South Beach Smoke Reveals Letter to Miley Cyrus

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 16, 2010

Miley Cyrus has been marred by bad publicity in the form of a video published on TMZ of her smoking from a bong and acting stoned. Her public relations team told various news sources that the mystery substance in the bong was ?salvia? a legal hallucinogenic in California. This unfortunate occurrence was the headline of every news station from CNN to Entertainment Tonight. South Beach Smoke, an electronic cigarette company that owns (, responded to this incident immediately by sending a letter to Miley Cyrus offering a better smoking option than ?salvia? from a bong. In the letter, which prompted a front page news story on TMZ, South Beach Smoke highlights some important difference between smoking from a bong and smoking electronic cigarettes. The previously unseen letter can be viewed at South Beach Smoke?s Official Blog (

In the letter, South Beach Smoke warned of the dangers smoking salvia can have by stating ?Hallucinogens are notoriously bad for your mental development and operate by unnaturally stimulating your nervous system which can have long term damage?. They also made statements to separate the smoking experience between substances that burn to create fumes and electronic cigarette which flash vaporize liquid to create vapor. The article states that smoking electronic cigarettes save the smoker from having to inhale ?noxious fumes? like smoke produced by cigarettes, marijuana or salvia.

One of their strongest selling points was the convenience provided by electronic cigarettes. South Beach Smoke lightheartedly stated, ?You can also smoke them in public (unlike a bong), on an airplane (unlike a bong) or in a restaurant (well, you get the picture)?. They also stated that e-cigarettes would fit her on-the-move lifestyle because they are reusable and come with batteries that can be recharged with a USB port, wall charger or car charger.

In describing the experience of smoking electronic cigarettes the letter states, ?When you exhale, a plum of liquid vapor will come out that looks a lot like smoke but isn?t. It really is a better smoking option; just ask Katherine Heigl, Leonardo Dicaprio and Paris Hilton?. Celebrities in Hollywood and beyond have been spotted smoking electronic cigarettes and have promoted the success of using e-cigarettes in interviews and publications. Most notably, Katherine Heigl promoted her electronic cigarettes on The David Letterman Show and shared her e-cigarette with the host who was surprised at how much it seemed like the real thing.

Star Reviews Ranks South Beach Smoke Number One Electronic Cigarette Company

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) March 31, 2011

South Beach Smoke, an electronic cigarette company based out of Miami Beach, Florida, was awarded a number one ranking by Star Reviews (a product review site). Electronic cigarettes are hand-held electronic devices that produce vapor instead of smoke. The ?Star Reviews #1 E-Cigarette Company? award was given for best product in terms of price, puffs per cartridge and battery life. South Beach Smoke had the lowest price, most puffs per cartridge and second longest lasting battery. On the list were some other industry leading e-cigarette companies, but none seemed to provide the entire list of qualities needed to obtain a first place ranking quite as much as South Beach Smoke.

South Beach Smoke?s product was reviewed and found to have superior quality and lower price than other e-cigarette products. Their puffs per cartridges were 300 which was twice the average of all the rest of the products on the list. The battery life of South Beach Smoke?s e-cigarette cartridges was also twice as long as the average of all other products on the list at 24 hours. The average price for a starter kit on the list was around $ 80, while South Beach Smoke?s starter kit is offered for as low as $ 29.99 (

South Beach Smoke commented on this respected award by stating, ?We?re extremely happy to be receiving this reward; and it?s reassuring that the effort we put into providing high quality products and services is reflected, not only by our growing success, but also number one rankings from product review sites like Star Reviews.? According to their website, South Beach Smoke has a ?low cost-high quality business? model which is reflected by their leading product, the Deluxe Starter Kit, which is offered at half the price of a standard starter kit model. South Beach Smoke also has number one rankings for a series of other review sites including, and more.

Star Reviews is a product review site that has been around since 2005. They primarily review web-based business and award top 20 lists for products ranging from apparel and accessories to travel and e-cigarettes. According to the Star Reviews website they, ?Compare the top products and services in over 125 categories so you don’t have to. Each category listed on the right of this page contains a full comparison chart of each of the reviewed products or services for your convenience.? They award sites by ranking them one through twenty. The top three companies get gold, silver and bronze awards. South Beach Smoke was awarded a gold medal.


