Smokeless Cigarettes Can Beat The Smoking Gene That Forces Some People To Smoke More Than Others

(PRWEB) May 23, 2012

As reported by WebMD, ?A smoking gene may play a role in how many cigarettes certain smokers puff each day.?

Researchers from 50 medical institutions across the country analyzed genetic material of more than 32,000 African-American smokers and non-smokers to see if certain genes predicted when they began smoking, how many cigarettes they smoked, and how easily they were able to quit.

According to the new study, a variant in a nicotine receptor gene predicts about one extra cigarette smoked per day. This same general location has been implicated in smoking behavior among white Europeans. Among African-Americans, the new genetic marker appears on a different spot on the same gene.

While people can?t change their genetics, they can still smoke safer.

Smokeless cigarettes also know as electronic cigarettes have recently gained lots of popularity.

E cigarette is a battery run device that gives a smoker inhaled doses of tobacco flavored nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution to the lungs. Once the body absorbs the nicotine, users exhale a harmless water vapor that appears as smoke. This allows using ?smokeless cigarettes? almost anywhere without creating harmful secondhand smoke.

Many long time smokers have used this device to quit smoking almost overnight.

A veteran smoker and e cigarette user Jenny Jenkins from Houston says: ?I smoked a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years but after my electronic cigarette kit arrived, I found myself down to half a pack on my first day. I just took out my e cig whenever I felt an urge to smoke and draw a few puffs. I had no more cravings for the regular tobacco cigarette. I now have more energy and less fatigue at the end of the day.?

Jenkins continues: ?On my third day I was down to three cigarettes a day and after two weeks I smoked my last cigarette. I simply didn?t need nor want them anymore.?

Go to for more information on electronic cigarettes that helped Mrs. Jenkins quit smoking in just two weeks.

Vitamin B Smokeless Cigarettes? Introduces a Life Changing Experience for Smokers

Hollywood, FL (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes many different types of health issues but still this doesn’t seem to stop smokers from lighting up a tobacco cigarette each day. Cancer and C.O.P.D. are just a couple of the deadly effects of smoking but tobacco cigarettes also doesn’t help with the aging process as well.

Tobacco cigarette smokers now have an option to smoke in a better way without the use of tobacco but instead they can smoke electronically. This may sound impossible but has introduced their Solar Cigarette electronic cigarette that gives smokers a life changing experience when they smoke.

Instead of smoking tobacco, they will smoke a liquid nicotine cigarette that is powered by an electronic battery which powers a atomizer. When the smoker puffs on the electronic cigarette, the atomizer vaporizes the liquid nicotine and turns it into water vapor which the smoker inhales.

The Solar Cigarette has also taken this smoking experience to a whole new level by releasing their Vitamin B cartridge pack. These vitamin packs not only help smokers satisfy their nicotine cravings but also gives them a small dose of vitamin B with every puff to help them lose weight.

“The ever so life changing Solar Cigarette vitamin B pack. It’s a one of it’s kind cartridge pack, which allows you to receive your daily vitamins and nicotine with every puff. While many people think that vitamins are similar in structure and perform a similar function, the truth is that each vitamin B-complex vitamin has a unique chemical structure and serves a unique function within the body.”

Read more at:

A representative of states that smoking regular cigarettes is a thing of the past. Many of our customers who have smoked tobacco cigarettes for years are now benefiting from the Vitamin packs by having more energy and better self esteem. Most of our clients can’t even bare the smell of tobacco cigarettes anymore which is a statement all in itself.

Learn more about the Solar Cigarette Vitamin B Packs

Smokeless Selects Responds to Big Tobacco?s 135 Million Dollar Buyout of Blu Electronic Cigarettes

Temecula, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2012

The long awaited involvement of big tobacco in the electronic cigarette industry indicates the future of smokeless Tobacco alternatives. ?Major E Cig companies like Smokeless Selects have been waiting for Big Tobacco?s next move. This will help push lower grade E Cigarette manufacturers out of the market improving the overall standards in the industry. We have been eager to see how the Tobacco industry will respond to our smokeless innovation. Members of Smokeless Selects see the Blu buyout as a symbol of triumph over the continuing battle against Big Tobacco,? reports Jason Golec ? Managing Member. The Buyout by Lorillard, the third largest manufacturer of Tobacco Cigarettes, is the first action taken by a Big Tobacco company that indicates interest rather than distaste for the electronic cigarette.

