E-cigarette Cases & Accessories: Vapor4Life Presents the V4L Original Vapor King ? XL Carrying Case in Seven Gorgeous Colors for Spring

Northbrook, IL (PRWEB) April 3, 2010

The e-cigarette industry is growing by leaps and bounds and Vapor4Life is, as always, a step ahead of the rest. Vapor4Life recognizes that high quality, well-designed electronic cigarette accessories are in demand; V4L shoppers asked for a case designed for the V4L Original Vapor King XL model e-cigarette and Vapor4Life has delivered.

Every product available at http://www.Vapor4Life.com is designed with both form and function taken into careful consideration, and the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case is no exception. The case holds up to four V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette batteries of any size, and up to eight V4L Original Vapor King cartomizers.

It?s an excellent addition to the V4L Original Vapor King line-up at http://www.Vapor4Life.com, and one that has been eagerly awaited by V4L fans. The previous cases available did not accommodate the extra length of the V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette model, popular for its exceptionally long battery life. The e-cigarette batteries and electronic cigarette cartomizers are held snugly in the V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case by precision-cut foam inserts.

The V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case isn?t just practical?it?s also stylish. Vapor4Life once again proves that http://www.Vapor4Life.com is the fashionable e-cigarette enthusiasts? destination of choice. The new V4L Original Vapor King XL carrying case line is designed to coordinate with the rainbow of color options presented by the V4L Original Vapor King electronic cigarette. The XL carrying case is available in seven high-impact colors, including white, black, red, blue, green, pink and platinum.

Hope H., of North Carolina, is a long-time customer of http://www.Vapor4Life.com. She loves the new cases, and gushes, ?It?s totally a must-have item. Especially if you love the V4L Original Vapor King XL e-cigarettes, like I do. I?ve been waiting for a case designed for them, and bought one the second they came out! It?s a great way to carry and show off your e-cigarette stuff! My only problem? I want one of every color!?

Vapor4Life is a Northbrook, Illinois based developer and distributor of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories. The V4L Original Vapor King e-cigarette and V4L Original Vapor King XL electronic cigarette carrying case are available only at http://www.Vapor4Life.com.

E-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. A flavored liquid which may or may not contain nicotine is heated to create a visible vapor; e-smoking simulates the act and sensation of smoking without relying upon combustion.

Electronic cigarette products are intended for adults only.


CableOrganizer.com Announces Top 10 iPad? and Tablet Accessories

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) May 05, 2011

iPads? and e-book readers are on their way to becoming as commonplace as smartphones and iPods?, but as more and more of us cross over into the land of tablet ownership, it?s become clear that this new generation of gadgets has a unique set of storage, cleaning and connectivity needs that call for some special attention.

?Because they fall between iPods? and laptops size-wise, tablets can be a little tricky to carry around safely,? notes Christina Hansen, a Product Specialist with CableOrganizer.com. ?They?re too big to slide into your pocket, and far too small to demand any type of laptop bag. It can also be a challenge to keep their touch screens free of fingerprints and smudges, but with a few smart accessories, it?s easy to keep iPads? and any other tablet-style device safe, clean, charged, and easy to view.?

CableOrganizer.com offers the following Top 10 product suggestions to maximize your iPad? or tablet reader experience both at home and on the road: