently gained lots of popularity.

E cigarette is a battery run device that gives a smoker inhaled doses of tobacco flavored nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution to the lungs. Once the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a harmless water vapor that appears as smoke. This allows using ?smokeless cigarettes? almost anywhere without creating harmful secondhand smoke.

Many long time smokers have used this device to quit smoking almost overnight.

A veteran smoker and e cigarette user Jenny Jenkins from Houston says: ?I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years but after my electronic cigarette kit arrived, I found myself down to half a pack on my first day. I just took out my e cig whenever I felt an urge to smoke and draw a few puffs. I had no more cravings for the regular tobacco cigarette. I now have more energy and less fatigue at the end of the day.?

Jenkins continues: ?On my third day I was down to three cigarettes a day and after two weeks I smoked my last cigarette. I simply didn?t need nor want them anymore.?

Go to for more information on electronic cigarettes that helped Mrs. Jenkins quit smoking in just two weeks.

Vitamin B Smokeless Cigarettes? Introduces a Life Changing Experience for Smokers

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes many different types of health issues but still this doesn’t seem to stop smokers from lighting up a tobacco cigarette each day. Cancer and C.O.P.D. are just a couple of the deadly effects of smoking but tobacco cigarettes also doesn’t help with the aging process as well.

Tobacco cigarette smokers now have an option to smoke in a better way without the use of tobacco but instead they can smoke electronically. This may sound impossible but has introduced their Solar Cigarette electronic cigarette that gives smokers a life changing experience when they smoke.

Instead of smoking tobacco, they will smoke a liquid nicotine cigarette that is powered by an electronic battery which powers a atomizer. When the smoker puffs on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine and turns it into water vapor which the smoker inhales.

The Solar Cigarette has also taken this smoking experience to a whole new level by releasing their Vitamin B cartridge pack. These vitamin packs not only help smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings but also gives them a small dose of vitamin B with every puff to help them lose weight.

“The ever so life changing Solar Cigarette vitamin B pack. It’s a one of it’s kind cartridge pack, which allows you to receive your daily vitamins and nicotine with every puff. While many people think that vitamins are similar in structure and perform a similar function, the truth is that each vitamin B-complex vitamin has a unique chemical structure and serves a unique function within the body.”

Read more at:

A representative of states that smoking regular cigarettes is a thing of the past. Many of our customers who have smoked tobacco cigarettes for years are now benefiting from the Vitamin packs by having more energy and better self esteem. Most of our clients can’t even bare the smell of tobacco cigarettes anymore which is a statement all in itself.

Learn more about the Solar Cigarette Vitamin B Packs

Smokeless Selects Responds to Big Tobacco?s 135 Million Dollar Buyout of Blu Electronic Cigarettes

Temecula, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

The long awaited involvement of big tobacco in the electronic cigarette industry indicates the future of smokeless Tobacco alternatives. ?Major E Cig companies like Smokeless Selects have been waiting for Big Tobacco?s next move. This will help push lower grade E Cigarette manufacturers out of the market improving the overall standards in the industry. We have been eager to see how the Tobacco industry will respond to our smokeless innovation. Members of Smokeless Selects see the Blu buyout as a symbol of triumph over the continuing battle against Big Tobacco,? reports Jason Golec ? Managing Member. The Buyout by Lorillard, the third largest manufacturer of Tobacco Cigarettes, is the first action taken by a Big Tobacco company that indicates interest rather than distaste for the electronic cigarette.

Historically, Big Tobacco has always taken a different approach to Electronic Cigarettes and the product?s ever-growing market share. ?Big Tobacco lobbyists have been heavily involved in persuading congress and the FDA to shut down the E-Cig industry all together,? said Jason Golec. Attempts to do so have been focused on health issues and poor manufacturing standards that were typical of E Cig companies during the earlier phases of Electronic Cigarette production between the 2008-2010 time periods. Big Tobacco has also gone after Electronic Cigarette manufacturers directly to curb the increasing market share. ?Even Smokeless Selects, a top ten rated U.S. E-cig company, has received notification from big Tobacco stating their intent to take legal action on product packaging in order to reduce competition,? Eddie Quiroz reports.

While Big Tobacco’s approach to control market share has changed, one fact is clear. Electronic Cigarettes pose a serious threat to the Tobacco industry. ?The Electronic Cigarette is cheaper, doesn’t emit harmful smoke and can be enjoyed almost anywhere without limitations. Even more exciting, the product poses no risks to surrounding people and is more environmentally friendly. The product truly is a miracle device when compared to Tobacco Cigarettes. I am surprised that it took this long for big Tobacco to make their claim on an industry that?s taking over and we welcome it,? concludes Jason Golec.

Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes Announce Recycling Scheme

(PRWEB UK) 6 February 2012

In January 2007, The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) was introduced into UK law by the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006. The WEEE Directive aimed to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it. As a part of this, all retailers, manufacturers and suppliers were prompted to introduce mechanisms to allow consumers to return or recycle their unwanted electrical goods.

Nicolites has gone one step further. Kyla Jarrett, Head of Operations at Nicolites, explains:

“We have offered a service whereby consumers can return unwanted or faulty electronic cigarettes or electric cigarette accessories since day one, but we feel that more should be done to ensure our customers are aware of this and more importantly that it doesn’t inconvenience them to do so. Therefore we now offer to send any customer who wishes to return their e cigarette a pre-paid envelope in which they can send back their parts”.

It is hoped that by introducing this initiative, they can increase the numbers of people that use this service.

Birju Pujara, Sales Director at Nicolites mentioned, “We currently also offer a full lifetime warranty on all of our electrical parts and request all customers to send any faulty parts back to us for a direct replacement. This not only highlights our aftercare service but also assists us in reducing the number of any electrical waste being wrongly disposed of”.

Currently Nicolites are the only electronic cigarette company in the UK offering a lifetime warranty.

Nicolites, established in 2007 is one of the largest electronic cigarettes brands available today with thousands of stocking retailers; this company has grown from a start-up in to a multi-million pound company with international distribution networks.


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Smokers Can Now Enjoy Everything They Love about Cigarettes, Without Everything They Hate.

Destin, Florida (PRWEB) January 20, 2012

Aside from no tar and no unpleasant smell, smokers can now enjoy the freedom of to smoke virtually anywhere with Starfire Cigs, an amazing premium electronic cigarette that mimics the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, but without the smell, tar, and ash.

Since they emit only harmless, odorless water vapor instead of smoke, smokers have virtually regained their freedom to smoke in bars, restaurants, cars, offices and much more.

Starfire Cigs uses a rechargeable, battery-operated atomizer to heat a flavored liquid. With each ?puff?, a pressure sensor triggers a microprocessor, turning on the atomizer and an LED that emits a stunning glow, turning the e-cig?s signature star-shaped tip blue. You exhale an environmentally friendly water vapor that evaporates in seconds.

The result: a smooth, full-bodied smoking experience without any tar, ashe or flame. And because the e-cig is smoke-free there is no unpleasant odor and no second hand smoke to contend with.

Because each flavor cartridge is equivalent to about a pack of cigarettes, consumers can also save as much as 80% off the cost of traditional cigarettes. This could save consumers as much as thousands of dollars a year.

?I?m proud to be associated with a product that will unquestionably save consumers a lot of money, and most importantly I truly feel it will be a smarter alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Further, we go through the extra expense and care to make our cartridge flavors here in the United States in an FDA registered facility. This is a stark difference from other cartridge flavors that are made in China from propylene glycol, a chemical commonly found in anti-freeze.? says Stephan Karian, president and founder of

Consumers get a complete starter kit with their order, which includes a state-of- the-art LCD display battery charger case that looks like a pack of cigarettes, 2 rechargable batteries, and a wall and USB port charger. Cartridges come in 5 satisfying flavors (premium tobacco, menthol, French vanilla, cherry blast, gourmet coffee). While Starfire Cigs is not a smoking cessation device, the product is available in 3 nicotine levels – strong, medium and zero.

?With as much as an 80% savings off the huge cost of traditional cigarettes, a free shipping option, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a one year warranty, we?re making it very easy for smokers to expereince real freedom and real flavor with Starfire Cigs,? says Stephan.

For more information on Starfire Cigs smokeless electronic cigarettes, visit


Harm Reduction Journal Touts Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 01, 2011

Despite the well-known health risks of smoking cigarettes, many smokers have great difficulty quitting smoking for good. In recognition of the fact that they can?t get everyone to quit, public health officials are exploring various harm reduction techniques. The Harm Reduction Journal recently published findings on tobacco harm reduction, noting that electronic cigarettes may be a beneficial alternative to regular cigarettes because they do not contain the thousands of chemicals found in cigarette smoke, deliver lower levels of nicotine, and replicate the hand-to-mouth ritual that fulfills smokers? cravings. Square, a maker of disposable electronic cigarettes, outlines the findings.

?Not everyone is able to, or wants to, quit smoking, even though they know they should for health reasons,? explains Mike Ahmad of PhD Marketing, which represents Square. ?As this study shows e-cigarettes can be a very helpful way for smokers to reduce harm to their health while still enjoying the ritual of smoking.?

The article, written by Brad Rodu, a professor of medicine at University of Louisville, surveys available evidence about tobacco harm reduction. The article points out that while regular cigarettes may contain thousands of harmful chemicals, ?e-cigarettes produce a vapor consisting primarily of water, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. The ingredients themselves do not pose any significant health risks.?

The article explores various studies comparing nicotine delivery, which tend to find that e-cigarettes deliver less nicotine than regular cigarettes. Despite lower levels of nicotine, many smokers report that e-cigs reduce their cravings. ?E-cigarette use emulates successfully the cigarette handling rituals and cues of cigarette smoking, which produces suppression of craving and withdrawal that is not entirely attributable to nicotine delivery,? notes the article.

Researchers quoted in the article have proposed long-term e-cigarette use as a smoking alternative for smokers who cannot or will not quit smoking entirely.

Square has heard many testimonials from their satisfied customers that support the findings of the harm reduction article.

?I have been a die hard pack a day smoker for 20+ years,? says Mel, a Square customer. ?I was able to eliminate smoking harmful chemical cigarettes the same day. Using the Square is so similar to smoking a real cigarette and it really works to satisfy your cravings for nicotine.?

For more information about Square 82 e-cigs, please visit the company website at or call 1-888-900-6896.

About Square

Square?s electronic cigarettes offer smokers an inexpensive alternative to regular cigarettes or rechargeable e-cigs. The product?which lasts about the same as two packs of cigarettes, but is priced like a single pack?does not generate second hand smoke, tar, or yellow teeth. Square is now available at select bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, and even convenience stores such as Chevron Gas Stations.

WARNING: Square 82 electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Square 82 products are not a smoking cessation product, and have not been tested as such. The product and the statement made within have not been evaluated by the US FDA. Square products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition, disorder, disease, or physical or mental condition. Keep out of reach of children.

Square Smoke does not endorse the use of e-cigarettes or e-cigarette products by minors and pregnant or nursing women. Those with pre-existing health conditions should consult with their doctor prior to using any e-cigarette.


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Why Blu is Number One in E Cigarettes

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) November 30, 2011

Blu Cigs has consistently been the top ranked electronic cigarette company since their inception. They offer an affordable yet high quality alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They recently made headlines with their industry changing social media savvy Smart Pack. Blu has now announced the release of their Premium 100?s e cig. Traditional cigarette smokers, as well as vapors, will find information about Blu?s latest products, including their Premium 100?s Starter Kit, in the article ?Updated Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review.?

Vapor4Life Offers Smoking Alternative To Mark Great American Smokeout 2011: Trade in Tobacco Cigarettes For E-Cigarette

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

November 17, 2011, marks the 36th Anniversary of the Great American Smokeout. Vapor4Life, a Northbrook, IL-based distributor of e-cigarettes and accessories, offers a wide variety of products to provide smokers with smoke-free alternatives. On November 17th from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Vapor4Life will be extending the hours of its Smokeless Lounge to allow smokers to come by their offices and trade in their pack of cigarettes for an e-cigarette. Vapor4Life is located at 4100 Commercial Avenue in Northbrook, IL.

The Vapor4Life e-cigarette is a battery-powered product that delivers a taste and sensation similar to smoking. Using flavored nicotine liquid, these e-cigs are thought to be cleaner and cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Above all, they provide an oral sensation similar to smoking. You can even use these e-cigarettes in many places where smoking is banned based on its vaporizing process.

During the Great American Smokeout, step into Vapor4Life?s Smokeless Lounge and chat with the Vapor4Life Team about all the starter-kit options available and how to customize each kit according to the personal level of smoking. There is an e-cig for every budget, and the Vapor4Life Team is available to help customers with all their e-cigarette needs.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life and their products, please visit

About Vapor4Life

Vapor4Life is a leading electronic cigarette company based in Northbrook, IL that develops and distributes e-cigarettes and accessories as a smoking alternative. The company was founded in April 2009 and is still family-owned and operated. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking; they simulate the act and sensation of smoking with vaporized liquid, which may be flavored and may contain nicotine. This is not a smoking cessation device.

For more information regarding Vapor4Life,

please contact Falk Associates at (847) 675-2580.


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New Study Shows Electronic Cigarettes May Help Unmotivated Smokers Cut Down or Quit, Says Square

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 08, 2011

Square has long believed that their disposable electronic cigarettes can?and do?help people cut down or even stop smoking cigarettes. That idea was recently supported in an Italian study posted on the BMC Public Health website, according to a new article by the American Counsel of Science and Health (ACSH).

The ACSH article states that electronic cigarettes stood up favorably in this first clinical trial. Results indicate that the electronic devices may not only be more effective than traditional nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) at helping people who want to quit smoking; e-cigarettes may also help cigarette smokers reduce their smoking?even those who express no interest in kicking the habit.

The small clinical trial was conducted on 40 healthy adults, who smoked regularly and had no expressed intention of quitting. Intervention was limited to providing each smoker in the study group electronic cigarettes and conducting a baseline assessment and four follow-up clinic visits. The smokers were simply told to use the e-cigarettes as they pleased?but were not instructed to quit smoking regular cigarettes.

Over the next six months, 22.5 percent of the participants reported that they had completely quit smoking. Another 32.5 percent reported that they had cut down their cigarette consumption by at least half. In sum, over half of the smokers were able to quit or significantly cut down their cigarette use. This outcome is especially impressive, according to the article, considering that the six-month quit rate for approved cessation aids is well below 20 percent?and those results are derived from smokers who want to quit and are followed closely in a clinical setting.

?This trial simulated a real-life experience, where no motivation or support was offered to subjects to quit smoking,? said ACSH advisor Dr. Mike Siegel, professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health. ?This could well be groundbreaking.? Siegel indicated that he is excited to see the results of more extensive clinical trials, particularly involving subjects who are motivated to quit, stating, ?I am confident that the success rate will be significantly higher.?

Moving from regular cigarettes to e-cigs can be a good health move. Jean-Fran

Intellicig Clinches Exclusive Deal with Retail Distribution-Giant to Distribute Their Industry Leading Electronic Cigarettes

(PRWeb UK) February 3, 2010

Leading electronic cigarette brand Intellicig has signed an exclusive deal which will see their products stocked in more than 10,000 retail outlets nationwide.

Intellicig is the first electronic cigarette company to partner with sales and distribution experts Innzone Ltd who work closely with major newspaper wholesalers Menzies Distribution and Smiths News to get upcoming products on the shelves in convenience stores.

Innzone will market and sell the electronic cigarettes on Intellicig?s behalf, targeting 34,000 independent newsagents and convenience stores in 32 regions over a 12 month period.

David Newns, commercial director at Intellicig, said: ?We are thrilled to have clinched the deal with Innzone and are looking forward to reaping the benefits of this exclusive partnership.

?We believe our electronic cigarettes really are the best on the market and signing a deal with UK?s largest convenience distributor and getting the recognition we deserve is a great accomplishment. We?re delighted Innzone chose us to trade with.?

Innzone wanted to ensure that when the time came to distribute electronic cigarettes, they would be representing the best on the market.

Phillip Glyn, managing director at Innzone Ltd, said: ?Last year we were inundated with calls from electronic cigarette companies and it was this influx that made us realise that electronic cigarettes were going to be big in the UK.?

Not wanting buy on impulse, Phillip tested customer responsiveness with a product trial and decided to invest in electronic cigarettes after they proved so popular.

?Intellicig stood out from other companies for one reason; we know exactly what is in their electronic cigarettes, which is very reassuring,? said Phillip.

?We guarantee quality control for all our products and as Intellicig?s products have undergone intensive research, testing and stringent quality control, this makes them distinct from their competitors.?

Intellicig is the only company to manufacture their own e-liquid in the UK and have established a laboratory at Manchester?s Bioscience Incubator to get their products through rigorous clinical trials

?We know that our products meet the high standards set by Health Ministry Officials and this has recently been proven in the paperwork and laboratory reports that we were required to submit when striking a deal with the Egyptian Government,? said David.

In the first day of the partnership alone, ten retail outlets placed Intellicig orders through Innzone.

Phillip said: ?Now that the wheels are in motion we?re very excited about the partnership and we have total faith in Intellicig, they tick all the right boxes and we?re confident it will do well.?

Once a retailer buys a batch of Intellicig, Innzone will send out the product with a digital frame to advertise the product, posters and leaflets to display in the shop, and will make payment through their newspaper wholesaler, whether it be Menzies Distribution or Smiths News.

If the retailer wishes to re-order they can either contact Innzone or one of Intellicig?s agents who will personally visit the retailer.

Intellicig is available in three colours; traditional, black and silver, with red or blue glowing tips, and can be purchased online at


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