Historically, Big Tobacco has always taken a different approach to Electronic Cigarettes and the product?s ever-growing market share. ?Big Tobacco lobbyists have been heavily involved in persuading congress and the FDA to shut down the E-Cig industry all together,? said Jason Golec. Attempts to do so have been focused on health issues and poor manufacturing standards that were typical of E Cig companies during the earlier phases of Electronic Cigarette production between the 2008-2010 time periods. Big Tobacco has also gone after Electronic Cigarette manufacturers directly to curb the increasing market share. ?Even Smokeless Selects, a top ten rated U.S. E-cig company, has received notification from big Tobacco stating their intent to take legal action on product packaging in order to reduce competition,? Eddie Quiroz reports.

While Big Tobacco’s approach to control market share has changed, one fact is clear. Electronic Cigarettes pose a serious threat to the Tobacco industry. ?The Electronic Cigarette is cheaper, doesn’t emit harmful smoke and can be enjoyed almost anywhere without limitations. Even more exciting, the product poses no risks to surrounding people and is more environmentally friendly. The product truly is a miracle device when compared to Tobacco Cigarettes. I am surprised that it took this long for big Tobacco to make their claim on an industry that?s taking over and we welcome it,? concludes Jason Golec. Expanding Their Site

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 22, 2012 has announced that they are expanding their site! The e cig site, which provides detailed electronic cigarette reviews, will now showcase even more brands. The product reviews found on the site are designed to help inform those who are not familiar with the devices about which brand will best benefit them. Users, after reading the reviews, will then be able to confidently make a purchase. The changes made to the site will enhance the user?s experience, and provide them with the most recent e cig news. Launches Innokin LEA E-Cigarette in Leather Carry Case

(PRWEB) May 20, 2012 launches Innokin lea e cigarette in leather carry case. The Innokin lea is a new design released in May 2011. Extensive R&D has made this a superior unit to it’s predecessors. It is very easy to fill & leak-proof (something earlier tank (cartridge) based e-cigs have not been able to claim.). Its vapor production is good, producing a satisfyingly significant improvement in ‘throat-hit’ over cigarette sized e-cigarettes. Battery life is also good, one LEA battery lasts 5 months before needing replacement. This makes a favorable impact on ‘running-costs’, as all e cigs require periodic replacement of atomizers & batteries.

Battery indicators mean users are far less likely to unexpectedly end up with a dead battery.

Main Features of Innokin LEA:

1. Clear tank that is leak-resistant: clearly see the capacity/contents of the cartridge. Problems with traditional cartridges have been eliminated.

2. The most technologically advanced ON/OFF safety system: Accidental power-on issue removed with the introduction of a multi-tap switch system.

3. Advanced battery voltage display. Users can see battery status via color change sequence built into the power button.

4. Pass Through function (Voltage controlled). Users can vape and charge the LEA at the same time. You can use/charge the LEA anywhere a USB port (or charger) is available.

5. Cartridge sanitary shell design. LEA uses a sanitary shell with added compartment keeping the cartridge and atomizer clean and protecting the atomizer.

All units are the latest version #2 or better. This is an improved & more robust design, made as a direct result of feed-back on the first release.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers Estimate:

As consumable items it is wise to carry spares to avoid disruption of use. In the same way as a conventional cigarette lighter can fail, batteries & atomizers have limited lifespan.

LEA Usage Tips

Note: – The Innokin LEA is a tank system e cigarette. It has a type 510 thread which means any 510 atomizer/cartomizer may connect to its’ 650mah battery.

Photographs shown of the LEA are the manufacturer?s images of the ‘version 1’ LEA. Current stock is ‘version 2’ or better. ‘Metalwork’ on the units is now in either gold or silver colored finishes.

Interior of case has a black velvet lining, not the light grey option shown in one of the sample pictures.

It should be noted that colors may appear slightly different in different lighting conditions to the photographic representations here displayed; particularly as each computer monitors’ display will be set according to user preferences.

DKS E-Liquid Produces First All-Natural E-Cigarette Liquid

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette news and review site, reports on DKS E-Liquid, an Italian company that has produced the first 100% natural e-liquid (the liquid vaporized in electronic cigarettes). The company has developed a patented process for creating propylene glycol, a common ingredient in e-liquid, from non-genetically modified corn. The e-liquid is only available in nicotine-free form, a break with the common practice of e-cigarette and e-liquid companies featuring both nicotine and nicotine-free products.

Ecig Advanced writer Kevin Burke believes that the all-natural ingredients could serve to reverse the trends of thinking that have surrounded the controversial products:

“In a world where we often imagine everything we consume as the end result of some type of chemical manufacturing, its nice to have a little relief in the knowledge that what we?re inhaling isn?t. What?s more is that in an industry plagued by fearmongering statements about anti-freeze and public uncertainty about e-cigarettes, the DKS product could aid in reversing these trends.”

The report also explains the advantages gained in the choice by DKS to remove nicotine from their product. Ecig Advanced believes that separating e-cigarette flavors and nicotine could be a solution for companies looking to avoid the threat of government regulation. By removing nicotine from the product, the report explains, the connection to tobacco products is eliminated and the threat of regulation as well.

The report also concludes that nicotine-free e-liquid is sensible because the hand-to-mouth action and good flavor of vaping (using e-cigarettes) is what makes e-cigs a more successful alternative to cigarettes than other products with nicotine. The report details that the e-liquids by DKS are “phenomenal in flavor and unlike anything else we have ever tried…as convincing as the best e-liquids on the market”.

According to the Ecig Advanced report, the company stands to be quite successful from its association with well established flavor producer, DKS Aromatic:

“in the e-cigarette world, this means that they?ve arrived on scene with tools that few in the e-liquid industry have: a state-of-the-art lab with technology like gas-chromatography and mass-spectometry”

DKS E-Liquid is expected to enter the US market soon. Their products are currently available from their online store shipped from Italy. DKS E-Liquid has also partnered with Ecig Advanced to make their products available in their Rewards Store where US customers can try them for free. DKS is currently seeking distributors to carry and sell their products in the United States as they open in the market.

About ECig Advanced

ECig Advanced is an electronic cigarette news, technology and review site dedicated to sharing knowledge on e-cigarettes and fostering a community therein. The company encourages a positive, helpful attitude for beginners and experts alike, and uses its relationships with the industry to give free e-cig products back to the community. All aspects of the electronic cigarette industry are covered – from people to products – specializing in the newest and most innovative vaping products that hold the greatest potential for good. Visit and the growing community at

Powerbolt Disposable E-Cig Is Compact and Complete

Lexington, Kentucky (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

Ecig Advanced, an electronic cigarette (?e-cigs?) news and review site, has determined that Firebrand’s new product, the Powerbolt, to be the first disposable electronic cigarette to offer a complete e-cig experience.

The Powerbolt is the first manually-controlled disposable electronic cigarette. This means that the user presses a button while drawing in the vapor. Other disposables have an automatic mechanism that turns on when the user draws on the electronic cigarette. Automatic mechanisms drain batteries faster and are less efficient with their e-liquid (the material vaporized in the e-cig).

The Powerbolt uses and extended disposable battery. The larger battery provides power through about two packs of cigarettes worth of ?vaping? (the term for e-cig use). Users do not have to change cartridges, refill e-liquid tanks, or recharge the battery. They simply move onto the next Powerbolt.

