Launches Innokin LEA E-Cigarette in Leather Carry Case

(PRWEB) May 20, 2012 launches Innokin lea e cigarette in leather carry case. The Innokin lea is a new design released in May 2011. Extensive R&D has made this a superior unit to it’s predecessors. It is very easy to fill & leak-proof (something earlier tank (cartridge) based e-cigs have not been able to claim.). Its vapor production is good, producing a satisfyingly significant improvement in ‘throat-hit’ over cigarette sized e-cigarettes. Battery life is also good, one LEA battery lasts 5 months before needing replacement. This makes a favorable impact on ‘running-costs’, as all e cigs require periodic replacement of atomizers & batteries.

Battery indicators mean users are far less likely to unexpectedly end up with a dead battery.

Main Features of Innokin LEA:

1. Clear tank that is leak-resistant: clearly see the capacity/contents of the cartridge. Problems with traditional cartridges have been eliminated.

2. The most technologically advanced ON/OFF safety system: Accidental power-on issue removed with the introduction of a multi-tap switch system.

3. Advanced battery voltage display. Users can see battery status via color change sequence built into the power button.

4. Pass Through function (Voltage controlled). Users can vape and charge the LEA at the same time. You can use/charge the LEA anywhere a USB port (or charger) is available.

5. Cartridge sanitary shell design. LEA uses a sanitary shell with added compartment keeping the cartridge and atomizer clean and protecting the atomizer.

All units are the latest version #2 or better. This is an improved & more robust design, made as a direct result of feed-back on the first release.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Estimate:

As consumable items it is wise to carry spares to avoid disruption of use. In the same way as a conventional cigarette lighter can fail, batteries & atomizers have limited lifespan.

LEA Usage Tips

Note: – The Innokin LEA is a tank system e cigarette. It has a type 510 thread which means any 510 atomizer/cartomizer may connect to its’ 650mah battery.

Photographs shown of the LEA are the manufacturer?s images of the ‘version 1’ LEA. Current stock is ‘version 2’ or better. ‘Metalwork’ on the units is now in either gold or silver colored finishes.

Interior of case has a black velvet lining, not the light grey option shown in one of the sample pictures.

It should be noted that colors may appear slightly different in different lighting conditions to the photographic representations here displayed; particularly as each computer monitors’ display will be set according to user preferences.

Portability of E-Cigarettes Improved with New Charging Case

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) April 12, 2012

Electronic cigarettes have made great strides in easing the switch from smoking to “vaping” (using an e-cigarette). But still, many users find it difficult to replace the pack and lighter with batteries, chargers, cartridges, a stock of e-liquids and more. Ecig Advanced, a news and reviews website for electronic cigarettes, has reported on a new product that aims to cut down on the space e-cigarettes will take up in customers pockets and purses.

According to the report, a new ultra-slim charging case from called the “Stasher” employs a much more compact design than other cases. These cases are meant to hold the electronic cigarette and all of its components for easy transport and use. A representative from is quoted in the report on the intentions of the product:

“The Stasher was designed to give smokers a low maintenance way to transition to ‘vaping’. We wanted a case about the size of a cellphone that would safely store a fully assembled Stog Classic, extra filters, and also charge a spare [battery].

Our Stasher gives smokers the same portability and convenience they?re used to with their tobacco cigarettes. Smokers may now save money on tobacco tax and eliminate countless chemicals resulting from combustion; it’s all about making a bad habit less intrusive on your day to day life.”

According to Ecig Advanced reviewer Kevin Burke, the Stasher does allow users of e-cigarettes to carry everything they need inside of the ultra-slim pack:

“The big news is that the Stasher has the same features as the best [portable cases] with just about half the width. While we’ve seen other slimline [cases] in the past. This is the first we’ve seen that allows space for charging, an assembled e-cig and extra cartomizers.”

Some may be concerned that, as is often the case, a smaller, more visually appealing design makes for a product with lessened performance. But for the Stasher, this doesn’t appear to be the case, Ecig Advanced writes:

“The decrease in size doesn’t seem to have affected its usefulness either, as the Stasher will charge a Stog battery 3-4 times before running out of juice. The pack also has a quality feel, with a soft-touch finish and a sturdiness that has been lacking in other slimline cases we’ve reviewed.”

According to ECig Advanced, Stog will have the fresh-design case available as part of the Classic Stasher Kit ($ 94.50) which includes everything one needs to get started with e-cigarettes.

About ECig Advanced

ECig Advanced is an electronic cigarette news, technology and review site dedicated to sharing knowledge on e-cigarettes and fostering a community therein. The company encourages a positive, helpful attitude for beginners and experts alike, and uses its relationships with the industry to give free e-cig products back to the community. All aspects of the electronic cigarette industry are covered – from people to products – specializing in the newest and most innovative vaping products that hold the greatest potential for good. Visit and the growing community at

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E-cigarette Cases & Accessories: Vapor4Life Presents the V4L Original Vapor King ? XL Carrying Case in Seven Gorgeous Colors for Spring

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) April 3, 2010

The e-cigarette industry is growing by leaps and bounds and Vapor4Life is, as always, a step ahead of the rest. Vapor4Life recognizes that high quality, well-designed electronic cigarette accessories are in demand; V4L shoppers asked for a case designed for the V4L Original Vapor King XL model e-cigarette and Vapor4Life has delivered.

Every product available at is designed with both form and function taken into careful consideration, and the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case is no exception. The case holds up to four V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries of any size, and up to eight V4L Original Vapor King cartomizers.

It?s an excellent addition to the V4L Original Vapor King line-up at, and one that has been eagerly awaited by V4L fans. The previous cases available did not accommodate the extra length of the V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette model, popular for its exceptionally long battery life. The e-cigarette batteries and electronic cigarette cartomizers are held snugly in the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case by precision-cut foam inserts.

The V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case isn?t just practical?it?s also stylish. Vapor4Life once again proves that is the fashionable e-cigarette enthusiasts? destination of choice. The new V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case line is designed to coordinate with the rainbow of color options presented by the V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette. The XL carrying case is available in seven high-impact colors, including white, black, red, blue, green, pink and platinum.

Hope H., of North Carolina, is a long-time customer of She loves the new cases, and gushes, ?It?s totally a must-have item. Especially if you love the V4L Original Vapor King XL e-cigarettes, like I do. I?ve been waiting for a case designed for them, and bought one the second they came out! It?s a great way to carry and show off your e-cigarette stuff! My only problem? I want one of every color!?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, Illinois based developer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. The V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette and V4L Original Vapor King XL electronic cigarette carrying case are available only at

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A flavored liquid which may or may not contain nicotine is heated to create a visible vapor; e-smoking simulates the act and sensation of smoking without relying upon combustion.

Electronic cigarette products are intended for adults only.