New E Cigarette Reviews for in 2012

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The ringing in of the New Year generally brings hope and change for many., which showcases informative e cigarette reviews, has been working on big changes to their site with hopes to help even more traditional smokers make that important switch to the electronic cigarette devices. They have added a new comparison table and twitter feed to their website that will make it easier for users to find the perfect e cig for them.

Many traditional cigarette smokers begin the year by resolving to quit. While they have every intention to kick the habit, they are often unsuccessful. Some cannot fight the addiction. Many simply do not know where to turn. E cigarette reviews are a helpful tool for those wishing to make a change. provides detailed information about various e cig brands such as their blu cigs review. The companies usually offer convenient starter kits that include everything needed to begin vaping. The reviews provide information about these starter kits as well as styles, accessories, and prices. The site?s new comparison chart allows customers to easily contrast main features with one glance. For example, those wishing to find more information about both blu cigs and v2cigs can easily see a brief synopsis of each brand on the same page. Users will also be able to view lowest pricing, and ratings. They can then go on to access further information by reading full reviews, and then return to the chart just as quick.

The site?s comparison chart includes links to the full length e cigarette reviews that have been done on each brand. Many of the companies strive to improve their products extremely often. The reviews on these brands are constantly being updated on the site to provide the most accurate, and up to date information. The reviewers supplying the information are considered industry experts with over 10 years of combined experience. They are frequently in contact with representatives from these e cig companies, and are continuously updated on newly released products. Users simply need to click on the review link to learn more about the latest products being offered. Once they have read the advantages of each brand they can then make an informed decision as to which brand is best for them.

In addition to the e cigarette reviews, the site now provides a twitter feed. twitter followers have steadily increased over the past couple of years. Since the e cig companies are constantly upgrading their products, the site provides customers with the most current information. The live tweet feature will allow customers to keep up with the latest e cig news, products, and upgrades. The feature also allows for easy networking and communicating between the site?s owners, and their followers.

Comparison charts make it effortless for habitual tobacco smokers who are looking to make the switch gain valuable information without wasting time. E cig users looking to switch brands can also benefit from easy to obtain e cigarette reviews. An easy to read page that includes everything a customer needs will make the decision a cinch.

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How Can E Cigarettes Help You Conquer Your Fading New Year?s Resolution to Live Healthier? Offers The Following Tips

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Exercise, especially for traditional cigarette smokers, is not an easy task to achieve. Millions of people have made New Year?s resolutions to stop smoking, and start exercising. At this time of the year many smokers have given up on this year?s resolution. However, there is something that may help resurrect the resolution for at least some. Electronic cigarettes are an alternative that help users achieve their resolution. E cigs provide smokers with a device that cuts out thousands of the carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. E cigarettes lack many of the addictive carcinogens that lead to lung issues which make it more difficult for smokers who attempt to exercise.

Federal, state, and local governments are making it increasingly difficult to smoke traditional cigarettes in the US as well as foreign countries. Due to recent legislation, smoking cigarettes in many states across the country has been regulated to designated locations outside of businesses. This seems to add stress to smokers? lives. However, even with laws enforced by legislation most smokers still do not plan on quitting. People who smoke e cigarettes are excluded from these laws in many scenarios due to the fact that there are no chemicals dispersed when exhaled. Smokers who wish to smoke their e cigarette while walking on the treadmill at the local gym may be permitted as long as they check with gym employees beforehand. This might actually help some smokers remain at the gym. They will not have to go outside to smoke causing them to never go back in. When exhaling from an e cigarette water vapor is expelled instead of second hand smoke. This water vapor is harmless to others, and is also odorless. Smoking electronic cigarettes provide smokers with an alternative to smoking by providing them with a great way to smoke from a device that looks and tastes like a traditional cigarette. E cigs will not affect others, and will not interfere with a smoker?s New Year?s resolution to exercise.

