How Smokeless Cigarettes Work

When you receive your smokeless cigarettes or short for E-cig, simply pull the black cap from it’s tube. You will then pull the E-cig and the refill out of the tube. Pull the “butt” (refill) from the E-cig. Grab the other refill, pull the rubber cap from it, and slide it on to the E-cig. The refill or “butt” that comes on the E-cig is on the E-cig to ensure quality during shipping. Once you remove it, you may discard it.

Once you have completed the previous steps, you may now “puff”on your E-cig. You will notice the end will light up, and a smoke like vapor will flow from the opposite end. Replace the “butt” as you feel the need. As the smoke like vapor is reduced (typically lasting the equivalent puffs of 2 packs or cigarettes, not bad for $1.50), simply pull the “butt” end off and replace with the flavor of your choice.

Inside the Electronic Cigarette

Inside the Electronic Cigarette

Your E-cig will need to be charged periodically, depending on its use. To charge the E-cig simply grip each end and turn counter clockwise. Connect the E-cig to its charger. The light on the charger will indicate when your E-cig ready to be removed from the charger. The E-cig will recharge approximately 1,000 times. The future of the alternative cigarette has never looked better for you and your health.