Kate Middleton Offered E-Cigarette as Royal Wedding Gift from South Beach Smoke

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) April 28, 2011

Rumors spread last week that Kate Middleton, a former habitual smoker, had taken up smoking cigarettes to deal with stress from planning the Royal Wedding. According to the popular celebrity news site, Royal Family insiders reported that ?She has always enjoyed an occasional cigarette ? which suppresses her appetite?. (She) has tried to give up (smoking) several times as William hates it. However, as the wedding gets closer and closer she is smoking more and more?. Since these statements leaked to the press, it has been reprinted in newspapers and magazines around the world.

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, has offered Kate Middleton one of their Deluxe Starter Kit models, priced as low as $ 49.99 with a year supply of cartridges so she can avoid smoking on her wedding day. Here is a copy of the message sent,

?Greetings Catherine (Kate) Middleton,

First of all, we at South Beach Smoke would like to congratulate you on your engagement, upcoming wedding, and recent celebrity as the future Queen of England. We know you will do a great job fulfilling your duties as Queen and as an iconic figure of English heritage and philanthropy around the world.

We are aware that you have recently increased your frequency of smoking traditional cigarettes, as is common with smokers in stressful situations; and would like to offer you a better smoking alternative. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that flash vaporize liquid nicotine creating vapor as a replacement for smoke.

There are many advantages to using our Deluxe e-cigarette model instead of regular cigarettes on your wedding day. E-cigarettes from South Beach Smoke are odorless and leave no lingering smell or residue. They are great for use indoors as our electronic cigarettes are battery-powered (no lighter needed) and do not produce smoke. They also do not leave a bad taste in your mouth nor can they be smelled on your breath like traditional cigarettes.

We hope you consider using the South Beach Smoke Deluxe e-cigarette model as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and are willing to provide you with a free sample as a wedding gift. We will also send a year supply of cartridges so you can continue using our product, which is a better way to smoke.?

The company included in its message private contact information for Kate Middleton?s use only. As of now there is no word on whether she has accepted the gift.


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South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Featured in MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 26, 2011

South Beach Smoke announced today that its electronic cigarette product has been exclusively selected to be featured in the official MTV Movie Awards Gifting Lounge, which provides gifts to the nominated and attending celebrities at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards. Electronic cigarettes, like those sold at South Beach Smoke, are popular with celebrities and have been used by Hollywood elite such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl, Charlie Sheen and more. South Beach Smoke made the announcement through their blog and social media platform. The South Beach Smoke blog read, ?We are extremely happy to be chosen as a product given to celebrities and high profile figures at the MTV Movie Awards. We hope our product brings as much joy to A-List celebrities as it does our valued clientele?.

South Beach Smoke?s electronic cigarettes (or e-cigarettes) are hand-held devices that produce liquid vapor instead of smoke. They come in electronic cigarette starter kits which include rechargeable batteries and replaceable cartridges; e-cigarette smokers report saving money if they switch from using traditional cigarettes. Many smokers prefer e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes because they can be used in a variety of places cigarettes cannot and are considered more hygienic.

The MTV Movie Awards show, which is hosted by Saturday Night Live cast member Jason Sudeikis, will air on MTV June 5th at 9 PM. Celebrities will receive South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes in their gift bags from the MTV gifting lounge. Products in this gift lounge are preapproved by MTV and include some of the latest and most fashionable products on the market. Performers at the show include legendary rock band Foo Fighters, hip-hop sensation Lupe Fiasco and more. The confirmed guest list for the show includes Cameroon Diaz, Jason Segel, Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carrel and more according to the MTV website.

The MTV Movie Awards features such unique award categories as ?Best Jaw Dropping Moment?, ?Best Line from a Movie? and ?Best Kiss?. All eyes will be focused on the main award category which is ?Best Movie?; this year the nominees are Black Swan, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Inception, The Social Network and The Twilight Saga. Electronic cigarettes, like those sold at South Beach Smoke were featured in the film The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie; that film is not currently nominated for any awards at the MTV Movie Awards.

### Releases New South Beach Smoke Review

(PRWEB) June 07, 2011

Over the past year, electronic cigarettes have grown from a little known fad, to a mainstream alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. E cigarette review website, announces the release of a new South Beach Smoke review that includes a new 15% discount coupon and free shipping special for retail orders more than $ 100 USD for both new and existing South Beach customers.