It is proven that the traditional tobacco cigarette contains thousands of harmful carcinogens that, in time, cause life-threatening symptoms to users. Cancer, tumors, and cardiac problems result from these dangerous carcinogens contained in the traditional cigarette. Most electronic cigarettes have removed many of the harmful carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes. Most e cigarettes only contain small doses of nicotine. Some also contain Propylene Glycol, an additive deemed generally safe by the FDA, which is used to generate the vapor mist. Propylene Glycol is found in products such as baby wipes and some processed foods. This provides the user a chemical free smoking experience. E cigs also allow the user to choose the nicotine content and level they desire. Some users even make their own e liquid, or purchase e liquid from companies other than the maker of the e cig they purchase. However, many e cigarette brands sell refill cartridges that do not contain nicotine. Non-nicotine cartridges are great for smokers who have quit traditional cigarettes, but miss the physical habit of smoking. The refill cartridges even come in different flavors ranging from traditional tobacco to chocolate.

Smokers who are ready to resurrect their New Year?s resolutions to live healthier and exercise more may find that e cigarettes will help get them back on track. There are many e cigarette brands on the market. Users should determine which brand is right for them before making a decision. E cigarette reviews for many of the top brands are available on a variety of sites. These sites help users make an informed decision on which e cigarette brand is right for them.

Current cigarette smokers looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes can view reviews for the top e cigarette brands. Electronic cigarettes can help many people succeed in their goal of exercising more this year.

### Updates Consumers on Top E Cigarette Brand in 2011

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Many companies have been consistently upgrading their products for smokers? pleasure which is why has created the article E Cigarette Reviews. is committed to providing smokers with current reviews of any updates done by brands such as Blu Cigs. Although only recently becoming a major craze in the United States, many smokers have switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. With the explosion of e cig companies on the market, those interested are left wondering which brands are tops.

Electronic cigarettes are not specifically marketed as a smoking cessation product. However, thousands have been successful using e cigs to kick their traditional cigarette habit. Most companies offer a convenient two piece design. Blu Cigs, the premier electronic cigarette brand, recently announced the launching of their new two piece device. Already a top notch product, Blu Cigs has increased their popularity by creating their newest arrival. E Cigarette Reviews 2011 will help those looking to switch see why Blu Cigs may be the best choice for them.

South Beach Smoke, one of the newer up and coming brands, offers everything in their starter kit to immediately enjoy vaping. They have also created a free Home Delivery Program that will further increase savings. Smokers can now take advantage of the South Beach Smoke refer a friend program. Smokers can make some money while referrals receive a discount on their first purchase. This is a great way for smokers to introduce loved ones to a chemical free alternative.

V2Cigs offers a manual battery as well as an automatic battery. Manual batteries will help preserve battery life. V2Cigs also has a great referral program. Their Smoke4Free program allows customers who spread the word to receive in store credit while their referrals receive a substantial discount off their first purchase.

White Cloud is known for annually upgrading their product. This year?s model is lighter and shorter. Although it is smaller, the device supplies twice the vapor. Customers will love the fact that their original cartridges are compatible with the latest version.

SmokeTip offers a quality e cig at an affordable price. They offer a variety of flavors, and free Priority shipping. They have introduced a referral program to increase their customers? savings. Every time a customer makes a referral they receive money. Their referral also receives a discount off their first purchase. provides unbiased reviews of electronic cigarette brands. They sample products for quality in order to provide smokers with valuable information. The information provided allows consumers to make an informed choice based on their preferences. The information provided in the article E Cigarette Reviews 2011 helps smokers stay informed about the current changes made by e cig companies. plans to update their reviews as updates are made.

### Giving Away a South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

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Once again, the leading e cigarette reviews site, is offering customers another great chance to win a top of the line electronic cigarette starter kit. This time they will be giving away a South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit valued at $ 99.99. South Beach Smoke is one of the hottest e cig brands on the market. The two piece electronic cigarette starter kit is their most popular kit. While South Beach Smoke offers quality products at affordable prices, this is a great opportunity to save even more money. Vapors using other brands can enter to test out a different brand, and traditional cigarette smokers still undecided about making the switch can enter to try out an e cig at no cost to them.