The e-liquid base in the Powerbolt is 80% vegetable glycerin which produces a smoother, more visible vapor as opposed to propylene glycol. Currently, Powerbolts are available in Classic Tobacco or Menthol Ice flavors.

Ecig Advanced explains in the piece that disposables have often been considered sub-par in terms of performance, but the Powerbolt lives up to the hype:

“Normally, we don?t get very excited about disposables. They?re a great way to try electronic cigarettes on the cheap but they often lack in vapor production and battery life. But by bringing together thick, viscous vapor, long battery life and long cartomizer life in a slim, light design, the Powerbolt is an impressive introduction to vaping.”

Ecig Advanced will be publishing a video review of Firebrand’s Powerbolt in the near future.

About ECig Advanced

E-Cig Advanced is an electronic cigarette (e-cig) news and review site dedicated to sharing knowledge on e-cigarettes and fostering a community of e-cig users. All aspects of the electronic cigarette industry are covered, with particular focus on the newest and most innovative products in the industry. E-Cig Advanced encourages a positive, helpful attitude for beginners and experts alike among its community members. As well, it uses its relationships with e-cig companies to offer free and discounted products to members and non-members alike. Visit for more information.

If you would like a quick rundown of what electronic cigarettes are, how they work, what they do, and more, Ecig Advanced has a simple introduction to electronic cigarettes.

Related Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases

Nicolites Launches First Product in New Disposable Electronic Cigarette Range

(PRWEB UK) 4 May 2012

The current Nicolites Disposable is already widely used in the UK and is available to purchase through pharmacies and convenience stores nationwide. This two piece device lasts 25 cigarettes and comes ready to use of the shelf.

Nikhil Nathwani, Managing Director for Nicolites tells us more about the new and improved device;

?At Nicolites we are very quick to jump on technological advancements in the e-cigarette industry, but only do so once we are 100% convinced that we are able to achieve what we promise. The New Nicolites Disposable e cigarette now lasts a staggering 40 cigarettes, as oppose to the previous model which lasted 25. In addition we have now made this in to a 1-piece product to make it even more convenient to use. The length of the cigarette has been shortened as much as we can without diminishing the length of time it would last and we have also increase the strengths and flavours it is available in. The current model only comes in tobacco flavour high strength, whereas now we have tobacco and menthol flavours in both high and medium strengths?.

Birju Pujara, Sales Director for Nicolites added, ?We are very excited about our new range of electric cigarettes. Whilst we have improved our disposable model dramatically, the point we are very proud of, is that we have done so without having to raise the price of the product. This is the first in a line of new products we are launching over coming weeks. Our understanding of what our customers are looking for coupled with our drive to bring to market the latest advancements in electronic cigarettes has made our range of products a bit hit among smokers in the UK?.

The new Nicolites Disposable electronic cigarette is due to hit their online store as well as the long list of retailers that they currently supply from next week.

Nicolites is now the leading and most widely available brand of electric cigarette in the UK; they have formed business partnerships with many of the largest retailers to bring these wonderful innovations right on to the doorstep of every person in the country. Established in late 2007, Nicolites has grown into a multi-million pound company with international distribution networks and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases

Electronic Cigarette India Company, SMOKEFREE Introduces E Cigar

Delhi/NCR (PRWEB) April 27, 2012

Electronic Cigarette India Company, SMOKEFREE Introduces E Cigar. An E Cigar has the purpose of reducing the amount of smoke, tar, and fine particles inhaled during the combustion of a cigar. E Cigar also reduce the harshness of the smoke and keep tobacco flakes out of the smoker’s mouth.

Scientific and practical knowledge show that SMOKEFREE E Cigar works effectively. It is not a traditionally made cigar, rather they are electronic. This provides important psychological effect in order to build negative image of smoking consequences and to prevent further ruining of public health. Reduction of tar in cigar smoke has also certain “cosmetic” action. The E Cigar protects dental enamel from penetration of sticky tar, ceases formation of a dental strike and helps to keep the smile snow-white. The immediate results of using the tiny device is the disappearance of the tormenting “morning cough” – usually a consequence of smoking over 15 cigarettes per day or a few cigars. After 2 weeks of using this cigar the smokers get completely rid of the “morning cough”.

