DKS E-Liquid Produces First All-Natural E-Cigarette Liquid

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette news and review site, reports on DKS E-Liquid, an Italian company that has produced the first 100% natural e-liquid (the liquid vaporized in electronic cigarettes). The company has developed a patented process for creating propylene glycol, a common ingredient in e-liquid, from non-genetically modified corn. The e-liquid is only available in nicotine-free form, a break with the common practice of e-cigarette and e-liquid companies featuring both nicotine and nicotine-free products.

Ecig Advanced writer Kevin Burke believes that the all-natural ingredients could serve to reverse the trends of thinking that have surrounded the controversial products:

“In a world where we often imagine everything we consume as the end result of some type of chemical manufacturing, its nice to have a little relief in the knowledge that what we?re inhaling isn?t. What?s more is that in an industry plagued by fearmongering statements about anti-freeze and public uncertainty about e-cigarettes, the DKS product could aid in reversing these trends.”

The report also explains the advantages gained in the choice by DKS to remove nicotine from their product. Ecig Advanced believes that separating e-cigarette flavors and nicotine could be a solution for companies looking to avoid the threat of government regulation. By removing nicotine from the product, the report explains, the connection to tobacco products is eliminated and the threat of regulation as well.

The report also concludes that nicotine-free e-liquid is sensible because the hand-to-mouth action and good flavor of vaping (using e-cigarettes) is what makes e-cigs a more successful alternative to cigarettes than other products with nicotine. The report details that the e-liquids by DKS are “phenomenal in flavor and unlike anything else we have ever tried…as convincing as the best e-liquids on the market”.

According to the Ecig Advanced report, the company stands to be quite successful from its association with well established flavor producer, DKS Aromatic:

“in the e-cigarette world, this means that they?ve arrived on scene with tools that few in the e-liquid industry have: a state-of-the-art lab with technology like gas-chromatography and mass-spectometry”

DKS E-Liquid is expected to enter the US market soon. Their products are currently available from their online store shipped from Italy. DKS E-Liquid has also partnered with Ecig Advanced to make their products available in their Rewards Store where US customers can try them for free. DKS is currently seeking distributors to carry and sell their products in the United States as they open in the market.

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