China Wholesale Service Optimistic About Second Half of 2011 After Stellar First Half Performance

Shenzhen, Guangdong (PRWEB) May 25, 2011

Entering the last month of the first half of 2011, has expressed optimism in the growth of sales and increased consumer confidence for the second half of 2011. has seen steady growth since it opened in March 2008 and has expanded its customer base by steadily increasing the number of products it offers on the website and by bringing more product types to the international online market. It has since expanded its catalogue and now offers over 10,000 different products in categories that include electronic cigarettes, iPhone 4 cases, sporting gear, and home d

Electronic Cigarette Provider Today (October 7th, 2011) Appointed Go Fulfilment After an Extensive Pick and Pack Trial

Stockport, UK (PRWEB) October 07, 2011

Electronic Ceigarettes are one of the most innovative products available to smokers today. The electronic cigarette gives smokers the nerve relaxing nicotine without all the side effects that come with smoking such as second hand smoke, bad breath, tar, carcinogens and butts.

A spokesperson for the leading company stated, ?Finding a Fulfilment company that lives up to their promises is difficult, Go Fulfilment was selected after an extensive evaluation that included a on-site visit.?

Go Fulfilment, is a provider of fulfilment business solutions, Go Fulfilment is unique in that it offers companies outsourcing of paperwork in respect of tax and VAT, allowing this to be taken care of as part of the service. Outsourcing shipping and delivery services can allow international businesses to grow effectively in the UK and Europe, without worrying about warehousing stock and employing staff to package items for despatch.

Located in central UK, The Go Fulfilment team have been established in fulfilment and warehousing for over 25 years. This commercial experience underpins the companies service philosophy to ecommerce clients who have taken the major decision to outsource their web order fulfilment and warehousing.

Go Fulfilment is a UK fulfilment house dedicated to assisting with shipping and delivery for large and small businesses within across the globe. Go Fulfilment?s history as a fulfilment house ensures it will offer clients a first-class return on their investment.

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