SMOKEFREE E Cigar effectively removes lung clogging tar from Cigar Smoke without changing the flavour of Cigar. One SMOKEFREE E Cigar can be used for up to 4-8 hours, depending on cigar consumption and smoking technique.

About SMOKEFREE, India?s #1 E Cigarette Company

SMOKEFREE is a Registered Trademark of AS SMOKEFREE Electronic Cigarette Pvt. Ltd. with Registered Office in New Delhi. SMOKEFREE are the pioneers of innovative electronic smoking products that are more commonly known as Electronic Cigarettes, or E-cigarettes. The Company was established in 2011 and has invested heavily in R&D in order to bring to the market the most innovative range of electronic smoking (electronic cigarettes) products. SMOKEFREE products are completely non-flammable and use state of the art sophisticated micro-electronics. The management of SMOKEFREE have a vision of offering smokers a real life usable alternative to traditional cigarettes and help them quit Smoking Eventually.

More Electronic Cigarettes Press Releases Launches Innokin LEOPro E-Cigarette for UK Vapers

(PRWEB) April 23, 2012 newly launches Innokin LEOPro e cigarette. Vapers living in UK can enjoy free delivery and guarantee if they buy Innokin Leopro from is a supplier of quality electronic cigarette uk and e-liquid and provides fast free UK delivery on everything.

Guarantee of

The home and car charger are covered by a 12 month guarantee. The components I.E batteries, atomizers and cartridges are consumable items. recommends holding spares of batteries, atomizers, cartridges, and of course E-Liquid so users don’t interrupt the use of their Electronic Cigarette.

Free UK Delivery

For those who live in the UK (mainland), delivery will cost nothing. If customers order before 4pm (UK Time) the order will be despatched the same day. If customers live within the UK, it should arrive the very next day. Deliveries to non UK destinations will typically take 3 to 10 days

Details about Innokin LEOPro:

The Innokin LEOPro is the latest version of the LEO/LEA family e-cigarette, with several new useful features added. The LEOPro is powered by a built-in 1000 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery to meet the everyday demands of even heavy vapers.

In appearance the LEOPro is slightly thicker than the LEA 400 and LEA 800 (approx 2mm wider, 2mm longer) and the unit has a very solid feel to it. It sports a new larger style manual switch which is very comfortable to operate. The switch still utilizes the green, yellow and red LED indicators which give instant feedback about the remaining battery power. Three clicks turn the battery ON or off, which is a very useful safety feature. Charging is as simple as screwing off the USB cover on the base of the battery to reveal the mini USB socket and plugging it into a USB power source (computer, games console, USB wall charger, or even car with the adapter we provide). The LEAPro can also be used during charging, in case users just can’t wait any longer!

The protective lid incorporates an easy to operate but secure screw fitting and once removed reveals a slightly larger atomiser and mouthpiece than the LEA 400/800. The ample 1.2ml tank has a more fluted, pipe like mouthpiece which feels very natural in the mouth. The battery utilizes the familiar 510 thread and will accept users? favorite cartomizers if they fancy a change from the tank system (oh, and the cap still fits on perfectly regardless!). stocks the LEOPro in three fantastic colours-Wine Red, Steel, and Matte Black.

LEOPro Kit Comes With:

1 x INNOKIN LEA 1000mAh battery

5 x LEOPro Refillable Tank Cartridges

1 x LEOPro Tank Atomizer

1 x LEOPro Pen Clip Cap

1 x LEO USB Retractable Cable

1 x USB A/C Power charger Adaptor Euro

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x LEOPro gift package box

Vapour Room also includes:

1 x UK Adaptor

1 x 12v Car Charger

1 x 10ml e-liquid

Fast, Free UK First Class Recorded Delivery