As the electronic cigarette industry experiences rapid growth, a common dilemma for smokers is the high-price of electronic cigarette starter kits when comparing the top brands on the market. As a result, analysts find the South Beach Smoke Premium and Deluxe starter kits answer consumer desires by offering the two of the highest quality but lowest priced starter kits on the market at $ 29.99 and $ 49.99 respectfully.

A number of e cigarette shoppers are leery of signing up for free trial e smoke offers due to auto-billing concerns and difficulty in returning the product if not satisfied. Responding to customer demand, the South Beach Smoke management provides a 30 day money-back guarantee on all unused e cigarette products purchased through the portal as well as free product replacement for defective merchandise.

John Whiten from Kansas City, Missouri writes, ? To be honest, I had not heard of electronic cigarettes until I read an article about Charlie Sheen using them back stage in Canada to avoid a huge fine. I tried out South Beach Smoke six weeks ago, and have not touched my Camels since making the switch to vapor smoke.?

Electronic Cigarette Sale staff are constantly evaluating existing and new e cig products on the market to bring the latest discounts and review information to portal visitors. Consumer feedback is included on all site reviews to ensure all products listed are presented in an un-biased manner.


Electronic Cigarette Sale is a privately owned electronic cigarette review website established in 2009. The company is dedicated to providing the latest information, deals, and product reviews on established and emerging brands in order to help current smokers make informed decisions when choosing to shift to vapor smoking. Popular two-piece e cig brands amongst site customers include South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, and the Green Smoke electronic cigarette.


South Beach Smoke Offers Free E-Cigarettes for All U.S. Soldiers and Veterans

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 23, 2011

South Beach Smoke announced today that it will be providing free electronic cigarette starter kits to active and former United States Military personnel. The company launched its campaign titled ?Smoke-Free Soldiers? to combat the unhealthy habit of traditional cigarette usage among military men and women. One-third of the current US Military smokes traditional cigarettes as opposed to less than 20% of the general American population. South Beach Smoke stated they can offer soldiers a ?Better Smoking Alternative? that can satisfy the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette without harmful tobacco, tar, combustion, 2nd hand smoke, smokers? breath and smell.

South Beach Smoke will be providing a complimentary Premium Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit to any current or former member of the US Military. This is one of two electronic cigarette starter kit models offered at South Beach Smoke. The Premium Starter Kit comes with rechargeable batteries and a pack of assorted flavor cartridges so first time e-cigarette smokers can try multiple flavors. If soldiers want the upgraded Deluxe Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit model – they can purchase – and get a rebate equivalent to the price of the Premium Starter Kit.

South Beach Smoke commented on this current giveaway by stating, ??.we at South Beach Smoke could not just stand by and let our American hero?s protect our freedom while knowing the deadly consequences they might suffer later in life from smoking traditional cigarettes… especially when we could do something about it?. The company has not announced an expiration date for this giveaway but urge all US Military Service members to take part as soon as possible. Information for US Military service members to receive a free Premium Starter Kit can be found at: .

Electronic cigarettes from South Beach Smoke flash vaporize a nicotine solution creating liquid vapor that looks and feel like real smoke ? but is not real smoke. They look nearly identical to traditional cigarettes but are odorless, reusable and electronic, making them more convenient and affordable than cigarettes. South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes also have disposable cartridges with a variety of cartridge flavor options including tobacco, vanilla, cherry, menthol, and chocolate. One of their most convenient accessories is the USB charger which lets South Beach Smokers recharge their electronic cigarettes from a computer or phone. Other accessories include a carrying case, extra-long battery, car charger, wall charger and more, viewable at their store


South Beach Smoke Celebrates Anniversary with Electronic Cigarette Sale

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 07, 2011

South Beach Smoke, a leading electronic cigarette company, announced it is celebrating its anniversary during the month of July. They are offering a 10% discount on all of their products using a special coupon code ?YEAR? commemorating their anniversary. South Beach Smoke commented on this milestone by stating, ?We would like to thank our great customers and hard-working employees – without whom – we would not have achieved the level of notoriety and success in this burgeoning and exciting industry the past year?.

Along with announcing their anniversary and sale, South Beach Smoke declared some initiatives for the next year.