The contest is easy to enter, and the prize includes everything needed for the winner to begin enjoying their vaping experience. Interested contestants must simply post a comment to one or both of the South Beach Smoke articles included in the contest found on the website. Once the articles ?South Beach Smoke Review? and ?South Beach Smoke Review 2011? have been read, interested candidates must simply comment on them for entries. Two entries will be given, but only one post per article will be allowed. Additional entry opportunities will be available once the comments have been posted. Readers are also encouraged to click the Google Plus 1 button in order to help spread the word to traditional cigarette smokers looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, but may not know where to begin.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit includes a top of the line Lithium Ion Battery as well as an extra capacity Lithium Ion Battery. The kit also includes a portable wall charger, 5 large cartridges/atomizers in the strength and choice of the winner?s preference. South Beach Smoke offers a variety of great flavors. As an added bonus the winner will also receive a $ 100 gas rebate certificate which South Beach Smoke customers receive when they purchase any starter kit.

Additional entries to win can be gained by:

-Liking the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page

-Adding a comment on the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page (!/pages/Cigarette-Review/102474083134780)

-Following CigaretteReviews on their Twitter account


-Join the Newsletter

The contest runs from 12 AM EST August 6, 2011 to 11:59:59 PM EST September 31, 2011. Smokers and vapors interested in trying their luck at this great opportunity must be legal residents of one of the 50 United States. They must also be at least 18 years of age. The winner of the starter kit will need to submit a W8 or W9 to verify their age. Void where prohibited by law.


More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases Ranks V2Cigs as a Top E Cigarette Brand

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) October 11, 2011 provides many V2Cigs reviews in order to help customers remain aware of the electronic cigarette brand?s exciting new additions. V2Cigs fans can read about their favorite electronic cigarette brand?s product updates, such as their new clearance section, in the article ?V2Cigs Adds New Color and Flavors?. Already rated by Alexa as the most popular electronic cigarette on the market, V2 is always striving to offer their customers high quality products. provides e cigarette reviews for many brands, and lists V2Cigs as one of the top e cigarettes on the market.

V2Cigs, based in Miami, is a relatively new electronic cigarette company. Three former business partners formed the company in early 2010 after realizing how powerful e cigs could be. Their desire was to create a higher quality product than the one that was already being offered at the time. Their popularity quickly soared as they became the most trafficked website in the industry in less than two years. With monthly sales that increased at an impressive 32% per month, they continued to strive to perfect their products. Their continued upgrades to existing products coupled with top notched customer service have ensured their staying power. Introduces Revolution Vapor

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) September 27, 2011 provides traditional cigarette smokers the opportunity to compare the products each electronic cigarette company, such as Revolution Vapor, offers. Some brands are already well established, others are just beginning to make a name. Revolution Vapor is a new brand that is becoming quite popular. The company was created by two friends who were not satisfied with other e cig brands they had sampled. While thousands of traditional cigarette smokers have made the successful switch to electronic cigarettes, many still have never heard of this electronic smoking alternative. The majority of e cig purchases are made online. There are many brands smokers can choose. The best way for a smoker to reach their decision is by researching the companies. provides users with comprehensive e cigarette reviews for all the top electronic cigarette brands.

Revolution Vapor Electronic Cigarettes are designed to offer customers quality and convenience at an affordable cost. Their high quality two piece e cigs are offered at great prices to ensure smokers are saving money by giving up their traditional cigarette habit. Smokers will notice the wide variety of kits offered by Revolution Vapor. Their sleek high powered lithium ion batteries are available in a variety of colors. The tips glow white so their device will never be confused with a traditional cigarette, or any other e cig brand. Smokers also have a choice of a manual or automatic battery.

Revolution Vapor offers more cartridge flavors than any other e cig brand. These flavors include the traditional Tobacco and Menthol flavors, but they also include eleven unique gourmet flavors such as French Toast. Revolution Vapor mixes and tests their flavors for quality themselves. This allows for longer lasting, better tasting flavors. The cartridges are then filled when ordered to ensure freshness.

When asked about the launch of Revolution Vapor their Co-Founder Michael Hazard says, ?Revolution Vapor has a commitment to quality, we blend all of our own e-liquids in the USA – we feel that the flavor is the most important part of the experience. We also wanted to ensure that our products do not look like traditional cigarettes or any other brand of electronic cigarettes ? that is why all of our e-cigarettes come with a white LED light and high quality finish.?

Revolution Vapor offers a kit sure to meet every smoker?s needs. They are affordable, and convenient. Their cartridge flavors are sure to please. While Revolution Vapor may be one of the new kids on the block, their high standards and quality make them an e cig worth checking out.


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