Fresh Cigs Electronic Cigarettes Leaves the Smoke Behind and Helps Smokers Save Money

Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) April 20, 2011

Fresh Cigs Inc. announces a Launch of their newest Electronic Cigarette. This new electronic cigarette is their best to one so far, and it helps smokers leave behind nearly everything that they don?t like about their habit. Fresh Cigs electronic cigarette produces water vapor, as opposed to cigarette smoke which contains a number of chemicals which impact the atmosphere. While the Fresh Cig electronic cigarette offers the same nicotine as tobacco cigarettes, they don’t have the bad effects of smoke, that is unhealthy for smokers. No more Smoke means, no more ashtrays or butts, and your hair cloths and breath are cleaner and fresher. E-Cigs are smokeless, so they can be used in locations where traditional cigarettes have been banned.

The Fresh Cigs electronic cigarette consists of two simple parts: a cartridge and a battery unit. The cartridge looks just like the filter on a tobacco cigarette, while the battery looks like the white tobacco end of a regular cigarette. Just screw together these two and puff. This activates the heating element, and smokers inhale water steam with nicotine and flavor. Each cartridge delivers the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

Fresh Cigs offer an assortment of flavors, from the traditional tobacco, menthol and Cherry. Fresh Cigs cartridge nicotine levels come in three varieties of High Medium and Low.

Electronic Cigarettes helps smokers save money, in tough economic times. By using electronic cigarettes you can help the environment as well as save hundreds of dollars with the replacement electronic cigarettes cartridges. Some consumers have reported over a hundred dollar savings a month with the low priced electronic cigarette cartridges. The refill cartridges cost roughly 10 dollars per pack, and the pack is equivalent to 5-6 packs of traditional cigarettes. The savings will add up over time while using an e-cigarette and put more money back into consumers pockets.

Your days of lingering cigarette smoke, yellowing teeth and messy ashtrays are over. With Fresh Cigs, you can now enjoy smoking on an airplane, in your car, home and restaurants without disturbing others and endangering your health.

Fresh Cigs allow you to breathe easy again. Fresh Cig E-Cigs contain no carbon monoxide, tar or other nasty toxins. Fresh Cigs supply you with the nicotine you want without all the dangerous toxins included in the mix.

Electronic Cigarettes are not only better for your health than traditional cigarettes, it is also better on the environment. The E-Cig does not produce any second hand smoke, ashes and there is never any butt to dispose of. The vapor that Fresh Cigs produce is odorless and harmless to your body and also the environment.

Lars Mapstead President of Fresh Cigs inc. says, “Fresh Cigs offer users the ability to smoke everywhere. You dont have to go outside to smoke. No smoke means no bans on your freedoms. Simply pull out your Fresh Cigs Electric Cigarette, and smoke right where you are.”


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