Man Arrested for Using Electronic Cigarette on Plane: Statement Issued by South Beach Smoke

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 15, 2011

South Beach Smoke has issued a statement on the Federal case against Pogos Paul Sefilian, who was brought into custody by the FBI and charged with ?Interference with the Flight Crew? after they told him to put away his electronic cigarette on an airplane July 10th.

According to the US District Court in Utah case number: 2:11-MJ-172 DN, the flight crew approached Sefilian after he started using an an e-cigarette, like those offered at South Beach Smoke, and told him to put it away. After trying to explain that the product does not produce the same harmful or bothersome effects as traditional cigarettes to others, the passenger put the product away. Then minutes later, he resumed using the e-cigarette which prompted the flight attendant to ask him again to put it away. Sefilian was less cooperative at that point and resorted to throwing peanuts and pretzels as a way of showing his defiance.

When Sefilian?s flight arrived at its final destination, he was met by FBI agents who brought him into custody and charged him with Interfering with the Flight Crew.

South Beach Smoke issued a statement on this occurrence showing their understanding of Sefilian?s frustrations,

?We at South Beach Smoke believe in the reasonable regulation of electronic cigarettes to the extent that they are not sold to minors and are held to the same safety standards all products should; but not letting people use them on planes, restaurants, or other popular indoor facilities is simply overreaching regulation. The product does not produce smoke, but instead vapor which dissipates in the air and is not odorous or noxious; it is simply ignorant to think that this product shouldn?t be allowed for use indoors anywhere.We understand Pogos Paul Sefilian?s frustrations and though we do not condone the action of interfering with airline flight crews, we understand why he decided to take a stand against this baseless airline regulation.?

South Beach Smoke is one of the leading electronic cigarette companies in the country. Their products are hand-held electronic cigarette devices that flash vaporize liquid nicotine creating vapor instead of smoke. South Beach Smoke sells these products in electronic cigarette starter kits which come with rechargeable batteries, flavored disposable cartridges and various charging devices like wall chargers, car chargers and even USB chargers.


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Jerry Ferrara (aka Turtle) from Entourage Making News with His E-Cigarettes from South Beach Smoke

Miami Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 07, 2011

Entourage Star Jerry Ferrara was spotted outside Urth Caff Giving Away a South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) August 09, 2011

Once again, the leading e cigarette reviews site, is offering customers another great chance to win a top of the line electronic cigarette starter kit. This time they will be giving away a South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit valued at $ 99.99. South Beach Smoke is one of the hottest e cig brands on the market. The two piece electronic cigarette starter kit is their most popular kit. While South Beach Smoke offers quality products at affordable prices, this is a great opportunity to save even more money. Vapors using other brands can enter to test out a different brand, and traditional cigarette smokers still undecided about making the switch can enter to try out an e cig at no cost to them.

The contest is easy to enter, and the prize includes everything needed for the winner to begin enjoying their vaping experience. Interested contestants must simply post a comment to one or both of the South Beach Smoke articles included in the contest found on the website. Once the articles ?South Beach Smoke Review? and ?South Beach Smoke Review 2011? have been read, interested candidates must simply comment on them for entries. Two entries will be given, but only one post per article will be allowed. Additional entry opportunities will be available once the comments have been posted. Readers are also encouraged to click the Google Plus 1 button in order to help spread the word to traditional cigarette smokers looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, but may not know where to begin.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit includes a top of the line Lithium Ion Battery as well as an extra capacity Lithium Ion Battery. The kit also includes a portable wall charger, 5 large cartridges/atomizers in the strength and choice of the winner?s preference. South Beach Smoke offers a variety of great flavors. As an added bonus the winner will also receive a $ 100 gas rebate certificate which South Beach Smoke customers receive when they purchase any starter kit.

Additional entries to win can be gained by:

-Liking the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page

-Adding a comment on the CigaretteReviews Facebook fan page (!/pages/Cigarette-Review/102474083134780)

-Following CigaretteReviews on their Twitter account


-Join the Newsletter

The contest runs from 12 AM EST August 6, 2011 to 11:59:59 PM EST September 31, 2011. Smokers and vapors interested in trying their luck at this great opportunity must be legal residents of one of the 50 United States. They must also be at least 18 years of age. The winner of the starter kit will need to submit a W8 or W9 to verify their age. Void where prohibited by law.


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